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Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa… I did it! Finally managed to finish this one! Thank you for everyone who enjoyed the preview, I really hope you buys enjoy the full thing. Please let me know what you thought of it! Lots of love, B xx


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They’re funny little things. 

Sometimes they take over your body and make you do things that you wouldn’t ever do if it weren’t for the obscene amount of hormones coursing through your bloodstream - you’d never eat a plate full of pasta and a whole chocolate bar right after or cry at the butter commercial cause that family looks just so damn happy that they have their butter and each other… And you would not, under any circumstances, be thinking about how much you want your friend to fuck you into oblivion if it weren’t for the hormones.

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kilometeors  asked:

Hello! I have a Fabrickind question that also involves worbla. For one of my cosplays (Shiro from Voltron) I'm making a false arm. I have a stretch fabric for the grey sleeves, but I'm not sure how to attach the worbla to the fabric. Do I sew the foam onto fabric? Use straps?

Hello there!

For this, the first thing I would do is look at tutorials for similar items. Vriska from Homestuck, Ed from Full Metal Alchemist, and Bucky from the Marvel universe all have similar robotic arms (in different colors and shapes, the but the techniques are the same) that you may be able to adapt some tutorials for if you can’t find one specifically for Shiro.

The two major ways of attaching armor to a sleeve like this – one would be to use straps that are worn underneath the armor, and one would be to snap it directly to the fabric.

Straps would be attached to the armor pieces and made of either webbing or elastic. If made of webbing, they would have an attachment on the opposite side of the armor piece so that you can remove the piece. This would be glued to the inside of the worbla and reinforced with another square of worbla, and likely attach with either D rings or snaps. You would simply wind the straps underneath the other pieces to hide them.

Snaps are another common method, especially when attaching armor to a hand. This is where you would glue snaps to the inside of the armor piece and then sew the corresponding snap to the sleeve fabric while the garment is worn, and then press the armor piece down in place. I would imagine that what snaps gain in a cleaner look and less bulk they would lose in durability, however, as you may damage the armor by repeatedly snapping and unsnapping, or you may pop your armor off throughout the day with your arm movements. Try to have a bit of wiggle room so that the fabric can stretch with your arm and so that the armor isn’t completely flush with the other pieces, so that there’s less chance of it popping off. I’ve also heard of people using high-powered magnets instead of snaps for a similar effect.

Make sure that when you make this, there’s enough room for your elbow to bend without the armor hitting itself – I can see how that would be an issue if you made it exactly like the reference I posted, since the smaller piece towards the back of the arm and just above the elbow would hit the forearm piece if the arm were bent more. 

The website also has a section on armor strapping that you may want to take a look at, since there’s a lot of great ideas there.

Hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff


First Look: Lotus Exige Cup 380 

Evolved from the hugely successful and capable Exige Sport 380, this latest Lotus supercar is the purest manifestation yet of the company’s Cup concept for sports cars. Genuinely eligible for competition yet undeniably elegant, just 60 editions of this extreme Exige are planned for worldwide markets – assuring its status as one of Lotus’ most collectible road cars.

  • The fastest to, from, and around the race track
  • 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds
  • Dry Weight from 1,057 kg (2330lbs)
  • Dramatic bodywork revisions boost downforce to 200 kg
  • Limited to 60 editions worldwide, confirming collector status

With a purity of drive unheard of in road cars, and a power-to-weight ratio of 355 hp per tonne, the Exige Cup 380 delivers genuine race pace, with 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds) and top speed of 175 mph (282 km/h). Key to the Exige Cup 380 reaching its low weight of 1,057 kg is the comprehensive adoption of carbon fiber and extreme engineering. Making their first appearance on a road-going Lotus, heavily revised bodywork elements contribute to the increased downforce of the Exige Cup 380, with the car generating up to 200 kg, 43% more than the Exige Sport 380. Making the most of this aerodynamic downforce and maximizing mechanical grip, the Exige Cup 380 features larger rear tires as standard.

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Inventoried items for evidence taken from E&D off bodies. They describe a lot of items I’d never seen on them in the library photos or heard about:

JCSO 8702 – Right/Left Black Boots

JCSO 1078 – 12 ¼” Knife with Black Leather Sheath – Right Boot

JCSO 1077 – Black Dagger-Type Knife with 2 Spikes in Black Nylon Sheath – Left Boot

JCSO 8701/JCSO 8703 – Right/Left White Socks

JCSO 8704 – Green/Gray Plaid Boxer Underwear

JCSO 1065 – Black BDU Pants (cut off of body)

CBI 38/JCSO 1097 – 2 Magazines with (9) Live 9mm Rounds Each, Hyper Gas Turbo Lighter – Pants Pocket

JCSO 850-853 – (4) CO2 Cartridge Bombs – Left Pocket

CBI 33/JCSO 1099 – Green Fabric Pouch: (10) Live Federal 2 ¾” 00 Buck Shotgun Shells – Left Pants Pocket

JCSO 1076 – Black Folding Knife, Black Lighter, Wooden Block with Hole, 2 Matchbox Strikers – Right Front Pocket

JCSO 8713 – Wallet with $113.00 & Contents, Leather Case, Matchbox Strikers

CBI 344/JCSO 1098 – Black Fabric Pouch: (Empty) – On Body

CBI 25/JCSO 1066 – Belt & 3 OD (Olive Drab) Fabric Pouches: (1) Fired 9mm [WIN] Casing matched to the Hi-Point From Body

CBI 26/JCSO 1067 – 5 Green Fabric Pouches with Shoulder Straps w/ Clip on Pouch: (12) Live Winchester Super-X 3” 00 Buck Shotgun Shells – Off of Body

