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* Glasses by Prisma (Japan)

* Vase unmarked

* Fabric remnant unmarked; I’m probably going to turn it into a pillowcase

Memphis-Milano styling on all items.

Piercing Issues

Braun Strowman/Reader
Smut/Explicit, 3125 words


You’re backstage at Smackdown, holed up in your assigned corner, surrounded by fabric and costumes, busy at your sewing machine. You sigh to yourself, rubbing your eyes, because while there are plenty of creative aspects to your job, you also seem to spend an inordinate amount of time reinforcing the seams of tights.

“Hey,” says a gruff voice from behind you, and you turn, swivelling your chair around. There are some big guys here, and most of them have voices to match, but Braun’s is the biggest of all, every word he speaks amplified by the sheer bulk of him, echoing through that cavernous chest.

“Hey,” you say, smiling, because Braun’s also the guy who’s probably the least like his stage persona. He’s almost shockingly sweet, his offstage personality hard to reconcile with the monster he plays in the ring. “What can I do for you?”

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Jealous Speedster

Warning: cussing, SMUT, Unprotected SMUT (WRAP IT BEFORE YOU TAP IT)

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x reader, the team

Request:  can you wrote a Pietro (Avengers) x Reader smut where he gets really jealous.   ~anonny

A/n: I wrote this today, sorry it took me a while to do it but hey better late than never. Pietro Smut just in time for Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s birthday (He’s is literally like 4 months older than me). I hope you like it. First time writing smut for him, i’ve read it but first time writing it.

Tag list: @marvelismylife @alwayssmilepretty @the-winter-sokovian

Originally posted by weheartaaron

               “Wanda do you really think he’ll like this?” You looked at yourself in the mirror on the back of your closet door. The blue and silver dress that you wore clung to your curves and barely covered your ass.

               “Of course, возлюбленная (sweetheart). I know he will.” Wanda’s accent came from the bathroom. “If he hasn’t done anything by the end of tonight, well. I’ll have to hurt him and date you myself.” You could hear the amused tone in her voice. You were glad to have her as your best friend besides Natasha.

               “There’s no need for violence, Wan. Plus, I love you like a sister. There is no way I could be with you like that.” You loved her like the sister you never had and Nat, well she made herself your older sister/mother figure when you joined the team.

               “You almost ready? The party is starting soon.” Thinking of Nat, there she was yelling in at you two.

               “Almost Nat, just second guessing this dress.” Nat opened the door to your room, seeing you looking at yourself in the mirror while running your hands over your dress. “Does this really look good on me? I honestly think it clings to my body a little much.” You never really liked your body but Wanda assured you that Pietro loved you, every inch and every aspect of you.

               “Don’t worry little one. He’s going to love it just like he loves you. You should really see how he looks at you. It almost makes me sick with how cute it is.” Nat walked up behind you, setting her chin on your bare shoulder with a smile played across her red lips.

               “Really?” You turned and looked at her, your eyes were wide like a dear caught in headlights almost.

               “Really. Now put your heels on and let’s go.” She handed you your black peep-toe heels. You slipped them on and all three of you walked out of your room.

               The three of you made your way down to the party room, as Tony called it. Nat wearing a simple formfitting red dress that matched her hair and lipstick and Wanda wore a deep violet dress that you assumed matched Visions skin tone. The party was in full swing when you got there, which didn’t really bother you. You were really one for parties but Tony said everyone had to go, no ands ifs or buts about it. You and Nat walked over to the bar while Wanda went to sit with Vision, she was almost always found with him if not with you or her brother.

               At the bar, you and Nat ordered a drink. You decided to sit there at the bar while Nat decided to go torment Tony, which was always fun to watch more so when he was drunk. As you scanned the room, your eyes landed on the Sokovian who stole your heart the moment you met him. He had his hair combed back, it almost looked like his hair was all dark brown if you looked at him straight on, he wore a nice button up shirt that looked amazing on him, and a pair of dark slacks as well as his trainers, which Tony would more in likely yell at him for later. Tony was known to be a bit of a drama queen when it came to clothes.

