Fabrini by Mike H. Lee & Josh Dixon. This font is based on the original StarTrek® episode For The World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky in which the Fabrini’s writing was seen inside their asteriod ship on the walls, on an obelisk and in a book. The font is canon “A” thru “Z” and “1” thru “3”, Mike made up the rest.
note: Fabrini seems to be ideographic, that is: each symbol represents a word; and Fabrini seems to be written both left to right, like i do here, and in triangluar form, as in the GIF above:
Source Gif included of the triangular writing. 7-20-97.
10-30-97 Updated.


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Entry 71: The Fabrini People

Home World: Formerly Fabrina, then the worldship “Yonada”

Occupation: Strange, dogmatic aliens of the week

First Appearance: “For the World is Hollow, and I Have Touched the Sky” (TOS 1968)

Summary: Ten thousand years ago, the Fabrini, a pre-warp civilization with surprisingly advanced programming and medicinal technology, found that their sun was about to go nova. The final act of the doomed civilization was to load all of their technology, scientific knowledge, and a segment of their population onto the “Yonada”, a moon-sized spaceship resembling an asteroid. They aimed their ship towards a distant M-class planet, and sent their last hope into deep space as the sun consumed its system.

Ten thousand years later, the Fabrini had forgotten that segment of their history, and believed the Yonada was the only world they had ever known. They didn’t even know that the Yonada was a ship, believing it to be an actual planet. They knew that their promised world was coming “soon”, but little else. They regressed into a fundamentalist society that worshipped the ship’s computer, the “Oracle”, and the Oracle was just fine with that. Anything that got too close to the Yonada was attacked with a salvo of missiles. At a young age, Fabrini were fitted with subcutaneous microchips that the Oracle could activate to cause them intense pain, or even death, should they go against doctrine.

It wasn’t until the High Priestess’s fling with a Federation doctor named Leonard McCoy that the Fabrini saw the light. The Yonada was on a collision course with an inhabited world, and billions would die if nothing was done. The Oracle was eventually subdued, and the worldship sent back on its original course, set to meet with the new planet in a few hundred days. We never heard from them again, so we can assume the Fabrini are still laying civilization out on their new home.