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YOU WANT TO KNOW why millennials aren’t buying fabric softener? It isn’t for environmental reasons. It’s because we have to prioritize our finances. Most of us have to scrape together just enough money to pay rent, student loans, car payments, groceries and gas, that we don’t have money to buy things that aren’t immediately necessary. Fabric softener is something our parents used that we never really gave much thought to.

Detergent cleans our clothing (which is mostly washed on a communal washing machine in an apartment or dorm) and with cheap detergent too. We have more important things to spend our money on than a liquid that will make our clothes smell like the right type of ocean breeze.

But do you want to know why we Millennials can’t prioritize fabric softener? Because our parents and theirs ruined the economy, the housing market and raised the costs of tuition without significantly raising workers wages to match the rise in prices.

My dad always used to tell me “ I bought my first car in college for $700 by myself and all I did was get a summer job working at the video store”. We that’s all fine and good, but the world is a different place now. It’s the place you made it. I have to put 50+ applications out to get two job call backs maybe. A decent car costs at the very least 1800 on Craigslist and even that’s on the low side. Rent for a one bedroom apartment is now $900 in my state but that’s also my monthly salary.

I know you like to rant about our texting and social media use and how we don’t like to roll in the mud and play stick ball like you guys used to, but stop for a second and think about how life and times change. Think about the fact that YOUR generation were the ones that invented the technology that you despise. We don’t have the time or money to worry about fabric softener when we are looking up how much money we can make selling blood so we can make rent every month. Thanks.

Picture Perfect, or how Oliver Queen secretly catalogs his marriage to Felicity Smoak-Queen [1/?]

A/N: Starting another series, because I don’t have enough to do apparently. I have no end target in mind for this. I’ve just got a bunch of faceless photos that remind me of Felicity, and they need to be used. So here we go! 
For @scu11y22 and @mel-loves-all as always. 
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He doesn’t mean to see the bride before the wedding.

One moment, he’s racing across the lawn–in his tux–because Thea said there was some kind emergency with the ring bearer? And apparently Uncle Oliver is the only one who can console John Junior. While it’s not ideal to be dragging the ends of his suit through the damp grass, Oliver is absolutely not going to let his best man down in his time of need…

But in the next moment, everything changes.

He blinks, and a vision of white in his periphery literally stops him in his tracks. Oliver freezes so abruptly he almost loses his footing–and he never loses his footing. He’s fought Mirakuru soldiers and magic and aliens…but all it takes is one woman in white to make him stumble in the best way. His heart’s been stumbling since the day he met her, since the day his well-thought plans slowly began unraveling. Why should today be any different? Of course all of his previous intentions fall at the mercy of her feet. He’ll happily keep stumbling for the rest of his life, as long as he gets to stumble with her beside him every step of the way.

Even as he struggles to catch a full breath, Oliver can’t help but move closer. The world could be crumbling all around them, and he wouldn’t notice or care.

Felicity stands with her back towards him, a colorful bouquet clasped between her hands, and yet he barely notices, unable to tear his gaze from the flowers tucked in her loose waves or the layer of pink and tan skin peeking out over the top of her dress–not quite as tan as when they were in Bali but a little darker than usual. Since announcing their engagement, she’s been slowly building up a tolerance for whatever “sun-filled excursion” he’s promised to take her on for the honeymoon.

She stands shrouded in greenery, and the branches themselves seem to be converging towards her, creating a natural archway. The earth bends for her. For so long he lived in the woods, but he never felt at home in them. Yet she seems to make everything feel like home.

Oliver is equally struck by how different her dress is compared to the one she wore during that…ridiculous, fake wedding that still felt painfully real to him. While this dress may not fan out like a ballgown, this one flows down her body in an alluring manner, garnished in simple but elegant lace and more buttons. Maybe he’s biased considering the day, but somehow this dress feels more…Felicity.

Oh, he wants to marry her right now. Ten minutes suddenly feels far too long.