               As time passed, a couple of guys decided it was a good idea to start talking to you. They bought you a few drinks and started to flirt with you, which you didn’t flirt back. You couldn’t, you didn’t find what they said to be ether cute nor funny. You would rather be flirted with by your Sokovian crush. But alas, he was being swarmed by a group of giddy blondes and all they wanted was to hear him talk or wanted to see if one of them could take him home with them. You could see him smiling at what one of the slutty looking blondes had said, you couldn’t help but feel a small pain in your chest. You hoped he would have seen you, at least look at you but you couldn’t always get what you want. You knew Wanda was always lurking in the back of your mind, so you sent her a message telling her to help you out with the two jock wannabes. She came along and practically stole you from them, pleasing you and causing them to groan displeased.

               She dragged you onto the dance floor in hopes to make you smile some. Which it did for some time. “You know, there is always one way to get his attention.”

               “Really Wanda? You really think making him jealous of someone would make him look at me?”

               “Yes and just so you know. He has seen you, he is completely awestruck by you just doesn’t know what to do.”

               “Are you sure. I mean, I’m not doubting your twin link but still. He has more courage than I do.” You were a bit shy but you couldn’t help it, you were like that with every guy you like before and now that it’s Pietro, well shyness didn’t begin to cover it.

               “Come on, let’s go find Barton and have him help.” ‘Fuck, she was really going to drag him in this.’ She dragged you to where the others were sitting. Wanda sat next to Clint and whispered something in his ear causing him to smile widely. That’s when you regretted telling Wanda that you haven’t been with a guy for almost ever and with the look on Clint’s face, well needless to say you were screwed and soon probably literally.

               “Come on (Y/n).” Clint stood up and held out his hand. You took his hand and you took the drink that was in his other hand, tossing back like it was water when it was straight hard liquor. After setting the glass down, you followed Clint back out on the dance floor. “So we need to make Speedy jealous? I can do that.” He placed his hands on your hips and pulled you close to him. Despite being a fatherly figure to you, this was kind of weird. Dancing this close to him, he maybe strong but Pietro was the one whose arms you wanted to be in.


*Pietro’s POV*


               ‘Why was she dancing with that old man?’ I thought. The way she looks tonight, god she was beautiful. None of these women were any match to her. Her (h/c) was stunning, her (e/c) brighter than ever, and her curves in that blue and silver dress. Ugh, she could stop a train. I know my sister had something to do with the dress. (Y/n) was adorably shy around me and I couldn’t place why. When she is with my sister, she is confident in herself but once I’m near it’s like she second guesses everything. Why?

               “Sorry ladies but I have to go.” I hear groans from all of them as I step away and make my way onto the dance floor.

               ‘She is beautiful, yes?’ I hear Wanda in my head.

               ‘Yes. Do you know why she is dancing with the old man?’

               ‘Of course I do, brother. You just have to find out on your own.’ What the hell, my own sister is up to something. ‘I know you want her, brother. I’ve seen your thoughts of her. She wants you too.’

               Just like that I feel her presence in my mind vanish. I continue my walk to where they were dancing. Clint had pulled her close to him, his hands dangerously close to her ass. Her ass in that dress looked amazing.

               “What are you doing with my printessa old man?” I tapped him on the shoulder, he smirked at me.


*Normal POV*


               “What are you doing with my printessa old man?” ‘Did he really call me that?’ You couldn’t help but smile. The next thing you knew you were in your room pressed against the back of your door. “You are mine, моя любовь (my love).” His voice sent shivers down your spine. His lips connected to your neck as his hands settled on your hips, holding you firmly against the door. Soft whimpers left your lips as his were on you, moving up and along your jaw until they found yours. Silencing you as he ground into you, making you feel just how hard he was. He pulled away, needing air. He looked down at you, his eyes were blown with lust. You could feel yourself getting wetter just by looking at the speedster in front of you.

