I started making small fabric roses out of the leftover scraps I have after making a costume. I couldn’t bear to throw away so much fabric so this is a way to repurpose it and be eco-friendly. They are hand-sewn instead of glued which makes them great for using in historical costuming as well. I used a large yellow-gold one to decorate my hat for the 1880’s ensemble. I’m currently selling powder blue and gold/blue brocade roses in my new Etsy Shop with more colors to come soon!


DIY Fabric Roses

So I’ve actually had a lot of in-person requests to do this and I’ll explain why but since so many people have asked me to show them how to make fabric roses, I thought I’d just put it out there in video form! Now if you’re wondering, I go to fashion school and at the moment I am working on an evening wear dress. Now this dress contains many, many, many of these roses and they are personally one of my favourite types of embellishment. So naturally, a lot of my classmates have seen these and have asked on numerous occasions for me to teach them how to make these fabric roses. 

You’ll Need:

  • Strips of fabric
  • A hand needle
  • Thread


  1. Cut out a strip of fabric that is 2” wide. You can adjust this to how big or small you want your rose to be.
  2. Fold down one edge of the strip of fabric so that there is a triangle shape. Beginning at the very tip, roll the fabric in.
  3. Once you roll about a third of the triangle in, fold the longer strip of fabric down and roll again. Continue to do this until your rose reaches the desired size. You will also notice that as the rose gets bigger, it will take more folds and less rolls.
  4. Cut off any remaining fabric and secure everything with the needle and thread.