Before he has a chance to give it too much thought, he’s pulling his phone out of his pocket and snapping a quick photo of his wife-to-be.

Felicity must hear the rustle of fabric, or her technology-is-near sixth sense must start tingling, because suddenly she spins around, thankfully just as he’s stuffing his phone back into his pocket.

“Hey,” she says, looking surprised but not displeased to see him.  

“Hey,” he says, aiming for casual, but his heart gets caught in his throat when she turns around completely. “Oh, Felicity, you look…” He can’t seem to come up with the right words to describe her or how he feels seeing her like this. Beautiful seems too small.

She tips her head, blushing a little. “So do you.”

He swallows, his voice finally coming back to him. “What are you doing out here?”

“Oh, I just…um…I needed to get away for a bit. My mom’s been hovering and I know she means well, but I didn’t get my regular coffee this morning so I’ve been off my game all day. And then when she and Curtis started arguing about which perfume would go best with the bouquet, I started getting a headache, and I just–”

“Felicity.” He takes a step closer, already laying a hand on her shoulder.

She sighs, and he can feel the muscles in her shoulder relaxing. “Thank you.”


She licks her lips, studying him for a bit, before she suddenly asks, “Is everything okay?”

“Yes. Everything’s fine.”

Fine.” She sounds skeptical. “Not good. Not great. Just fine?”

He tries to ignore the panic the flares inside his chest. Everything is great, of course, but he’s suddenly feeling nervous for reasons he cannot explain. “I was just thinking…”

“About?” When he doesn’t reply right away, she reaches up to run her palm against his cheek. Out of habit he leans into her touch, wondering if he could stay like this forever. “Hey, talk to me,” she says.

There are too many things to pin down, so he settles for the one thing he can. “Why didn’t we do this sooner?” he breathes.

And he knows the answer to that. Because they weren’t ready before. Because of the vocations they’ve chosen. Because of a million other reasons and excuses and just…life always seeming to get in the way of them.

“The important thing is we are now,” she answers, sounding so wise and sure.

He nods, needing a few more seconds for her words to fully sink in.

“Oliver, if you’re…you’re not ready, we can postpone–”

“I don’t want to postpone.”

Felicity smiles, clearly relieved.

“Do…do you want to postpone?” he asks softly.

She shakes her head abruptly. “I want to be married to you.”

His heart practically leaps out of his chest hearing her say that, as though he’s asking her to marry him for the first and fourth time all over again. “Good.” And out of habit, he leans in to kiss her, but Felicity starts pulling away from him.

“Oliver, we can’t. It’s bad luck to…before…”

“Okay,” he says softly and settles for kissing the top of her head instead, careful not to mess up her hair. This way he’s not breaking the rules, technically. Besides, what harm can one little kiss do at this point? Will everything they’ve worked for come crashing down because the groom accidentally stumbled into the bride before the wedding? They’ve beaten better odds, surely.

Oliver notices that familiar glint in her eye, just before she winks at him, like she knows what he’s thinking. She always knows. “Don’t worry, Mr. Queen. I can keep a secret.”

And then, much too soon, she’s walking away from him.

He’s antsy for the next eight and half minutes, until the moment she’s finally walking back toward him.

They spend an unnecessary small fortune having their photos professionally taken during the ceremony and reception. But the photo he secretly took of her in the woods remains his favorite, and it stays set as his phone background during their first six months of marriage.


Neuro chip records brain cell activity at higher resolution

Brain functions are controlled by millions of brain cells. However, in order to understand how the brain controls functions, such as simple reflexes or learning and memory, we must be able to record the activity of large networks and groups of neurons. Conventional methods have allowed scientists to record the activity of neurons for minutes, but a new technology, developed by University of Calgary researchers, known as a bionic hybrid neuro chip, is able to record activity in animal brain cells for weeks at a much higher resolution. The technological advancement was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

“These chips are 15 times more sensitive than conventional neuro chips,” says Naweed Syed, PhD, scientific director of the University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medicine’s Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute, member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute and senior author on the study. “This allows brain cell signals to be amplified more easily and to see real time recordings of brain cell activity at a resolution that has never been achieved before.”