               “Piet.” You barely got out before his lips were on yours again. You loved the way his lips fit perfectly with yours. You slid your hands into his neat hair, carding your fingers through the soft stands of dark brown and silver. He angled his head, deepening the kiss. You pushed your lower body into him causing him to groan into the kiss. His hands slid down to the back of your thighs. He whispered jump against your lips and you did as told. Wrapping your legs around his waist as he carried you easily to your bed. He gently laid you down, he looked down at you like you were pray. You needed him, now. You kicked your heels off and scooted up to the pillows on your bed. The fabric of your dress was bunched up high enough to show Pietro your electric blue panties. You looked up at him and you can clearly notice that he saw them because you hear an animalistic growl emanate from the back of his throat.

               “Now, printessa. Did you really think that making me jealous was a good idea?” His accent was thicker and it sent shivers down your spine again. He made quick work of his shirt, showing off his sculpted abs that you have been dying to touch. He crawled up the bed and hovered over you. He ran a hand up your back and pulled at the material of your dress, ripping it. With his other hand he continued to tear your dress, tossing the remnants of fabric over his shoulder and on to the floor. You were now laying there under him in just your panties. You loved the way his muscles moved under his skin.

               “Pietro, please.” You looked up at him, looking innocently into his eyes. You were set up by his sister to make him jealous. His eyes narrowed as he looked at you. His lips attached themselves to your neck, sucking on your sweet causing you to moan loudly. His hand slid down your body, coming to a stop at your cloth covered clit. He applied slight pressure to it with a single finger, drawing small circles on it. Pulling more moans from you. His lips started moving down, nibbling on your collar bone before taking one of your nipples into his mouth. His free hand came up and started to tweak the other, causing you to get louder. You buried your hands in his hair again as he continued his assault on your breasts, pulling him closer to you. He switched sides as his hand left the apex of your legs, causing you to whimper at the loss. You felt him smirk against you, he was enjoying this. He was enjoying the fact that he was causing you pleasure, need and want.

               He let your nipple go with a slight wet pop before he continued his descent down your body. Once he reached your hip, he ripped your panties off you causing you to gasp. “Those were my favorite pair.”

               “I’ll get you a new pair, printessa.” He ran a finger through your folds, the simple action caused you to throw your head back and moan softly. “So wet for me, моя любовь (my love).”

               Without warning, he slid two fingers inside you as he dove in with his tongue to your clit. You practically screamed in pleasure. Pietro started to finger fuck you fast and hard as he licked, sucked and nibbled your clit. In no time, you were on the brink of your orgasm. With the sounds you were making, he knew you were close. He sped up a little and sucked just hard enough, causing you to cum. He removed his fingers and slid his tongue inside you, working you through your orgasm. Your hands clinging to him like he was your only link to this world. He lapped up everything you had to offer him, he took everything and then some. As you came down from your high, he crawled up your body. His lips attached to yours causing you to moan at the taste of yourself there, he took the opportunity and slipped his tongue into your mouth. You were able to really taste yourself now, causing you to moan again.

               You didn’t know when he removed the rest of his clothes but at this point you didn’t care, you needed him inside you. “Pietro, please. I need you, inside me. Now!” He slide the head of his cock inside of you and slowly started to push forward. He took his time working himself into you, not wanting to hurt you. He was bigger than any guy you had been with. You both moaned as he worked himself inside you. He stopped moving when he was completely seated inside you. He gave you a few moments to adjust to his size before he really started to move. You nodded your head as he looked into your eyes as if asking if you were ready.

               He pulled back and slammed into you. He kept this up for a few moments before picking up pace. This was something that you never thought you would ever feel and here you were, getting fucked into your mattress by the man you have come to love. His pace didn’t falter, not even once. You’ve hit your high again as he continued to fuck you. Your hands slid over his shoulders and your nails started to dig into his skin which caused him to fuck you harder. You were screaming at this point, not caring if the people at the party heard you.

