DIY Transfer Photo to Fabric Journal Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

There are lots of ways to transfer images to fabric (or any surface), but this is an easy way to get a painterly look using Liquitex heavy gel medium.

See these tutorials for image transfers to stone, marble and textured fabric :   

You can also use a $5 cheap blending pen and it works to transfer laser prints to rocks, wood, fabric etc… - just google “Chartpak Blender Marker” or “Chartpak Colorless Blender Marker”.

This is a good video showing how beyond easy it is to use a Chartpak Blender Marker.


It’s that time again! Spoonflower, who carries all my fabric designs, is having a FREE SWATCH DAY! They’ll send you a swatch of any design on nice poly crepe de chine for free, no strings attached. And what’s cool is, I still get paid for every swatch, so this is a way you can support me, get something cool, and not spend a dime. I’ve got a bunch of new designs since the last FSD, so go check those out. I have 30 designs now!

And it’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes. I’ve got some great brain patterns, or drive people to madness with the Cthulhu print, or be a pizza. Heck, a square of the brain fabric folded up and peeking out of your jacket pocket would look pretty sweet.


Spoonflower is offering a free 8in x 8in Poly Crepe de Chine swatch from noon today through noon EST on Friday, September 4th!

If you wanted a chance to get a hold of some of my Sailor Moon & Kill la Kill fabric designs, now’s your chance! I get a little bit of money for every swatch, even though you all would be getting it totally for free (no shipping costs either!), so this is a quick and easy way to help me out without costing you a cent.  :D

Trick or Poketreat!

A future print for a skirt project that I’m hopefully going to try to have available for purchase for Halloween! I haven’t been able to draw much fandom stuff lately since preparing for my first fashion show ever is kind of sucking the life out of me. But I would like to try to get back in doing mini fandom designs again ^^

Albarrán Cabrera

Japan, 2015. Toned Gelatin Silver print.
Toyota Municipal Museum of Art (豊田市美術館 Toyota-shi Bijutsukan)
Architect: Yoshio Taniguchi

“TARS: Somewhere, in their fifth dimension, they… saved us.
Cooper: Who the hell is they? Why would they want to help us, huh?
TARS: I don’t know, but they constructed this three-dimensional space inside of their five-dimensional reality to allow you to understand it”.

Interstellar (2014)

Large and Small Cutie Coven print cut out for pouches. All of these will have baby blue lining and baby pink zippers. Cut out fabric before and after a client meeting in Lansing. Enough for 11 pouches. 💖 Last chance to pre-order! http://acrylicana.storenvy.com After that orders are closed for a bit while I work, design, and sew, and I’m relaunching my etsy store.
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Thumper has been an amazing assistant today. He helped me vacuum the floor so I could lay out my quilt; made sure I was properly positioning my ‘squaring up’ mat; kept a careful eye on my measuring; guarded the fabrics to be auditioned; and even selected his pick of the fabric to be made into binding.

Took a lot of work on his part, but my quilt is squared and my binding is ready to be put on tomorrow (I’m heading into work tonight).

He’s been a busy boy!

9 days to go.