The development of this technology will allow researchers to investigate and understand in greater depth, in animal models, the origins of neurological diseases and conditions such as epilepsy, as well as other cognitive functions such as learning and memory.

“Recording this activity over a long period of time allows you to see changes that occur over time, in the activity itself,” says Pierre Wijdenes, a PhD student in the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program and the study’s first author. “This helps to understand why certain neurons form connections with each other and why others won’t.”

The cross-faculty team created the chip to mimic the natural biological contact between brain cells, essentially tricking the brain cells into believing that they are connecting with other brain cells. As a result, the cells immediately connect with the chip, thereby allowing researchers to view and record the two-way communication that would go on between two normal functioning brain cells.

“We simulated what Mother Nature does in nature and provided brain cells with an environment where they feel as if they are at home,” says Syed. “This has allowed us to increase the sensitivity of our readings and help neurons build a long-term relationship with our electronic chip.”

While the chip is currently used to analyze animal brain cells, this increased resolution and the ability to make long-term recordings is bringing the technology one step closer to being effective in the recording of human brain cell activity.

“Human brain cell signals are smaller and therefore require more sensitive electronic tools to be designed to pick up the signals,” says Colin Dalton, adjunct professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Schulich School of Engineering and a co-author on this study. Dalton is also the facility manager of the University of Calgary’s Advanced Micro/nanosystems Integration Facility (AMIF), where the chips were designed and fabricated.

Researchers hope the technology will one day be used as a tool to bring personalized therapeutic options to patients facing neurological disease.


to celebrate the debut of the new costume officially soon, i thought id finally post the concepts I went through for this costume.

a. the concept as it was originally pitched to me was far more street-level sounding. it involved a status quo change that saw jessica in a new environment and job for herself. this is what drove my early attempts. i tried to imagine her wearing something that can be seen as a costume when she is in battle, but also something that wouldn’t stick too far out if she was in a bar or an office.

b. with the second round, the idea brought back some of the superhero-ness to it. and something i wanted to bring in is that she is a spy. she works for shield. she would have access to fabrics and technology that aren’t real. so i could have some fun with what this costume could physically do. 

c. a bit more focusing on the direction now. multiple editors and voices were now involved, so i had to balance what everyone was thinking.

d. i played some more with the mask. i originally wanted them to just be lenses that grew out into a larger mask on her face. i wanted them to be a bit science-fictiony. more fun than realistic.

final. after some final notes from Joe Q, this was were the design ended up at.

Spy headcanon

Spy wearing a mask is not his own choice. He only needs it for the disguise kit and the cloak to work, since the technology of his cloak-watch and disguise kit is connected with the suit (or maybe an underlying layer of clothing?). All body parts must atleast be covered in 80% of the special fabric made for that technology.

Everytime it is save to put the mask away he will gladly do it, because his poor hair suffers from it. (And his hair is so beautiful after all, how dare them to make him wear a mask).


Haversack SS17 Lookbook

Apologies for the recent overload of Japanese brand’s lookbooks, but I must come to terms with my passion for the unique sensitivity, attention to detail and aesthetic they deliver in each of their garments. Simply put, for me, the vast majority of contemporary exciting projects in menswear, come from the land of the rising sun - it seems they are constantly one step ahead in what regards textile technology, fabrics and plays on shape and proportion.

Haversack’s upcoming SS17 collection is a perfect example: unexpected yet sophisticated layering, a return to wide-legged pants and an overall casual tailored feel that embodies everything I love, even if with an exaggerated accent.

DNA triggers shape-shifting in hydrogels, opening a new way to make 'soft robots'

Biochemical engineers at the Johns Hopkins University have used sequences of DNA molecules to induce shape-changing in water-based gels, demonstrating a new tactic to produce “soft” robots and “smart” medical devices that do not rely on cumbersome wires, batteries or tethers.