               Pietro lifted one of your legs which caused him to slide deeper into you. Pietro was tapping into his speed to fuck you and you loved every second of it. He slid a hand in between your bodies and landing on your clit. He moved so fast, his finger started to vibrate causing you to clamp down on his cock. Your orgasm shot through you like a bullet from a gun. Your back arched off the bed and you silently screamed as you came completely undone under the silver haired speedster. With a few thrusts later, he spilt himself inside you before collapsing on top of you. He laid there for a few moments to catch his breath and come down from his own high.

               “That was,”

               “Wow.” He looked at you. His eyes full of love and adoration. “Printessa, I don’t want this to be a one-time thing.”

               “Neither do I, Piet.” You rolled onto your side facing Pietro, placing a hand on his cheek.

               “Would you mind being my girlfriend?” He looked down at you as you laid in his arms.

               “Of course, my love.” You leaned up and placed your lips to his. Only leaving them there for a moment. You laid your head on his chest and he started to run his fingers through your hair. Moments later the two of you were asleep.

               The next morning you woke up before Pietro. Neither one of you had nightmares which was great for a change. You managed to get out of bed without waking your now speedster boyfriend. You grabbed his button up shirt from last night and pulled it on, buttoning it up. It fell to your mid-thigh and you had to roll up the sleeves some. You dug through your drawer to find a new pair of panties since the ones you were wearing were ripped off you by the man who was still asleep in your bed.            

               You made the walk down to the kitchen where the rest of the team sat, all ether eating or drinking coffee. You didn’t pay attention to the stares as you made yourself a cup of coffee with a huge smile on your face.

               “How was your night last night (Y/n)?” Tony looked like shit, probably nursing a hangover but he smirked anyway.

               “Wouldn’t you like to know, Tin Man?” You didn’t let your smile falter. You heard a soft smack, figuring Nat smacked him. “How was yours, Nat?”

               “It was great. Messing with Tony was fun.” She smiled over the rim of her coffee cup. Wanda had a smile on her face as well, knowing full well what happened last night. You knew you had to thank her.

               ‘You’re welcome.’ You looked at her and couldn’t help but smile more.

               “(Y/n) how are you even able to walk this morning? From what we heard last night, he must have been using his speed.” Bruce looked at you pretty confused. The rest of the team did except Nat, Wanda and Clint, as well as Pietro.

               “Did you guys really forget that I have enhanced healing?” You let a mock hurt expression fall on your face. “That hurts knowing that my own team can’t remember my own healing ability.”

               “Speaking of the speedster, where is he?” Seconds later he was at your side.

               “I’m wear I need to be old man.” He looked at Clint as if he was going to punch him.

               “Brother, don’t look at Clint like that. What he did last night was because of me.” Pietro looked at his sister, shocked that his own sister would do such a thing.

               “Really Wanda, you had this old man that close to my printessa?”

               “Yes, she was scared that you didn’t like her the way she loves you.” Wanda smiled at herself and so did Nat. They both had a part to play in it but they knew to keep that to themselves.

               “Thank you for last night Wan.” You leaned your head against Pietro’s shoulder as he stood there eating some candy. Where he got it, you didn’t want to ask.

               All you cared about was you now had the man you loved.

The Golden Spirit in the Dark Forest

A spirit has lain sleeping, unmoving, in the woods for longer than anyone can remember. For the girl who’s by his side as he wakes, nothing will ever be the same, as she learns he is both far more kind and far more terrible than anyone in her village imagined.

(Based on @kanafinwhy‘s idea that every ghost story and cryptid in Kouka can be traced back to Zeno. This is a story about Zeno during the long time he spent alone, seen through the eyes of an ordinary young girl. Thanks to @luckyfilbert for beta reading!)

Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona
Wordcount: 5,570
Characters: Zeno, original characters
Pairings: none
Warnings: body horror, graphic depiction of violence (all related to Zeno)
Rating: PG-13 (see above)
AO3 link

The morning sun, filtered through the dense evergreen forest canopy, still hasn’t driven away the dewdrops resting on the undergrowth as Sani races along the narrow trail. As she brushes past ferns and horsetails, tiny sprays of water droplets fan out behind her, sparkling in the mottled sunlight. By the time she reaches the crest of the hill, the bottom of her skirt is damp, too, but she hardly cares. She’ll be out long enough for the summer sun to dry it off, and her parents will be none the wiser. She’s not supposed to come this far into the woods alone, but the best blackberries grow in the valley beyond the guardian’s tree.

Sani shivers, and it has nothing to do with the cool morning breeze. She’s almost at the guardian’s tree now, and she’ll have to walk right past it to get to the blackberry bushes. It’s not dangerous. It shouldn’t be frightening. The tree itself is an ancient nutmeg-yew, uncommon but not exactly rare. An ordinary tree. Just like the spirit who lies beneath it appears to be an ordinary boy. But the roots that twist around him, over him, under him—Sani doesn’t like to think about that. Doesn’t like to think about how every year’s winter buries him in snow and ice, only for spring to leave him looking as peaceful as ever before, the soft rise and fall of his chest visible to anyone who pauses long enough to look. The guardian spirit has lain trapped beneath his tree for longer than anyone in the village can remember. Some stories say that he’s an evil spirit, bound there. Other stories say he’s a god. Sani’s father always said that the truth probably lay somewhere in the middle, and he warned Sani never to get too close—and to always leave an offering, just in case.

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I made a dress for my weird 3-faced girl! It was inspired by the dress that the first one of these dolls (that I didn’t get) was wearing in the ebay listing:

The day after I made it, I ended up going to the thrift store nearest to me and getting a couple small bags of fabric remnants that were pretty close in color and pattern to the ebay dress, so I’ll probably make a few more with this basic pattern in the near future. :3

anonymous asked:

Do you know a good website to buy (cheap) fabric bundles?

That really depends on what kind of fabric you’re shopping for. A lot of fabric retailers specialize – SpandexWorld, for example, deals primarily in stretch fabrics, while LaceHeaven deals in (you guessed it) lace. You can certainly shop on catch-all sites like Mood Fabrics or Fabric.com, but if your main concern is price, you’re probably better off just Googling the type of fabric you’re looking for and seeing which sites have the best pricing on that particular product. Look for wholesale sites and sites clearing out commercial fabric remnants (again, availability will vary depending on type of fabric).

If you’re looking for something kind of rare, don’t forget to check eBay. Lots of fabric remnants go up for sale there. Also, if the seller will ship internationally, you can often shop on eBay’s international sites (tons of suitings and silks are offered on the Italian site!).

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry this page has been dead for so long. Due to various physical and mental health things, lack of money, and uni stress I haven’t really done any cosplay stuff in the last 6 months. I got really really stressed over making things before last october mcm expo and haven’t really made anything since.
However i’ve been thinking about my priorities, and cosplay is something that makes me really happy, and i’ve met a lot of friends through, so i’ve finally started making things again with the premise that i keep a few things in mind:

1. I’m making less costumes for specific cons and not worrying if i’d planned to do something for a con and i don’t get it done in time,
2. I want to use less stuff that’s bad for the environment, so more second hand/ remnant fabrics, and i’m re-thinking the way i make props,
3. I want to do more stuff outside of cons as that’s when i had the most fun last year,
4. I want to reuse more of my costumes, and make costumes to a better standard so that they actually can be reused.