JCSO 8706 – White T-Shirt, Black Letters “Natural Selection”

JCSO 8705 – Black Glove (fingerless) – Right Hand

Watch, Matchbox Striker Under Watch – Left Wrist

No Hat or Glasses

CBI 20/JCSO 900 – 12 Gauge Springfield Pump Action Shotgun, Model 67H, 3" Chamber, Serial #A232432 – inscribed “Arlene”

CBI 21/JCSO 901 – Hi-Point 9mm Carbine, Model 995, Serial #A59610 – Mounted with 2 Lasers, Strap Attached to Front & Back of Gun


JCSO 8679/JCSO 8682 – Right/Left Black Boots,

JCSO 8680 – (1) Live “Winchester” 9mm Bullet – In Right Boot

Red Star Medallion containing a Sickle and a Hammer – On Left Boot

JCSO 8681/JCSO 8683 – Right/Left Socks

CBI 29/JCSO 1273 – 3 Green Fabric Pouches with Silver Duct Tape: (5) Live Federal Premium 2 ¾” 00 Buck Shotgun Shells, (2) Live Federal 2 ¾” #8 Extra-Lite/Trap Shotgun Shells – By Upper Stairway Railing, South Section

JCSO 8685 – Blue Plaid Boxer Underwear

JCSO 8684 – Black BDU Pants with Black Belt

CBI 28/JCSO 1102 Beige/Tan Fabric Pouch with Brown Leather Trim marked “Nikon” with the name “Klebold” written on back – Belt

JCSO 864-870, JCSO 873 – (7) CO2 Cartridge Bombs & (1) Pipe Bomb – Left Pocket

JCSO 854-858 – (5) CO2 Cartridge Bombs – Right Pocket

Pocket Watch – Right Pocket

JCSO 8728 – Wallet with Contents, 3 Lighters

CBI 27/JCSO 1101 Black Fabric Nylon Belt w/ Black Nylon Snap Buckle: (13) Live High Brass Federal Premium 2 ¾” 00 Buck Shotgun Shells, (1) Live Brass Federal 2 ¾” 00 Buck Shotgun Shell – Waist

JCSO 1079 – Curved Knife with Spikes in Black/Brown Leather Sheath – On Left Hip

JCSO 8687 – Black T-shirt, Red Letters “Wrath”

Beaded Cloth Necklace

JCSO 8688 – Black Suspenders

JCSO 8686 – Black Glove (fingerless) – Left Hand

JCSO 1100 – Two Matchbox Strikers taped together, 2 Pieces of Silver Duct Tape – Right Wrist
Silver Ring with a Black Stone – Left Hand, Ring Finger

JCSO 1064 – Colorado Avalanche Hat, “A” Emblem on Front, Boston Red Sox “B” Emblem on Back

No Glasses

Earring – Left Ear

CBI 22/JCSO 902 – 12 Gauge Stevens Double Barrel Shotgun, Model 311D, 2 ¾” Chamber, Serial #A077513

CBI 23/JCSO 903 – Intra-TEC 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol, Model TEC-DC9, Serial #D076305 – Strap Attached to Back of Gun

75. In/by a Swimming pool


Word Count: 1,333
Written by: @kenobi-and-barnes

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“I like.” You look around the beach house you and Bucky’s rented for the weekend.

He smiled as he stood beside you. “I agree.”

Once your bags were inside and in the bedroom, you started to wander off to explore.

“Hey, I’m gonna take a shower. I feel dirty after driving all night.”

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Request:  Can you write a smut fanfiction for Chanyeol on a deserted island after a plane-crush, kind of like his new drama missing9? 

I haven’t seen his new drama, but I hope this is good! 

Pairing: Park Chanyeol X Reader

Genre: Smut 

Word Count:  2,715

It was your first time riding on an airplane and you were doing it alone. You were extremely nervous and terrified of flying. As the lady took your ticket, scanned it, and gave it back to you with a smile, your stomach did a backflip. This was it. You were boarding the plane and everything inside you was screaming at you to turn around and run away screaming.

You ignored your instincts and took your seat next to an older woman. She greeted you with a polite nod and smile as you tried to get comfortable in your seat. “Is this your first time flying?” She asked. You took in a deep breath before nodding at her with a nervous smile. “I can tell. You look very nervous.”

“I am. Do you fly often? You asked, trying to take your mind off the fact that you were about to be thousands of feet in the air in a metal room that weighed somewhere between 735,000 pounds and 970,000 pounds. It disobeyed the laws of gravity and that freaked you out. The woman nodded.

"Yes, my son lives in South Korea and we try to visit each other often.” She explained, smiling all the while.

“That’s very sweet.” You smiled, forgetting about your whereabouts for the time being.

“Why are you going to South Korea, if you don’t mind me asking?” She asked, adjusting her travel pillow behind her head.

“I want to see the world,” you explained, “Korea is the first stop because… well because I got interested in the culture and everything when I discovered the boy bands” You said, embarrassed by how much information you just shared. She laughed softly at your confession.

As you spoke with the woman, you got more comfortable with being on the plane. That is, until the flight attendants started walking up and down the aisles, telling people to turn their phones off and buckle up. You started to panic, thinking it was impossible to get this big hunk of metal into the sky. Soon, you felt the plane start to take off and that’s when the lady next to you took your hand in hers. You looked over at her soft, warm expression and started to calm down. If she did this so often and she was so calm, why should you worry? You thought logically, steering your thoughts from the what ifs.

Eventually you were calm again and deep in conversation with the lady who’s name you found out was Irene. She was a lovely woman and you truly enjoyed talking with her. She was more understanding and listened better than any other person you had ever met in your entire life. She eased your thoughts and made you forget completely about all the dangers of flying.