The research advance, supervised by three faculty members in the university’s Whiting School of Engineering, is detailed in the Sept. 15 issue of the journal Science.

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If anyone’s curious, here’s a look at how I do online fabric swatching!

1. Open a color-accurate reference for the character in a photo editing program. Try to avoid screenshots where the setting is strangely lit, i.e. a night scene. If a character modeling sheet is available, that’s your best option!

2. Using the Eyedropper tool (or an equivalent), pull out the colors for each part of the costume and use the Brush tool to record them. In this example, I’m trying to figure out fabrics for the pink elements of Ginko’s outfit, so I’ve pulled out the colors for her tie, her bra/bow, and her skirt and top paneling. Make sure you’re pulling the “true” color of the clothing and not an area that is in shadow or highlighted.

3. Copy and paste fabric images/swatches next to your color references until you find one that comes as close as possible. If you’re torn between two swatches, use the eye dropper to determine which swatch is closest to the color family/hue in your reference. For instance, I was having trouble deciding between two different hot pinks for the third color; I checked them with the eye dropper, and the one you see in this final swatch card had a cooler tone, while the other was warmer and therefore didn’t match my reference as closely as I first thought!

PLEASE NOTE: Obviously, colors on your monitor will differ from real life, so be sure to still order actual swatches before dropping money on all the yardage you need. This method is meant to help you narrow down possible options, as just glancing back and forth between references and fabric stock images can be tricky! (Especially after staring at a computer screen for hours!) Something that may look accurate to your eyes may not match at all due to influence from surrounding colors, so comparing colors individually like this can help you find that perfect fabric! Hooray for technology!


“You gave me a key and called it home.”

I finally finished it!  Thank you to @exysexual, @rory, @writeoutoflove, and @snappleeducated for helping me decide on the design :)  

Template included above for anyone who wants to make their own! 


Project Jacquard

Project from Google ATAP looks into ways to turn textiles into interactive interfaces:

Project Jacquard is a new system for weaving technology into fabric, transforming everyday objects, like clothes, into interactive surfaces. Project Jacquard will allow designers and developers to build connected, touch-sensitive textiles into their own products. This is just the beginning, and we’re very excited to see what people will do with it.

You can find out more at the project page here


Lighter Than Water, Stronger Than Steel

Researchers in Germany have made a significant advance in creating lightweight, tough materials by taking a note from bone, wood and honeycombs.

A Karlsruhe Institute of Technology team fabricated polymer and alumina composites in a regular framework structure using 3-D laser lithography. Their hierarchical microarchitecture achieved extremely porous materials with strength-to-density ratios higher than bone, aluminum or steel.

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“With computers and information technology forming a bigger and bigger part of the world economy these days, and with children born today set to be alive well into the 22nd century, we feel that the right approach to education is to ban anything more modern than inkwells.” said Doreen Galactus, education expert, when Pointless Letters reached out for comment today.

“There may be some complaining at first, but when we burn a few pupils as witches for owning thin glass slates that contain moving pictures and quite possibly the souls of the victims of their dark magicks, the rest will soon fall in line. Then we will be free to start on the important work of equipping British pupils for long, fulfilling careers in the 19th century.”

Stephen Hawking joins Yuri Milner and others in a fantastic bid to explore outer space

With a team of brilliant minds beside him, Internet investor Yuri MIlner announced that he’s spending $100 million on a fantastic and futuristic plan to explore the final frontier.

At a press conference held at One World Observatory in New York, Milner shared his plan, and said that the eventual goal is sending hundreds or thousands of tiny spacecraft, each weighing far less than an ounce, to the Alpha Centauri star system.

The idea is that the spacecraft would be powered by energy from a powerful array of Earth-based lasers, flying at about one-fifth the speed of light. They could reach Alpha Centauri in 20 years, where they could make observations and send the results back to Earth.

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