fabulous and fit

  • me: i'm glad that cis/straight people are learning how to accept and be proud of their lgbt peers, even if the steps are small i'm happy they're trying
  • a straight person: omg gay guys are FAAABULOUS~!work it sister! i wish i was gay, gays are so much better theyre all SASSY.
  • me, sweating profusely: it's............ progress............ ggnnnhh........

fabulous-banana  asked:

How do you count the calories you eat? And if you use an app would you recommend one plz?

I use MyFitnessPal and it’s by far my favorite app of the ones I’ve tried (LoseIt, Noom, etc.) because I think it has the best database. But please read the page I made about how to use MFP correctly :) I have also recently started using a food scale when I’m cooking at home and that’s helpful when I’m entering my portions.

Noya, Tanaka, and Asahi join the AU~ 

Following a hasty departure by his predecessor, Nishinoya, a clumsy and fledgling Karasu Tengu, is placed in his stead to guard his mountain. Even though the small deity seemed to be doing a good job on his own, the Yamabushi monks that frequent the mountain, Tanaka and Asahi, still worry for him.