Irene was telling you a story about a winter she spent with her son in Seoul when you felt the plane shake. Your hands immediately shot to the arm rests at your side, gripping them tightly. Knuckles turning white and eyes squeezed shut, your whole body tensed up. The pilot came over the intercom saying that you were flying straight into an unforeseen storm. You felt tears building behind your eyes.

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.

You chanted in your head, panicking. Irene gently set her hand on top of yours to calm you down. “Shh, don’t panic, Y/n. Everything will be okay.” She said in soft voice. You took in a deep breath, trying to calm down, when the plane shook again. You immediately tightened your seat belt and held onto the armrests for dear life. The seat belt light dinged on and the air masks fell from the ceiling.

This is it.

Tears began to flow from your eyes as the plane shook some more and you felt your whole body jerk toward the ceiling. You were terrified and regretted your decision to be brave. As the plane plummeted to the earth, your life flashed before your eyes. You couldn’t believe what was happening.

The sound of metal tearing and people screaming was loud enough to drown out your own thoughts. You felt branches of trees making contact with your face and arms as the plane’s body tore through the treetops on it’s way down. Suddenly, it all came to a screeching halt and you slowly opened your eyes, shocked you survived. The roof of the plane was gone, torn clean off, and tree branches took over the open space.

“Is everyone okay?” Someone asked.

How naive, you thought, what a stupid question

The doctor on board instructed everyone to remain in their seats until they were helped out of them. You looked over at Irene, seeing her eyes closed and a large cut on her cheek that was bleeding. “Irene!” You shouted, touching her hand to try to wake her up. “Irene, please.” You sobbed. “Someone help!”

Someone immediately made their way to Irene, helping her out of her seat and taking her outside, where the doctor was helping people. Then they helped you out and you immediately found the doctor with Irene. “Please tell me she’s okay.” You begged, twisting your hands together as you stared at her lying on the ground. The doctor looked up at you with a small smile.

“She should be fine. She passed out due to lack of oxygen and this cut looked far worse than it is.” He explained. You let out a sigh of relief, thanking him before sitting next to her in the sand. He left you alone with Irene to go check on other passengers with injuries when a tall man in a hat and black face mask covering his mouth and nose approached you.

“Is she your grandma?” He asked, looking at Irene sadly.

“No, I met her on the plane. She’s a lovely woman.” You spoke, smiling at the old woman. He crouched down next to you, gently running his fingers over a bandage on her hand.

“Is she okay?” He asked, staring at the bandages on her face and arms.

“Yes, the doctor says she’ll be fine.” You said, looking up at him. His eyes were covered by his dark bangs, making it impossible to really see any of his face. But he still looked familiar to you. You shook it off as he sat on the ground next to her legs, draping his arms across his bent knees.

“Want company until she wakes up?” He asked, playing with the sand. You smiled at his childish behavior.

“Sure. Did you get hurt at all?” You asked, hesitantly. He looked up at you shaking his head.

“I got a few scratches on my face, but it’s nothing.” He said, shrugging it off. “How about you? Your arms look pretty tore up.” He said, taking your wrist in his hand to get a better look at the damage.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” You said casually. He let go of your wrist and tilted his head at you.

“Did the doctor look at you?” He asked.

“No, I told him others had bigger injuries he should be worrying about.” You laughed, brushing hair out of Irene’s face. You heard him laugh at your response.

“Funny, I said the same thing.” He replied, going back to playing in the sand. You smiled, admiring the way he was so relaxed and calm. Especially under the circumstances.

Later in the night, there was a bonfire and it was announced that there were no casualties. The pilot said the radio had been broken in the crash and fixing it was not possible. You would have to wait for a boat to go by or another plane.

You had spent all day talking to the mysterious guy, even when Irene woke up. You still didn’t know his name, but you felt like you knew him. You sat next to him as everyone surrounded the fire. It didn’t feel like you were stranded, it felt like a big gathering. Everyone was shockingly calm and not worried about help arriving.

Before you knew it, the guy you’d been spending so much time with all day, asked you if you would go for a walk with him. Of course you agreed, you had a small crush on him by now. The way he talked and moved drew you to him. You wanted to know what was under that mask, but you respected his privacy.

The two of you began your walk into the dark, away from all of the people. “You’re not gonna kill me, are you?” You joked, walking beside him. He laughed, shaking his head.

“Why would I kill a pretty girl like you? Everyone would notice you’re gone.” He explained, bumping his shoulder into yours. You felt the blood rush to your cheeks.

“D- did you just call me pretty?” You stuttered, shocked by his words.

“Mm yeah. Is that okay?” He asked, turning toward you. You smiled, shoving your hands into your pockets.

“Of course. I can’t really return the compliment though. I mean, I haven’t seen your face.” You pointed out, looking at the ground.

“I didn’t say it to get a compliment in return, but if you want to see my face…” He trailed off. You snapped your head up in excitement, making him laugh. “I guess that’s a yes.”

“Sorry, I’m just curios.” You admitted, looking away. You could still see the fire off in the distance and hear people laughing. You felt him take your hands and place them on either side of his head.

“You can take it off it you want to.” He said, giving you permission. Your heart raced as you slowly pulled the fabric straps from behind his ears. When the mask fell, your breath was taken away. You realized why he looked so familiar earlier and your jaw dropped.

“Y- you’re…. Chanyeol…” He giggled at your reaction, making your heart jump to your throat. He nodded, taking his hat off. “Park Chanyeol…. Park Chanyeol called me…. pretty…” You said, putting everything together. He laughed, putting his hands on your shoulders and bending down a little to look in your eyes.

