We (@darkswanjones and @katniss-annabeth-luna-jones) were thinking we needed something aside from the imminent and dreaded school to take our minds off the equally dreaded hiatus, so here’s our Captain Swan 5B Episode Countdown! We’re alternating the episodes with Captain Swan scenes and talking about them because that’s pretty much our favorite thing to do.

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Killian Jones always believes in Emma Swan. So when he walks over and sees the destruction, he thinks ‘what the bloody hell did the snow witch do’ because of course there’s no way Swan could have done it. Then he finds out she did do it, and doesn’t think twice about trying to help her and reassure her everything’s okay. Granted, in this case it may of done more harm than good thanks to Emma’s magic, he always gives her the benefit of the doubt. 

He tries to stop her from going, but doesn’t push it when she runs off, becuase Killian Jones is just that amazing; he understands that she needs to be alone, no matter how much he hates it. His face when she drives off is heartbreaking, but of course he will always find her.

Then of course there’s David saving his mate from getting squashed, because Captain Charming. 


The tomorrow after all the days I have accounted for
keeps turning up in unexpected places:
at the store, in a bowl on the table,
on the roof of my mouth.
Like an orange being eaten in a farther room,
everything tastes of future and acid and orange.
It follows me from aisle to apple to toothpaste,
digging a thumb in the little pinched nub
of a clementine, working a nail under the peel
and saying “what next? what next?”
with stringy yellow flecks dangling from
the hand it gestures with. Time is so grotesque
and yet the back of my throat is thick
with someone else’s questions.


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Cullen: I thought maybe we could have a little spread. Sandwiches, maybe some ants. Could be fun.
Inquisitor: We were talking about having a picnic?
Cullen: Oh… so, was that a conversation we actually had, or one I was just practicing?
Inquisitor: Practicing?
Cullen: Okay, yes, I have been known to do a little prep work before our conversations. It’s not easy, you know, talking to you sometimes. It’s like an oral exam.
Inquisitor: Boy, that’s just what every girl longs to hear.


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Inquisitor: I’m going to Crestwood to find more information. You guys research Corypheus. I want to know who he is. When I find him, I will make him pay for destroying the Conclave. I’ll make him die in ways he can’t even imagine.
Inner Circle: 
Inquisitor: That probably would have sounded more commanding if I wasn’t wearing my Skyhold pajamas.

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{04} simply irresistible / janelle monáe
{05} i want her / the blind truth feat. georgia harris
{06} she’s so lovely / the butchies
{07} girls like girls / hayley kiyoko
{08} she looks so perfect / against the current


[PLACE] Usagi’s Bedroom.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: うさぎの寝室
Romaji: Usagi no Shinshitsu

Type: Bedroom
Location: Azabu-Juuban, Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Occupants: Usagi Tsukino, Luna
First appearance: Act Zero
Last appearance: Special Act