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Danger Days Intro

The official intro to Danger Days, complete with narration.

pastelkilller  asked:

Oh, hello! You must be my First Player. Let's hope you're smart. With eyebrows like that, you obviously didn't get the looks, between the two of us. ((SORRY FOR THE SASS/HALF INSULT, I HAD TO BE IN CHARACTER. I saw your blog and almost squealed, you're so gosh darn cute!!! Such a cutie pie, and your answers are so in character and witty! <3 ))

I’ll have you know, I am decently clever! Besides, my eyebrows aren’t that bad… right?

@pastelkilller @jamie-forever-alone

(Don’t worry its totally okay! X3 And thank you so much!)


Danger Days Commercial

An advertisement for Danger Days aired in Singapore.

New Cinderella adaption looks good as. 👌

gearhead-emc2  asked:

4, 8, 12 and 13

4. I rarely talk about a lot of my OCs, though one I don’t talk about at all really is Cantulah, he’s just a sweetie though~!

8. A lot of my characters are used in RPs! I use Feyri a LOT in them, same with Rhovan and Ruka as well. <3 It’s a good way to work out a character’s personality that way.

12. I adore my friend @azzyfree‘s character Osriel~

13. A TROUBLEMAKER?! OH BOY DO I EVER HAVE ONE. VEX. He’s named because he is incredibly vexing to EVERYONE he meets. I love Vex, but he rarely gets any attention. He’s my ‘jack-of-all-trades’ mercenary OC, and likes to get into trouble quite a lot! (He has a bad habit of not looking before he leaps… literally.) He’s nothing like @loveless987‘s OC Durion, who is also a mercenary. Vex is a cocky little bastard and he’s super fun~!