10 Hair and Beauty YouTube Gurus Every Brown Girl Should Know

Christmas is Tomorrow! Luckily, this means may of us get to spend time with our loved ones and finally get a break from school/work. Though the holiday season may provide us with some much needed R&R, it may also leave us a little strapped for cash. With events to attend and waning funds YouTube Tutorials may be just what the doctor ordered.

Some of you may not be attending any soirees or functions that call for a new look. To you I say “Girl, treat yourself.” Take this time to perfect that winged eyeliner or finally learn how to properly care for your kinky curls. Yes there are copious amounts of Pinterest boards and magazines that feature beauty tips, but I find YouTube to have the largest/easiest to follow index of beauty tips for the brown girl. 

Remember, YouTube allows you to subscribe to and favorite videos so that you can easily come back to the channels/specific videos that you find useful. I advise tweaking the things you learn to suit your specific needs and finding “Dupe” or duplicate products that may be more affordable. 

This list doesn’t give full information on each Guru, so its up to you to click through the links provided to see what they’re all about. 

1. Patricia Bright ( Channel )

  • Basic Info: She does basic tutorials on everything beauty, fashion lookbooks and clothing hauls 
  • What I Like: She is great at giving motivation for loving you on the inside. Her tips for motivating yourself are really good and she’s honest about her flaws. 
  • Most Recent Video:

2. ItsMyRayeRaye (Channel

  • Basic Info: All things beauty, skin and she does some hair care tutorials 
  • What I Like: She is very economical and often features makeup that is affordable as well as skin care 
  • Most Recent Video:

3. TheChicNatural (Channel

  • Basic Info: She does Fashion Lookbooks, Natural/Weave Hair, Makeup, Skin Care, Clothing Hauls 
  • What I Like: The girl can do some hair ! Her tutorials aren’t difficult to follow and she’s creative. Check out her eyebrow tutorial too 
  • Most Recent Video: 

4. Fabulasityisme (Channel )

  •  Basic Info: Makeup Tutorials, Hair Reviews, Hair Tutorials and Fashion Lookbooks 
  • What I Like: She has darker skin than most beauty tutorials and her hair tutorials have a wide range. She’s in beauty school btw. 
  • Most Recent Video: 

5. Glamtwinz334 ( Channel )

  • Basic Info: They do Lots of natural hair tutorials and hair care, makeup, and fashion hauls 
  • What I Like: They have beautiful natural hair and all of their hair tutorials cater to healthy hair. If I’m looking for products to use, ways to wash my hair they are my go to. 
  • Most Recent Video: 

6: Missy Lynn ( Channel

  • Basic Info : She does mainly Makeup Tutorials, some product reviews and lookbooks 
  • What I Like: She is a professional Makeup Artist, but she includes tips that are easy for a novice to understand. Check out her contour video. 
  • Most Recent Video: 

7. Peakmil (Channel

  • Basic Info: Any type of Hair Tutorials form install to coloring and styling, brown girl makeup and fashion looks / hauls 
  • What I Like: She isn’t a professional , so she does things in a way many wouldn’t think to do when it comes to hair and makeup. (like using milk of magnesia for a makeup primer) 
  • Most Recent Video: 

8. Lakia Star (Channel

  • Basic Info: Does a lot of weave reviews and tutorials with weave/wigs/ clip ins 
  • What I like: she has a very natural looking weave and is basically like the lazy girls guide to weave lol  
  • Most Recent Video: 

9. Tiarra Monet (Channel

  • Basic Info: Does a bit of everything. From makeup to hair to reviews she covers it all 
  • What I Like: She does a lot of recreations that are brown girl friendly. She’ll take a Kim K look and alter it for some one with brown skin
  • Most Recent Video: 

10. Taren Guy (Channel)

  • Basic Info: She does lots of natural hair tutorials and gives tips on maintaining healthy hair 
  • What I Like: She Chronicles her natural hair journey from when she cut it completely off and how she grew it so long. 
  • Most Recent Video:

Remember you can always use these as a starting point. utilize the search bar to look for alternative methods. 

Be sure to share with me some of your favorites too! Lets help each other “Wake up…Flawless" 


@Theownley "I Woke UP Like Dis” Winner

Continuing to hide my hair, and I’m going to Minnesota tomorrow to freeze my ass of go to a wedding. I usually do the turbans during this self-imposed challenge M-F, and just a hat on the weekend, or a wig if I’m actually going somewhere.

But, for MN, I think I’m going to wear a wig AND a hat, to keep my head extra warm, and my hair extra protected. I’m from NY, but I’ve been living in SoCal for the last 12 years, and I am not fit for a NY winter any more, let alone the fucking negative temperatures in Minneapolis today. Fuck that shit.

This wig is by It’s a Wig! (and yes, you do have to yell that wig company’s name, every time you say it), and the unit name is Patricia. It was about $25, probably a bit less, and I cut a shload of hair off of it, to make it less Rick James-ey. Going to a concert tonight, so I figured I’d wear some fun hair, rather than a headwrap.

I bought this wig only because I saw FabulasityIsMe rocking it, and fell in love with how she worked it out. Love that girl’s style. Check her out!

Grey/Ash bob & haul by Fabulasityisme

kalablackgurl  asked:

hi, i think i've asked you this before, but i was wondering if you have any good tutorials on how to dye human hair weave while it's sewn in already?? i really want green hair and my hair is like black so i was wondering if you could help me in terms on tips on how to dye and also how bleach works?? thank you so much

Hey! I don’t think you’ve asked me before, so don’t worry!

Well, to dye human hair weave while sewn in is similar to how you would dye your real hair, but you want to be extra careful not to get the bleach onto your braids underneath and to make sure that when you rinse/wash the bleach out, it’s completely out of your extensions and your braids (or it will keep processing and your hair will start to feel like straw and break off)!

Here’s a video to explain what bleaching is and what it does to your hair. :)

Check out some tutorials from a few youtubers that I like to watch:

❤ Morgan Taylor: here and here

Fabulasityisme: here

The Chic Natural: here

Queenie Bravo: here

and here’s a few tutorials on how to bleach and color for pastel hair (although done on pre-installed hair, you can still get an idea of what to do):

The Chic Natural : Mermaid Hair How-To

Miles Jai: Messy Pastel Hurr | Lavender Rose-Blonde Tutorial

BeautyMC2: Mermaid Hair How To

Ivy Powell: How To Get Silver/Grey Hair

RyMingTahn: DIY Pastel Pink Hair

Good luck! :D