I’ve got tickets for mcm expo in london in may, as well as narcon in sweden at the end of july so i’ll definitely be attending both of those but my cosplay lineup is still tbc.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Let’s Play {M.C}

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1,877
Rating: R
Summary: teacher!michael is annoyed that you keep flirting with another boy in your class, so…

You get to class 5 minutes early, leaving you a little bit time to talk to the people in your class. You slide over to your usual group of friends, gathered in a small circle near the door. You slide atop the only free desk, where your summer fling Noah sat. You let the hem of your school skirt brush his shoulder as you pass, right before you sit, letting the skirt fan out on the small table. “Hey,” Noah greets, noticing your small movement. You smile at him in response and fiddle with the ribbon of your blouse. You join the chatter of the group until your professor walks in, looking unshaven and tired but still seeming chipper. Immediately, Noah releases the fabric of your skirt which you hadn’t realized he had been playing with. You slink your way back to your seat and prepare to take notes. Halfway into the lecture, you begin a practice exercise, then a note makes its way onto your desk. You unfold it, and see something scrawled in Noah’s messy writing: If we fuck at the very end of the pier later, I promise nobody’s gonna hear. It’s a Tuesday, it said. You try to conceal a small smile as Noah nervously looked at you. You pick up your pen and start writing. So what if they do? You begin to fold up the paper when a swift ivory hand snatches it from behind you.

“I’ll take that,” Mr. Clifford said sternly, so out of character. He walks back to his desk, and his jaw locks at the sight of it. His face was drained of his usual gleeful manner, and went about the rest of the lesson in a monotonous way. Whenever he had met your gaze, his lips drew in a straight line and his brow furrowed in a mix of frustration and annoyance. When the dismissal bell rang, he reminded the students to turn in their assignments by Wednesday. As he waved the class off, you nearly made it past the door, when he called you over. “Close it, Y/N,” he said. “We’re gonna talk.”

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The Mother's Day Card - XF Writing Challenge

Written for the prompt for “Reading”.


PS- the card mentioned in this piece exists and was the sole inspiration for this Drabble. It’s been awhile since I’ve written and I felt a little rusty.


Somewhere in New Mexico
May 8th, 2001

He looked back at the display before placing a six-pack on the counter, waiting to be purchased. He fingered the thickened paper, pink and purple envelopes adorning the backs. “Happy Mother’s Day!” they read in inventive cursive and loopy scrolls. His lips curled into a small smile when he saw one card, and he lifted it from the rack.

Opening it, he felt his chest tighten, and eyes burned as he read the words inside, missing her so much in that moment he could hardly bear it. He sighed deeply, willing his lungs to remember how to breathe.

“You too, huh?” came a deep voice behind him. Mulder whipped around, his baseball cap low enough on his forehead to hide his eyes. The growth on his face disguised his remaining features, but his stomach bottomed out nonetheless.

“Excuse me?” he asked in clarification, his voice shaky, though from fear or emotion he wasn’t sure.

The younger man gestured to the card display. “Mother’s Day cards…”

Mulder nodded once, looking back at the card in his hand. “Uh…right,” he sighed in relief.

The younger man stepped forward, smiling uncomfortably. “It’s my wife’s first Mother’s Day. Our daughter was born in July… There are so many of these to choose from aren’t there?” he laughed.

Mulder huffed, shuffling his feet as he moved forward in the line. “Yeah, I guess… I wouldn’t really know, to be honest. I’ve never really done this before,” he chuckled.

“Your first too, then? the other man smiled.

Mulder tilted his head in confirmation. “Yeah, my uh…,” he trailed off, feeling his throat tighten. He swallowed thickly, clearing the lump. “My son is almost a year old,” he said looking down at the blue and cream card in his hand, stepping forward again in the line.

“Is he walking yet?”

Mulder just stared at the younger man.

“Your son. Is he walking? They say that boys walk sooner than girls. My daughter is still crawling but we think she’ll be walking by her first birthday.”