“Yes, because you are. Please don’t let this change anything.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just… I’m so shocked. I love EXO. You guys are part of the reason I was going to Seoul. Because you got me interested in the Korean language and culture and food and music and oh my goodness Park Chanyeol is standing in front me and -” You were cut off by Chanyeol’s lips on yours. His hands cradled your face as his lips pressed against yours perfectly. When he pulled away, you were dazed and utterly satisfied at the turn of events the night had taken.

“Was that okay?” He asked, still holding your face. You smiled, giggling at how cute he was.

“No,” you started, making him frown and his hands went slack against your cheeks, about to fall back to his sides. Quickly, you grabbed his hands to keep them there. “It was perfect.” You finished, watching his face light up. He leaned in, kissing you again, but this time he moved his lips against yours until it turned into a heated make out session.

By the time you pulled away, you were both trying to catch your breath and you were craving more from him. Apparently the kiss had the same effect on Chanyeol because in no time, he had you pressed against a tree as he kissed and bit at your neck. You moaned softly, feeling his member against your thigh, as the boy attacked your neck.

His hands reached behind your thighs, picking you up as you wrapped your legs around him. You ran your fingers through his soft hair, now feeling his arousal between your legs through your jean shorts. “Chanyeol,” you breathed in his ear. He hummed in response before pulling away to look at your face. You bit your lip, thinking of all the ways he could take you right there in the woods. “I need you.” You whispered, causing him to smirk.

“You got it, baby.” He said, putting you down and undoing his pants. You couldn’t believe what was happening as Chanyeol bit his lip, looking at you. He kissed you, pulling you against him by your waist. Pulling back from the kiss, he looked down between the two of you as his hands unbuttoned your shorts. He looked back up at you for confirmation, to which you nodded, before he looked back down and slowly pulled your shorts down until they dropped to your ankles. You quickly stepped out of them, eyes glued to him as he smiled down at you. One hand cupped your cheek, pulling you in for a kiss, as the other trailed down to your white lace panties. His fingers teased you, gliding over the lace before he pushed it aside and pressed a finger into you.

A breathy moan fell from your lips and into Chanyeol’s mouth as he pumped his finger in you. Soon, he couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled away from the kiss and ripped your panties down your legs before picking you up again, pushing you against the tree. You gasped as he held you there with one arm while his other hand revealed his hard on. Licking your lips, you anticipated how amazing he was going to feel. He looked you in the eyes before placing a sweet kiss to your lips and slowly pressing himself into you.

You closed your eyes, moaning his name quietly as he filled you up. He groaned in your ear as he sank deeper into you. “Ready?” He breathed in your ear. You simply nodded in response. He slowly started moving in and out of you, making breathe harder and faster. His thrusts got faster before he stopped. “Um can we try a different…” He trailed off. You smiled, knowing it was hard to do it standing up.

“I have the perfect idea.” You whispered. You got your shorts back on and headed for the plane. When you got there, Chanyeol laughed.

“Why didn’t I think of that?” He asked, letting you lead him back inside. Once you were inside, you made sure no one else was in there before you pushed Chanyeol down into a seat.

“Where were we?” You asked, “ah, yes.” Chanyeol laughed as you removed your shorts and panties before straddling him. He quickly undid his pants again and pulled his member out. You eased yourself onto him, feeling him deeper in this new position.

“Shit,” he groaned, dropping his head back against the seat. You smirked, slowly bouncing up and down on him. His hands were on your hips, fingers pressing hard into your skin as he tried to make you go faster. Quickly, you gave into him, letting him control the pace as you leaned down to kiss his neck. “Ah, jagi.” He said urgently, pushing you up off of him as he finished.

You rested your head in the crook of his neck, trying to catch your breath before you got up and got dressed. “I’m gonna go get you something to clean up with.” You smiled, making your way to the bathroom. When you came back and handed him the tissues, he cleaned himself up and did his pants back up. You smiled, “Well we should go back out there.” You said awkwardly, pressing your lips into a line.

As you tried to make your way past him, still sitting, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you into his lap. You squealed before giggling as he kissed you all over your face. “I’m not ready.” He smiled, holding you in his lap.

“Chanyeol,” you giggled, “what are you doing?” He rubbed his hand up and down your leg as you sat sideways across his lap.

“I just want to sit here with you for a little bit, if that’s okay with you.” He admitted. A huge smile broke out on your face at his words as he leaned in, kissing your nose.

“That sounds perfect.” You smiled, laying your head on his chest as he rubbed your back. Being stranded might not be your worst fear anymore.

Misunderstandings - Kyle X Reader

****************************************************************************************************Requested by @wholockedcumberwumberCan you do an imagine in which reader is Kyle’s girlfriend and he only talks to Zoe at the party because he got into a fight with reader and she sees him talking to Zoe when she goes to try to apologize and since the party is so loud she doesn’t hear him telling Zoe how much he cares.


I honestly didn’t even want to go to the party. After just having the worst fight in the history of my relationship with Kyle, the last thing I wanted to do was wear some tight outfit and dance with a bunch of people I didn’t know and would probably never see again.

Still, my sorority friends insisted that I went with them to the point where it was easier to agree and go than to resist them and have to hear their complaints for the next week if I didn’t.

So I reluctantly got dressed in my favourite party outfit, a short maroon dress that flowed from the waist down and lacked sleeves back had a thick strap of fabric that wrapped the end of the throat. I paired it with white heels and a white purse, tied my hair up in a loose bun and I was finally ready to go.

“See? You look gorgeous,” my friend exclaims as I make my way into our communal area, “We are going to have so much fun!”

By the time we reach the party Kyle is barely a small thought in the back of my mind. We immediately make our way to the kitchen where we know, based on the sorority house we’re at, that there will be plenty of pizza available.


