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Irish stars call for abortion reform (excerpt from The Guardian, 15 Sept 2015):

Authors, directors, actors and musicians join campaign for the abolition the eighth amendment to Ireland’s constitution that they say prevents serious reform of its strict anti-abortion laws. Irish actors including Cillian Murphy have joined the campaign to make abolishing the amendment a central issue in the general election, which is expected to take place early next year. In their statement, released on Tuesday, the artists say:

“The eighth amendment of the constitution of Ireland, article 40.3.3 inserted in 1983, has prevented our doctors and our legislators from providing proper care to women in Ireland. The resulting physical and emotional trauma inflicted on women is inexcusable and an ongoing shame for Irish citizens. The eighth amendment undermines the status of the Irish constitution. It is a key source of Ireland’s failure to reach international human rights standards and of the state’s failure to meet its obligations to vindicate women’s human rights. We, the undersigned artists, call for the repeal of the eighth amendment to the Irish constitution and for action by our elected legislators to provide women in Ireland with modern reproductive health services in line with best medical practice and international human rights norms.”