Mulder didn’t know how to answer the other father, because he honestly didn’t know the answer. He had missed all of it. Every major moment, every milestone. Had he said his first words yet, or taken his first steps? He didn’t know. His gut burned with remorse, thick and hot as it brewed inside of him.

If the other man noticed Mulder’s emotional state he didn’t let on. “I thought I couldn’t love my wife anymore than the day I married her. But lemme tell ya, watching her with our daughter has made me appreciate her on a whole new level. Don’t you think?”

Mulder closed his eyes, wincing as the words washed over him. His love for Scully had blossomed in ways he never imagined, or thought possible. He missed the sound of her voice, and he found himself reaching for the phone more times than he could count. He missed the softness of her skin, how it felt when he trailed his fingers down her back, marveling at the curves and valleys of her lithe body.

But nothing prepared him for how much he missed his son, how much he missed his family.


“Uh…, yeah. I love her more every day…,” he said softly. He meant it.

The other man chose his card, and tapped it against the counter. “Well, I have to get some more stuff. Milk, eggs, and all that… Take care, man,” he said before turning and walking away with his choice.

“Yeah…bye,” Mulder said to his back.
He watched the man walk away, lost in his own thoughts. Glancing at the top of the card display, he noted the date. “Mother’s Day is May 13th,” it read. Doing the mental calculations in his head, he stepped up to the cashier, and handed her his items.

If he mailed it immediately, she might get it just in time.

May 12th, 2001

Her weekends were lonely, abysmal in their solitude. The silence was deafening, but if she strained hard enough, she could still hear the infectious laughter of the son she gave away only weeks before. Sometimes, as she sat on her couch clutching the monogrammed pillow from his crib, she would press her nose to the fabric, inhaling the powdery remnants of him, his scent slowly dwindling like a memory.

She walked into her apartment, immediately turning on her television to drown out the buzzing silence that filled her ears. She threw the mail on her table, sifting through the junk and the bills, sorting them into neat piles. Always neat piles. That she could control.

A soft teal envelope caught her attention, and she lifted it, letting the rest of the mail fall from her fingers. Her brows scrunched as she looked at it, noting an absent return address but a post-mark from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She pulled the card from its wrapping, and she gasped, her other hand covering her mouth as tears immediately filled her eyes.

Her heart ripped in half as she read the words, her hands shaking so severely she could barely see.

On the cover it read, “To the woman I love: yesterday, today and always…,”

She bit her lip, stifling the sob threatening to emerge from her throat. God, she missed him. She wished he was there to hold her, his strong arms wrapping around her tiny frame, the warmth of him soothing her weary soul. He would make everything better. He always did.

She pulled a chair out and sat down, opening the card.


“We have a past… You were my love before I even realized it. I had been searching for a long time, and then my heart recognized you.

“We have a present… You understand my language, whether it’s a sigh, or a nudge, or a sly wink. You inspire me to be real, to face things and give everything my best shot. You accept me as I am, and sometimes I’m not entirely lovable, but you love me anyway.

"We have a future… No matter what my fears, no matter what my challenges, you’ll be there for me, and I’ll be there for you. We’re part of each other, and you and I will always have the best kind of love.

Happy Mother’s Day”

~ Dana, on this day, and every day, know of my love for you, and for William.


Scully couldn’t fight the sob that erupted from her throat, hiccuping as hot tears streamed down her face. She brought the card to her lips, kissing the creamy vellum. “I’m so sorry, Mulder. I’m so sorry,” she sobbed.

How would he ever forgive her? How would she ever forgive herself? What kind of mother was she? She sobbed louder, her head resting in the palm of her hand.

What kind of mother was she, she kept repeating. She looked around her empty apartment, and then back to the card in her hand realizing that she wasn’t a mother at all… Not anymore… The man she loved, the man she so desperately wished to see would never forgive her. She gave away his son. His flesh and blood. He would never forgive her.