If it hadn’t been for my frat brothers I would never have gone out partying tonight. Y/N and I had been dating for a year and after the fight we had yesterday I really don’t know where we stand as a couple anymore. My frat brothers had noticed how sad I’d been and decided that a few drinks, ironic since I never drink when I’m out with them, was the best option to cheer me up.

I slowly peel off the shirt I’m wearing and replace it with my frat shirt, secretly hoping that if I move slowly enough, they will leave without me. But, much to my dismay, when I walk down the stairs to meet them, every single one of them is sat there waiting patiently for me so we can take the bus and leave.

When we arrive at the party, the house is already packed to the rafters, people standing in every available area of floor space as we squeeze our way through the packed hallway and I make an effort to immediately separate myself from my friends. I manage to push my way to a table, seating a massive ice sculpture and I find myself fixated on a face, standing on the other side of the table. Slowly she walks until we stand face to face.

“I’m Kyle.” I shout over the noise around us.

“I’m Zoe.” She shouts back, smiling flirtatiously.

An hour passes as we become completely absorbed in our conversation.

“You’re a really good guy Kyle.” Zoe starts, suddenly becoming sad in her eyes, “But I don’t think this is going to work out.”

“Oh no… I-I wasn’t looking for a relationship I have a girlfriend.” I blurt out, nervously attempting to find the right words to not humiliate her.

“Then why are you here alone?” she snaps, “And why are you talking to me?”


After a few hours, sitting in the kitchen turns to being a bore so I gather all of the energy I have left in me and find my way back into the main area of the house. Slowly I make my way to the stairs, desperate to find a place to sit until another loner walks over to start a conversation. But halfway there I stop dead in my tracks as I notice a familiar face. Kyle, smiling and quite obviously flirting with a tiny blonde girl who I had never seen before. Before I can turn he looks over and his face falls as he recognizes me and as he starts to walk over I turn and push my way out of the house and run to my car. Driving off before he can get close enough to open the door.

When I get home I immediately rush to the drawer where Kyle’s belongings that he left in my room and start throwing it into a duffle bag, ready to throw at him when I drive around to tell him we’re over. As I’m searching through his stuff I find a framed picture of us from our first date and burst into tears as I struggle to believe that he would actually cheat on me. As I’m huddled in my own tears, I hear the door open and footsteps creaking on the wood that lies underneath the carpeted floors.

“I knew I would regret giving you a key.” I snap, trying to disguise my voice to hide the sadness that runs through my tone.

“You don’t mean that.” Kyle whispers, almost as if he’s scared that speaking in a regular tone would break me into a million pieces, which in that moment was a possibility, “Can we just talk about this?”

“I thought we decided not to talk about things. Isn’t that why we fought in the first place?” I reply sullenly, turning to face him, “I knew we weren’t having the best of times together but how could you cheat on me so blatantly?”

“I wasn’t cheating on you,” he says, his eyes flickering to the ground, unable to meet mine, “I was just talking to a girl.”

“A girl who was practically salivating over you,” I say and he sighs, “I saw the way she looked at you, it was the way I looked at you when we met.”

“Will you just listen to me for a minute?” he almost shouts, attempting to control his temper. When I don’t respond he moves to sit on the bed, directly next to where I’m sitting but I move across slightly as to still keep my distance, “I didn’t cheat on you, and deep down I think you know that. We’ve been together for a long time and I’ve never lied to you or done anything to hurt your feelings… just tell me you believe me.”

“Then what would you call what the two of you were doing?” I ask, completely ignoring the last part of his sentence.

“Actually the exact moment you saw me was when I was telling her about how much I love you,” he answers and I flash him a look of disbelief, “No I’m being serious, she asked me why I was talking to her if I had a girlfriend and I told her all about you, about how much I love every little thing you do, about how I’m nothing without you.”

“I believe you.” I whisper and he smiles through a nervous laugh, taking my head in his hands and leaning forward until our foreheads touch.

“Thank you, let’s move past this, I love you so much.”  He mumbles so quickly I barely catch his words and for the first time in what feels like forever, I smile as I nod and our lips collide.

“Stay here tonight.” I whisper and he nods, smiling. I slide backwards and lay down and Kyle moves to do the same and lies down beside me, moving a strand of hair from my face before moving his arm to protectively lace around my waist. I smile, closing my eyes as I feel his lips touch my nose before he too closes his eyes and as the both of us fall asleep I can’t help but feel as if just this once, everything was going to turn out the way it should be and I fall into a deep sleep, my thoughts are filled with the our picture perfect happy ending.

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194. hotch. maybe a dash of smut...?

Prompt: “Enjoying the view?”

I hope this is enough!

Originally posted by loveiseternalbutpainful

Aaron sat on the edge of their bed, bare chest damp slightly as he quickly dried his hair with his towel. However, as his dark eyes landed on Y/N just as she lifted her shirt off, lace underwear hugging her body. Catching his lingering eyes in the mirror, Y/N smirked devilishly.

Enjoying the view?” She uttered mischievously, slowly turning to meet his darkening eyes while he smirked up at her.

“Something like that.” He chuckled, his breath hitching when she slowly strutted towards him, her soft curs framing her face as she leant forward, placing her hands on his thighs. She bit her lower lip when his gaze drifted to her lips. His hands grazed up her arms before cupping her face, pulling her into a soft kiss but Y/N squeezed his thighs softly, causing him to attempt to deepen the gentle kiss.

