fabric strap

ficlet:  Front Enclosure

author: @somekindofseizure

rated: mature

Borne of today’s extremely fun discussion of brassieres and the regular requests I get for Stella/Scully.  Here’s a little more fun.


“Dammit,” Scully seethes as she looks down the freckled plane of her chest, angling the trajectory of her resentment not so much at her body as the thin, lavender, sloping piece of fabric strapped around it.

She tosses the bra into a pile of other rejects – mostly black, simple, lightly padded, boastful of their ability to expertly handle the apparently very specialized and complicated garment of a fucking t-shirt.  All bras should look good under a t-shirt, she thinks.  That’s what people wear.  She’s had it with this shop, this day, this whole fucking task of clothing a body nobody ever touches but her.  

The mound of scrapped items is daunting – the hook and eye systems tangled in the loops and scalloping of one another, cups flopped and twisted inside out at their junctures. It’ll take her an hour to get everything back on the hangers and she still hasn’t found a bra that fits properly, doesn’t itch or poke, doesn’t make her look like she’s hung someone else’s boobs on her frame.

“Do you need help in there?” comes a voice – female, smooth as the thick pink satin of Contestant Number 3.


Scully typically rejects all offers of loyalty and friendship from shop clerks, feeling proudly stoic each time she thanks-but-no-thanks-them.  But she feels out of her element here, desperate not to fail at the simple task of replacing her everyday undergarments.  “You know what?  Yeah, one second.”

She grabs her pearly-buttoned blue cardigan and slips it on over her bare winter skin, holding it shut beneath folded arms as she pushes the black velvet curtain to the side.  It’s heavier than she would have expected, as if a native well-rooted weed rather than a ham-fisted gimmick to get you to buy shit.  This luxury is the natural geography of my biome, you’re the fool who wandered into it.

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Heart: Part One

Authors Note: This is a continuation of the squadre.

Abraxi knew she was asleep on Kalani when she opened her eyes to see the familar black throne room. It was strange, only remembering this place when she was asleep, remembering Bryne. But she started to enjoy her verbal sparing with him..and she like the attention.

She could see herself in the familar black glass floor. Her hair was loose around herself, a thin wired diadem with black crystals rested on her head but she also wore a thin strapped black crop top that had a single strap of fabric that lead up past her breast and wrapped around her throat, much like a tie and a pair of strange denim-like matterial pants. They were ripped at the knees but hugged her waist. She liked this outfit, even if it was unusal.

He tilted his head, amusement filled his eyes. He purred, “I rather like you in this.”

She arched a brow, “It would seem that you like me in just about anything, Bryne.”

His mouth slid into a smile, “Very true, my lady.”

She crossed her arms and smiled, “What are we doing this time? More dancing?” it was a game. He moved and she responded. She moved and he responed.

His rolled his eyes and smirked, “I was thinking chess.”

She smiled further, she was very good at the game, “What do I get if I win?”

He leaned against the throne, his hands in his pockets, “What do you want?”

She thought on it and said, “I want to see your other form.”

“I think that could be arranged. But what do I get if I win?”

She rolled her eyes, “What do you want?”

“To use your name as you use mine.”

A challenge. That was what this was, “I accept.”

A table and set of chairs of clear glass materiallized. She sat down across from him. His mouth was set in a small smile. He motioned, “Ladies first.”

She snorted moving her piece forward, “Are you ever going to tell me about yourself?”

He studied her move before moving a piece, “What is there to know? My parents were killed by fire and I was raised an orphan.”

She slid her next piece, “That sounds awful, Bryne. I can’t imagine what it must be like, losing your parents so young.”

Shadows past over his mismatched eyes, “I never knew them.” ire flashed in his eyes as he tried shrugging it off but failed as he moved his piece forward, “Tell me more about yourself.”

She narrowed her brows in thought. Imagining which piece to move. He was very skilled at chess. She said, “You seem to already know everything about me. What do you want to know?”

He slowly smiled, “What are you doing? In your waking life?”

She chose her words with care, “I’m traveling with friends.”

“Anywhere exciting?”

She moved her piece, “Check. We are to meet a friend whom I havent seen in ages.”

He moved his piece, “Check. It would seem that I have you cornered, my lady.”

She looked again. How…She blinked, “You beat me.” She felt herself starting to stirr. She was waking. She looked up at him.

He smiled sadly, “Until next time..Abraxi.”

She woke up.


It had been four days since they left Terresen. Sam knew they were ahead of schedule when he saw the stone castle of Briarcliff. Even in the moonlight he saw the shock of red hair cascading in the wind. He leaned into Ciel, “It would seem Lissa knew we would arrive early.”

