Hey guys!! As you’ve seen before I’m in the process of cleaning out all of the stuff I don’t need/want anymore from my room. It’ll have to be in parts because this is going to be a challenge. This part will be allt he extra material I have laying around from costumes that fell through for one reason or another. Every little bit helps as far as funding cosplay and new furniture for my apartment goes. 

I’ve included pictures of all the material. Based on the yardage and the type, the price changes. All the fabric is numbered in the pictures as well! I’ve cut the prices to a little less than half of what I paid for most of them, and I’ve made the rest as cheap as possible because I just want it all gone. 

Uncut Material

  1. Dark green suiting material. 108" $15
  2. Purple/blue dress satin 67" $10
  3. Blue cotton blend 100" $12
  4. Black cotton with lighter gray swirls 58" $8
  5. Light kahki cotton poly material 75" $10
  6. Macaroni Orange cotton 3 yards $13
  7. Black flower lace 36" $8
  8. Multi stretch bright yellow swimsuit material 62" $15
  9. Dark red, glittery poly fiber 83" $8
  10. White bottom weight 88" $12
  11. Flower material poly fiber 76" $8
  12. Dark blue cotton blend 68" $10
  13. Red bottom weight 184" $15
  14. Black silk, flower print 36" $12
  15. Brown pleather 78" $20
  16. Bright blue bottom weight 3 yards $15

Remnants: I admit, I didn’t fully measure these so it’s a rough guess.

  1. Dark blue cotton blend. 24"  $2
  2. Black and White pinstripe 36" $2
  3. Purple blue dress silk 36" $4
  4. Electric blue cotton blend 20" $2
  5. White cotton 20" $2
  6. Red Satin 40" $5

Scraps. Named this for a reason. 

  1. Red silk-flower print. $2
  2. Cream-yellow faux fur $2
  3. Kahki cotton blend $2
  4. Purple cotton blend $4
  5. Black flower lace $3
  6. Blue cotton blend $2

Close up!!

Lace close up 1 these are all roughly one yard

  1. (18) Light pink lace $2
  2. (19) Pink ribbon $2
  3. (20) Pink and white lace $3
  4. (21) White lace $4
  5. (22) White lace $3

Lace close up 2

  1. (17) Pink ribbon $2

Categories and prices.

Scraps ($1-$5) depending on the piece. Remnants ($1-$5) Most of these are in weird shapes but they’re not doing me any good. Uncut material. ($8-$20) And Lace. ($2-$4)

As for now that’s the end of this batch! Please PM/fan mail me if you’d like any of these items. Payment is through paypal. I’ll happily calculate shipping, though at this time I can’t do anything overseas. 

Thank you everyone!! 


As you know, we are planning on moving down to Burbank within the next month or so, and we have a problem.

Ace literally has 25 tubs full of fabric that we probably aren’t going to use. I’ve challenged her to get those down to 4 to take with us, and to get rid of the rest.

I’m not sure how shipping would work- but for our local friends and cosplayers this could be a hella cheap way to get some of the fabric you might want/need. (and I’m talking CHEAP.)

Would anyone be interested in a fabric/cosplay sale?


Wildwood Baby Quilt - Finished!

I finished up the Wildwood baby quilt today that I’ve been working on for a friend back in Toronto and it is being mailed out today.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out! I don’t think the photos quite do justice to the beautiful fabric prints - which are showcased in the patchwork design requested by my friend who commissioned it. I wish I could see her reaction when she receives it! I hope she and the baby like it!

Quilty Details:

  • * 48 x 48″ finished size
  • * Simple patchwork design, using two sizes of rectangles (I designed based on reference photos of other quilts provided by the friend who commissioned it)
  • * Made with organic “Wildwood” fabrics by Elizabeth Olwen for Cloud 9 Fabrics
  • * Warm N’ Natural batting
  • * Quilted on my Janome 8200 QC with a walking foot and soft curvy lines
  • * Binding machine sewn to front and hand stitched to back, in traditional way

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Peace Garden Quilt


Peace garden quilt

Peace Garden is one of Fabric Freedom’s newest ranges and they are lovely muted blues and greens.  This is their quilt to showcase the range and it is a beautiful quilt.  I wouldn’t describe it as a beginner quilt although each part of the quilt can be broken down into small and manageable steps.  The quilt is 67″ square and is made by sewing the blocks together across…

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That got your attention, didn’t it! As I am plowing through the enormous pile of everything that stacked up while I was gone, I found that I had ordered more fabric. It’s really nice, new fabric from Moda (slideshow below) and I’m happy to have it but we have to turn around and count all that fabric in about 2 weeks for end of the year inventory. Neither Lorna nor I want to do it.

From now until January 1 all the fabric on the website is 25% off. Enter fab25off in the coupon code box of your order form and the discount will be applied.

I will send a newsletter about this sale after Christmas. For now it’s just you all who know about the sale! If I run out of a fabric, it’s gone, so if there’s something in particular that you want, order sooner rather than later.

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And now I am going to turn my attention back to the pile of work that I have been ignoring :-).

Fabric Sale! That got your attention, didn’t it! As I am plowing through the enormous pile of everything that stacked up while I was gone, I found that I had ordered more fabric.
Craftsy's Stuff your Stocking Flash Sale - Ends 12/12/14

Craftsy’s Stuff your Stocking Flash Sale – Ends 12/12/14

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Today and tomorrow, Craftsy is having the Stuff your Stocking…

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Cheap, Quick Quilts on PatternJam.com!

Cheap, Quick Quilts on PatternJam.com!

Did you know that right now until Friday Dec. 5, you can purchase supplies for this beautiful quilt for less than $30?   What else can you do on PatternJam.com while fabric is half off?

Take a look at this…

This quilt costs a whopping $26.25 to make right now on PatternJam.com!  With this beautiful designer fabric from Heather Bailey on sale for half price and the free pattern, it just…

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