“Already? The show hasn’t begun yet.” Y/N whispered against his lips, pulling away from his face as she parted his thighs with her knee. Aaron glanced up at her with excitement as she ran her fingers through his dark hair, standing over his leg so his thigh was between her legs. She ground her hips against his thigh, Aarons firm hands gripping onto her thigh without a second thought. As she swayed her hips, she gradually placed her hand over his before turning around so her backside was pressed against the growing tent in his boxers, dragging his hand over her own stomach.

“Oh god, Y/N.” Aaron groaned, glancing down as she rocked her hips against his excitement. She couldn’t control the devilish smirk that grew on her face at the rough noise that escaped his throat while she gripped onto his bare thigh. His hands trailed up her waist absent-mindedly as she sat up against him, her back pressing against his chest. Taking the opportunity, Aaron began to kiss across her shoulder, open-mouthed kisses trailing up to her neck.

“Turn around.” He whispered, the soft growl sending shivers up her back as his lips brushed against her ear. Obliging to his commands, Y/N stood up and faced the intoxicated man, his blown pupils scanning down her body.

“What is it, baby?” Y/N asked, unable to control the soft smirk biting at her lips. Wordlessly, Aaron gripped onto her hips, pulling her towards his seated form. He peppered kisses along her stomach, teeth grazing across her skin across the hem of her panties.

“You’re so beautiful.” Aaron whispered against her skin, standing up so that he could continue his attack on her sensitive neck. While he brushed his lips against her neck, his fingers grazed across her back before they landed on the hook of her bra. After unhooking the lacy fabric, he pulled the straps down her prickled arms at an agonisingly slow pace, making her groan slightly in frustration.

“For fuck sake, Aaron.” Y/N giggled, throwing off the fabric before pushing him back down on the bed so he was laid down, his legs dangling off of the side. Following quickly afterwards, Y/N straddled his hips, grinding down firmly against his tented underwear. He groaned uncontrollably, his hands grazing up her waist before cupping her chest firmly, his thumbs flickering over her puckered skin.

“I need you, babe.”

Finished my backup/room party outfit for NebKon (just in case Azura’s dress continues to be difficult)

How I made Shiroe’s bag

This is how I made Shiroe’s bag for the cosplay I am making for my boyfriend.

I started of deciding the measurements I wanted on the bag. I ended up making it 14x18x27 cm.

I then draw out the pieces for the sides and the bottom on my fabric and cut them out. The fabric I used was a light brown faux leather.

Before sewing the pieces together I made the straps for the short sides of the bag. The color of the straps is different in every reference picture so I ended up making it out of a dark brown faux leather fabric.

I cut out the straps from the fabric and hemmed the sides. I then glued the straps on to the pieces for the bag with fabric glue.

It was then time to sew the four sides together. I pinned and sewed them together and then pinned and sew the bottom part together with the sides.

I now had the base of the bag but it was not as square as I wanted it.

I measured the inside of the bag and cut out pieces of cardboard (I used cereal boxes for this part) and glued the pieces to the inside of the bag. I made the cardboard pieces a bit shorter than the bag so I later would be able to fold the edges down.

I then cut out the part for the lid out of the fabric, made some long straps in dark brown faux leather and glued them on to the lid part.

I sewed the lid on to the bag and glued down the edges of the base.

To make the lid more stiff I glued some cardboard pieces on it as well and glued in the edges.

To open and close the bag I used some velcro.

And this is how it look now.

I still have to make some details that hang from the bag but so far I am happy with the bag itself.


Try Them Out - Taeil (M)

Requested: Hi! Can you write a smut with Taeil/Taeyong (you choose) of NCT where the female reader is the dom and they’re a sub? Thank you!!

A/N: I decided to do Taeil because there are barely any fics about him yet. I hope I did well OTL… Thanks for requesting!!


Word Count: 1,242

You let out a happy sigh of relief as you saw Taeil’s door come into view. Your hand squeezed Taeil’s gently as he entered the pin to unlock the door. It had been a long night, you and your boyfriend, Taeil, had just returned from a double date with Doyoung and his girlfriend. He let go of your hand and opened the door, holding it open for you to enter first. Once you got inside you slid off your heels immediately and nudged them to the side with your foot. Taeil followed suit once inside and smiled to himself.

“Can I borrow something else to change into?” you ask as you tug your uncomfortable dress down a little more.

“You look so good though~” he hums, but smiles and begins to head to his room. You follow after him closely after setting your stuff down by the kitchen table.

“Pick anything you like,” he says as he pushes the door open to his room and motions to the closet. He then veered into his bathroom and you glanced at him as he turned on the faucet to wash his face. You shuffled through his top drawer, picking through his boxers to find a pair to your liking. You felt your hand brush something hard and pulled it out as Taeil came back into the room. Your eyes examined the box of condoms before you looked up at him.

“Ah….” he rubbed the back of his neck flustered for a second.

“You could have hid them somewhere less cliché” you point out teasingly.

He came towards you this time with a small smile and took the box from you.

“Let’s try them out~”

He stopped his movements and eyed you. You quickly took the box from him and smiled, setting it down.

“You’re so naughty” he teased.

You pushed him down onto the bed and straddled his legs, a sly grin on your face. He propped himself up on his elbows to get a better view and ran his hand along your thigh. You soon hopped off of the bed after giving him a long kiss.

“Help me” you said, lifting your hair, making the zipper of your dress come into view.

