[Excuse my extreme fangirl syndrome here, but I HAD to share my survival theories, thinking otherwise is just too devastating… hope you enjoy!] 

#1: If you watch the movie in slow motion and pay EXTREMELY CLOSE attention to the falling smokestack, it JUST misses Fabrizio… by like CENTIMETERS. But it didn’t actually fall on him. 

There’s another scene that was taken out of the film where he tries to get on Cal’s boat but Cal hits him in the head with the oar and knocks him out. But since James Cameron opted not to include that scene, or even make it a deleted scene, technically Fabrizio COULD HAVE survived if he kept swimming towards the lifeboats. Or if Cal did hit him, I’m pretty sure he was just k-o’d and then Cal probably felt bad and pulled him aboard so he wouldn’t have to deal with the guilt and Fabrizio came to later. 

#2: Yeah, Helga fell off the railing… into a pile up of people clinging to a lower rail, not into the ocean…yet. Her fall was cushioned so she wasn’t badly hurt. Does the film directly show where she lands? No, but if you pay close attention and watch in slow motion… you can see the path of the fall… and it looks like it’s going directly towards a lower railing. If anything, she could’ve just grabbed the other rail to catch herself from going in the ocean even. She then would hang onto that railing until the ship goes under and then once she got in the water, being the strong Norwegian girl she is who is used to colder temperatures being from the North of the world, would swim for her life to one of the boats… because in reality, I did the time calculations of when the boats were launched to when the ship went under, the boats were in swimming distance if someone could get over the shock of being in the water fast enough to think of doing that. 

#3: Tommy was wearing a LIFE BELT. I doubt the gun shot was fatal [that padding was THICK af]… but it totally makes sense why he was gushing blood, for sure. He still got shot after all. BUT I think that someone on the lifeboat or the officer that took over management of the boat would’ve put him on board to get medical attention on the Carpathia. Even when Fabrizio took his life belt, during the time Fabrizio was taking his belt, the boat was probably still being loaded… someone on the boat probably noticed that he was still breathing and told Officer Wilde to put him on the boat. Fabrizio probably didn’t take the time to notice he was still breathing because he was in such a panic. Tommy could’ve still been breathing he just looked as if he wasn’t alive because he lost so much blood that he was unconscious or something. 

Far fetched you say? Just a hopeful fangirl you say? Maybe you’re right…but then again… maybe I am. James Cameron never said… and the dream scene wasn’t necessarily only people who perished during the sinking, they could’ve just been people Rose remembered and liked from Titanic. :O