Ciel snorted, “The princess monitors the sky very closely. Her spies must have saw Abraxos.”

Abraxos dove down closer to the castle, landing in the courtyard. Servants came up to Abraxos, already familiar with the wyvern. Climbing down, Sam smiled at Lissa who signed, thanks for the invitation to your wedding you bastard.

He winced, signing back, sorry.

She gave him a wicked grin and hugged him.

Ceil climbed off of Abraxos, looking at Lissa he said, knowing Lissa read lips,  “hello gorgeous.”

She snorted, Do not state the obvious. Come.

She led them down through the stone walls to the throne room where Queens Ansel and Enya were waiting. A smirk on her face, Ansel said, “I save the world with your parents and we don’t get an invitation to the wedding of the decade. How typical.”

Lissa rolled her eyes and signed, Mother. Stop being so dramatic.

Enya swatted Ansel’s arm,  “Come now, Love. I’m sure the princes’ have a very good reason for not inviting us.”

Sam lost any amusment he had. There was a very good reason. He said and signed, “War.”

Lissa’s green eyes hardened, Tell me.

So he did. He told the women of the growing darkness from the three points and how they were all connected somehow. It was a darkness that the world hadnt seen in nearly twenty-five years.

Enya’s eyes flickered to the war room, she said and signed, “The Wastes are a part of our land.”

Ciel nodded, his hands motioned, “Yes. We came here to get permission to enter the wastes through it.”

Ansel smirked, “It wouldn’t be very neighborly if I said no, now would it?”

With that as a yes, Ciel said, “After a nights rest, we’ll head out at dawn.”

Lissa signed angrily, Yes, and I will join you.

anonymous asked:

Have you happened to come across any fics or headcanon posts about autistic!Adrien? Or would you perhaps have any headcanons for him being autistic?

I have not, in fact! Oddly, now that I think of it; I would’ve expected to see some of them around by now. 

Honestly if I headcanoned anyone in ML as autistic it would probably be Alya (special interests, priority problems, and total lack of appropriate boundaries, anyone?), but Adrien is MADE of socialization issues and canonically “performs” a lot of his behavior instead of behaving naturally–i.e. the good son act and learning to flirt from TV–so I could totally see it for him too. Also, hello impulse control issues and frequent total failure to understand the actual problem! 

Hell, being on the spectrum might even explain why his suit has more things to fiddle with than Ladybug’s; Plagg is aware that his new kitten could get agitated and need a stim toy, and a bell or a loose strap of fabric could be a good stand-in for whatever he uses at home. Or pretends not to be using, depending on where in the house his dad is, probably. :T 

Gabriel clearly does not respond very well to any difficult behaviors, so learning to fake the right ones as well as possible is definitely a thing that Adrien’s done whether he’s autistic or not. Assuming he is and has been diagnosed, his extremely scheduled life might also be a response by Gabriel to attempt to help keep things low-stress for him–if nothing else, Adrien clearly thrives when he knows and understands the “rules” for a situation, even if he doesn’t always enjoy BEING in said situation. He also seems to fare better in fights when Ladybug’s got a plan and he knows his part in it (at least in the episodes I’ve seen), but still has trouble controlling his emotional responses, tends to assume people are being truthful, and frequently states things very bluntly without seeming to understand how they might come across to other people. 

Soooo yeah tl;dr: I haven’t seen any autistic Adrien headcanons around, but more people should write them! A lot of his behaviors do fit the criteria, at least by my understanding of it. 


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 5 | 4.22.16

indie fabric DSLR camera strap by imoshop

this camera strap is screaming for a trip to a summertime music festival, man. love the pattern and the leather accents!

RWBY Yang thigh high tutorial!

Aye there! So, your interested or needing to make some thigh highs? maybe preferably for yang xiao long from RWBY? or maybe just in general? No matter what the case i have a wonderful solution to getting thigh highs and in a very cheap way to!

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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 8.27.15

theme thursday: unique canvas bags and totes

oaxaca tote in earth by scoutandcatalogue

on thursdays, we do themes ;) and this theme thursday will focus on three radical canvas bag finds, starting with this ‘earth’-hued hand-dyed bag from longtime EFOTD fave scoutandcatalogue. i love the multicolored ‘pastel earth-tone rainbow’ look of this organic pattern, inspired by oaxacan textiles.


etsyfindoftheday | 5.9.15

weekender bags by spicerbags

if you’re in the market for a new weekender to take on your overnight trips, look no further than SF-based spicerbags. choose from several styles and color/print/fabric combos — i like both this denim one and the batik-y black-and-white one a lot.