He slowly slid the tab down, exposing your skin. You turned back around and began to take off his tie. Hastily you then popped open the buttons of his shirt and pushed it off his frame. You smiled to yourself as you saw his crystal skin before you, so perfect, the faint outlines of muscles carved into his skin around his abdominal and chest area. You brought him into another kiss and felt your feet move back and your body gently come in contact with the wall behind you. He was so passionate and hot, his lips tasted divine and the warmth seeped into your whole body. It was a slow, but fiery kiss. Your hands fiddled with unbuckling his belt and tossing it to the side, while his hands wandered up your moving arms and to the straps of your dress that loosely hung on your shoulders. His warm hands slid under the fabric and pushed the straps off your shoulders and down. With his pants unzipped and face hot he stepped away as you pushed on his chest. Quickly you shed your dress to the floor and stepped out of it. As you began towards Taeil you saw him take steps backwards until he roughly sat on the edge of the bed, biting his lip as he looked up at you.

“Take them off” you whispered as you glanced at his pants. With one swift motion he pulled off his underwear and pants and kicked them off. His hand stroked his member a few times before you pushed on his chest again.

“Go get one” you purred, nodding your head towards the box of condoms. You peeled off your panties and when you looked up again he was leaned against the headboard, tearing open the small package. You climbed toward him and waited patiently between his spread legs. Quietly you took the condom from him as he flicked the wrapper to the side and watched. Slowly you rolled it on him and you watched as he gulped and adjusted himself, closing his eyes. You straddled him again and kissed his nose.

“Please, I need you so bad-”

“You’ve got to work for it” you interrupted, taking his wrist in yours and guiding it down your bodies. You let out a soft sigh as you felt your heat stroked gently. You bent your head down and kissed his collar bone then neck, hands resting on his chest. His rhythm got steadier and he inserted a finger in you.

“You’re so wet and hot” he moaned in approval.

Before long he added another and fucked you steadily with his fingers. You bit down on his shoulder to keep from moaning too loudly and leaned into him. As his trusts became faster you pulled away and his hand pulled out. Ever so slowly you unclasped your bra finally and tossed it then aligned yourself with him. You eased your way down onto him and he let out a large sigh of bliss. You rocked on him first and brought your lips together. Your hands clamped into his silky hair and his gripped your hips. You rocked forward more and could feel his length finally start to slide out, before you rocked back again and felt him glide further in. You both let out moans at the feeling and parted lips. Your rhythm picked up after a while and you began to bounce on him. His head hit the headboard as his eyes closed and his grip tightened.

“Ahh- Yes, (y/n)- Just like that-”

One of your hands moved to grip onto his shoulder for balance as the other held your breasts. Soon you decided to turn things up a notch and held onto the headboard as you rode him relentlessly. His words and sentences weren’t coherent, just a mix of shouting you name and curses, as well as loud moan and groans tossed in. You also were having trouble keeping quiet, especially when one of his hands adjusted so he could reach your clit with his thumb, his other, traveling up to your rib cage and bringing your throbbing breasts closer to him. He plants hard kisses on them and small bites. His practiced thumb followed your heat and you cried out at the pressure he applied.

“(y/n)- (y/n)- I’m close- Come on!!”

The feeling in your core began to build up and you moaned again, letting him know. You looked down and watched as his beautiful face twisted in pleasure, his eyebrows scrunching together and his mouth falling open.

You both came around the same time and slowly rode out the orgasm together, your heavy panting and hot skin radiating throughout the room. You slid off him easily and collapsed next to him.

“I love you” he voiced, still breathing heavily with his eyes closed.

You chuckled before wrapping your arms around his torso in a hug, resting your cheek against his throbbing chest.

“I love you too~”

His free arm moved and his hand gently rubbed circles into your back.

“I’m too tired to take a shower” you cried, feigning a whiny tone.

“Just go to sleep” Taeil cooed, playing with the end of your hair, “you must be tired.”


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 5 | 4.22.16

indie fabric DSLR camera strap by imoshop

this camera strap is screaming for a trip to a summertime music festival, man. love the pattern and the leather accents!

Wings tutorial

In this tutorial we’re going to show you how we made our god tier wings, though you may use this for any kind of translucent wing.

There are basically pictures of Feferi’s wings (though some of them are Eridan’s since we took the photos whenever we remembered to do so), but well, both of them were done at the same time and in the same way.

Before we get started we believe it’s important to say that, even though the result looks great and it’s pretty comfortable, it takes a lot of time to make those wings (or  was it us since we’re pretty much newbies?).

Let’s get started~

1. Thick wire

2. Spray of the color of your wings

3. Organza fabric

4. Hot glue gun + silicone rods

5. Velcro (Hook-and-loop-tape)

1. Make a paper pattern with the desired shape because it makes it easier to try them on and see how they will look like and also to shape the wings so they are even.

2. Take the wire and shape it following the pattern. Make sure you flatten the wing, since this will make it easier to add the fabric afterwards. Start the wing from the inner part, the one where the other wing will be attached. Join the end of the wire curling it up, we added some tape to make it even and also to secure it. Don’t cut all the extra wire, leave some, since you’ll need it later on.

3. Spray the wire so even if it can be seen through the fabric it won’t stand out.

Note: It took us forever to get the right shape…You don’t need as much extra wire as in the picture, 15-20 cm is enough. If you leave more wire than needed it’ll be more difficult to handle the wings and to sew the fabric.

4. Time for the organza. It’s a beautiful fabric, but it tends to fray and wrinkle. Put the fabric on a flat surface and place the wing on it. Draw the outline and cut the fabric following the shape. It’s okay even if it doesn’t come up exactly the same.

Note 1: That’s the sheer organza.

Note 2: You need to cut leaving some space on the edge.

5. Once you’ve cut the fabric, take the silicone and glue the organza to the wire. Be patient since it’s pretty easy to make silicone globs. We glued the fabric slowly, slightly rolling it up to the wire and flatting it up with a toothpick.

Note: Here you can see how the fabric looks once it’s been glued and also the globs we were talking about. Don’t worry if you also get globs, later on we’ll conceal them. We hope you don’t get as burnt with the silicone as we did.

