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Name: Jess

Avg. Hours of sleep/night: 6-8

Last thing I googled: “touken ranbu sword recipes”

Nickname: dadsol, dada, fabsol 

Birthday: September 5th

Gender: Genderfluid

Height: Barely 5'7′’

Favorite color: Purple

One place that makes me happy: Me bed

How many blankets do I sleep with: One

Favorite movie: BH6 / HTTYD

What I’m wearing now: Basketball shorts and a hoodie

Last book you read: Pieces of You - Tablo

Most used phrases: Welcome to Hell, REVS ENGINES

Last said to a family member: [Obnoxious laughing at]

What is family?: More joking friends than a supportive group of people, for my own at least

Favorite drink: Lemonade, Water, Coffee

Favorite food: I love caesar salads

Last movie watched in theaters: Jurassic World 

Dream wedding: No ceremony just sign the papers and move on 

Dream pet: a fennec fox 

Dream job: Something with games or psychology or some kind of art maybe

Tag 10 people you want to know more about…

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