These robes were transfigured by expert stitch-witches over a period of several days. The process is complex, requiring first adequately supple Brazilian Rosewood, which is cut as thin as possible at angles to best display the grain. In a series of intricate spellworks, the wood is then transfigured into fabric which retains the rose-like scent of fresh rosewood. Poor spellcasting unfortunately often renders robes that when worn, will regress to being a tree, trapping the wearer inside forever.

(Jean Paul Gaultier)

signs and their scent

aries: bonfire smoke

taurus: cologne/perfume 

gemini: old books

cancer: wet sea shells

leo: red velvet

virgo: fabric softener

libra: acrylic paints

scorpio: rose petals

sagittarius: leather jacket

capricorn: garden moss

aquarius: trail mix

pisces: lavender lotion

The writer of this blog would be forever grateful if someone could please tell her what this fabric is called.

Obviously there was only enough of it to make one long-sleeved dusty rose low-pile velvet sweater crop top, which is a complete and utter travesty because it is perfect.