Note: A lot of people interpret the god tier wings differently than we do, that’s to say: They make the edges translucent and the inside duller. We did it the other way around, which let us make the edges darker so we could camouflage better the wire and the silicone globs :=B

6. Time to add the drawings of the wing. Make a paper pattern; try it on the wings and when you think it’s alright cut it on the fabric leaving some space on the edges just as you did before. Now fold the edge and iron it, put it on the wing, baste it and finally sew it.

Note: By folding the edges of the fabric you can avoid it from fraying without needing to top it off with silicon or anything like that. Also, it makes a darker edge so the drawing stands out more.

7. Let’s start with the flange:

A: Make a long textile strap about 6cm wide (or however you like, just take into account that you’ll have to fold it into four parts). If you don’t have enough fabric, just sew different straps between them, at the end it won’t stand out too much.

B. Fold the straps in half and iron them.

C. Fold both parts of the straps to the inside so when you sew them they stay unseen.

D. When you have the whole strap finished, you only have to sew it around the wing. This step takes a lot of time so take it easy

Note 1: Those may not be the best pictures to explain the flanges part, but the black wire is supposed to simulate the wire of the wing, although at this point it already has the fabric…Well, the point is that the strap is sewed taking both sides of the wing.

Note 2: When you get to the part where there’s the extra wire, just poke a hole into the fabric and put some transparent nail polish so it won’t fray.

8. Now it’s time to attach the wings between them. Try the wings on to see which distance suits your needs and shape the extra wire into two hooks. We added a little bit of silicone at the end of the wire so it wouldn’t’ be an inconvenience (or rip the fabric). Take a piece of fabric or some random strap and try it one once more to see which distance fits you best  on the upper part. Make two straps like the ones you made for the flange of the wings with the desired distance. These ones will have to be wider, specially the one you’ll use to cover the wire which joins the wings. If you do this part like this you’ll be able to fold your wings, which will make it easier to handle them and also to store them afterwards c:

9. Now the restraint system. There are people that just fasten the wings by the neck; we prefer to do so and also around the waist. Take a strap or some string and attach it with pins to the edges of the wing where you put the top strap (the one without wire inside), try it on your neck and fix the measurement. Afterwards measure your waist and make one more strip to make a belt, sew a piece of Velcro on each edge of the strap and it’s done. Sew both straps to the wings as you can see in the drawing below.  Once you’ve done this, take some string and tie it to both straps, this will help tighten the wings and it will also prevent you from being strangled.

Note 1: When you make the strap for the neck you have to take into account how wide is the neck of your shirt or hood, because the wider the opening, the longer you’ll have to make the strap so it won’t be seen.

Note 2: If you’ve got boobs, you will most likely look like some anime girl. We don’t have any explanation for the 90’s (?) anime’s wrinkles on the t-shirt, we didn’t think their existence was even possible.

10. And lastly, to put the strap around the waist we recommend opening two holes on the back of the t-shirt.


Ask us if you’ve got any questions, we’re not so good at making tutorials and English is not our first language u_____u

Spanish version here

Sole Party 2, Day 2:  The Party has started and your Sole has just arrived! What are they wearing? How was their arrival and did they bring anything to the party?

Casual or formal? The invitation didn’t specify but it was no excuse to not be himself. So Adam threw on his favorite flannel, best jeans and… a tie. 

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ficlet:  Front Enclosure

author: @somekindofseizure

rated: mature

Borne of today’s extremely fun discussion of brassieres and the regular requests I get for Stella/Scully.  Here’s a little more fun.


“Dammit,” Scully seethes as she looks down the freckled plane of her chest, angling the trajectory of her resentment not so much at her body as the thin, lavender, sloping piece of fabric strapped around it.

She tosses the bra into a pile of other rejects – mostly black, simple, lightly padded, boastful of their ability to expertly handle the apparently very specialized and complicated garment of a fucking t-shirt.  All bras should look good under a t-shirt, she thinks.  That’s what people wear.  She’s had it with this shop, this day, this whole fucking task of clothing a body nobody ever touches but her.  

The mound of scrapped items is daunting – the hook and eye systems tangled in the loops and scalloping of one another, cups flopped and twisted inside out at their junctures. It’ll take her an hour to get everything back on the hangers and she still hasn’t found a bra that fits properly, doesn’t itch or poke, doesn’t make her look like she’s hung someone else’s boobs on her frame.

“Do you need help in there?” comes a voice – female, smooth as the thick pink satin of Contestant Number 3.


Scully typically rejects all offers of loyalty and friendship from shop clerks, feeling proudly stoic each time she thanks-but-no-thanks-them.  But she feels out of her element here, desperate not to fail at the simple task of replacing her everyday undergarments.  “You know what?  Yeah, one second.”

She grabs her pearly-buttoned blue cardigan and slips it on over her bare winter skin, holding it shut beneath folded arms as she pushes the black velvet curtain to the side.  It’s heavier than she would have expected, as if a native well-rooted weed rather than a ham-fisted gimmick to get you to buy shit.  This luxury is the natural geography of my biome, you’re the fool who wandered into it.

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Metal Torture - Chapter 3

Author’s Note: Shit is about to get INTENSE! :D  Thank you for the feedback and love.  I enjoyed writing this story so much because the more intense, absurd, and dramatic, the better.  At least I think so.  So, have fun and let me know what you think. 

Warnings: It’s intense, let’s just put it that way.  If I say too much, it’ll give it away.


I couldn’t remember the last time my dreams weren’t filled with excruciating pain. I was lingering on the edge of consciousness, brought to with more pain. A glaring light burned my eyes and a hand slapped not so tenderly at my cheek.

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