Continuing to hide my hair, and I’m going to Minnesota tomorrow to freeze my ass of go to a wedding. I usually do the turbans during this self-imposed challenge M-F, and just a hat on the weekend, or a wig if I’m actually going somewhere.

But, for MN, I think I’m going to wear a wig AND a hat, to keep my head extra warm, and my hair extra protected. I’m from NY, but I’ve been living in SoCal for the last 12 years, and I am not fit for a NY winter any more, let alone the fucking negative temperatures in Minneapolis today. Fuck that shit.

This wig is by It’s a Wig! (and yes, you do have to yell that wig company’s name, every time you say it), and the unit name is Patricia. It was about $25, probably a bit less, and I cut a shload of hair off of it, to make it less Rick James-ey. Going to a concert tonight, so I figured I’d wear some fun hair, rather than a headwrap.

I bought this wig only because I saw FabulasityIsMe rocking it, and fell in love with how she worked it out. Love that girl’s style. Check her out!

Check out the newest #VanityVixxxen @fabulasityisme1 rocking her #VanityWig
Check out her get ready with me video featuring her #VanityWig on her youtube channel #Fabulasityisme
She shows the wig out the packaging, the bleached knots, curls and construction of the wig.
The hair is from @LovelyTresses. It is gorgeous. I will be reviewing hair from them soon as well! Thanks for the support Fab! Love you girl!