What kind of mother was she? Her heart ached in her chest, breaking into a million little pieces, as the crushing reality of her loss hit her. They would never be a family. There would never be Mother’s Days and Father’s Days, family dinners and Christmas mornings. She was the one to tell Mulder to leave. And she was the one who gave her miracle child, conceived in the arms of the man she loved, to strangers.

It was her fault. What kind of mother was she?

“I’m so sorry, Mulder,” she sobbed into the the air.

Happy Mother’s Day, indeed.

Pillow Talk

You see, the story is quite strange of how it came to be that someone such as myself would fall madly in love with a pillow.

It was, indeed, a bizarre turn of events as I have never loved an objection so deeply.

Yet, when I slipped your shirt around the plush cotton–lay my head down and breathed you in–I knew I was forever lost.

I cling to it for security and nestle my face against the fabric, desperately savoring the remnants of your scent.

Would that it be you I held instead.

✂️  20 no-sew philanthropy round activity ideas! ✂️

Q: I’m a philanthropy day chair for formal recruitment this fall and we’re trying to come up with a new, cute, easy, budget-friendly philanthropy activity (for example last year we did tie blankets) to do during formal recruitment. I was wondering if you knew of any good and unique options?

A: The first thing to consider is a tie-in with your philanthropy. For example, if you work with terminally ill children, then you might craft small teddy bears. But If you assist senior citizens, your craft would be totally different. Rather than planning just a random activity, it would be ideal to have a connection with your main philanthropy in some way. If there’s no direct link to your charity, then a simple and sweet project is wonderful too. Some education about your chapter’s philanthropy activities should accompany the projects during each philanthropy round.

Also, don’t make your recruitment crafts too sticky, gooey, or messy. Avoid staining paints, lacquers and the need for sharp cutting tools or sewing needles. Keep it simple and approachable even for the non-crafting types. Research exact crafting instructions online before you launch your project. Pinterest is a superior source for DIY instruction links. You can find complete instructions for the ideas listed below via Pinterest or Google searches. Lots of these ideas would be fun for sisterhood socials and retreats too. xoxo ;) 

 20 Crafty No-Sew Philanthropy Round Project Ideas: 

  1. Felt build-a-bear project. Make small teddy cut-outs from felt, offer a station for making felt vests/clothes and another station for crafting little necklaces for the bears. A mini Build-A-Bear workshop would be super cute for children related philanthropies. 
  2. Toiletry totes. Women’s shelters, hospitals and resident homes need tote bags filled with sample size necessities. Buy plain totes in bulk, offer craft supplies and decorate the bags during rounds. Also have a drive, or purchase, small size toiletries to put in the totes. Mini shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, soap, lotion, bandaids, kleenex, etc are the types of things you need to collect.
  3. Patient scrapbooks. There are special things you can craft for illness related charities and sick patients. it helps children in the hospital to chronicle their experience. Buy small scrapbooks in bulk. Offer them with craft embellishments during recruitment rounds. Have the PNMs decorate the front of the scrapbooks and later donate them with a packet of scrapbooking supplies for the interior of each book. 
  4. Affirmation bracelets. Purchase beads and supplies in bulk and have tables set up for fun bracelet making. Along with brightly colored beads, include letter beads for spelling out positive a word on each piece. The jewelry would be a wonderful donation to a teen related charity or family shelter.
  5. Pretty plastic cups. Paint pens, jewels and flowers can be used to embellish plastic tumblers for a children’s shelter. They make a nice duo with the shelter tote bags too. Beware of small sized decor and choking hazards. Stick to larger gems and blooms. 
  6. Keepsake boxes. Small wood memory boxes are welcomed by hospital patients and the elderly. Paint the outside with just one or two colors and a simple accent. The insides can be filled with stickers, or other small treats appropriate for the recipients.  
  7. Sick patient calendars. For recovering patients, it’s really nice to have a calendar of events to look forward to. Find calendars in a style that allows embellishment on the front or around the frame. Decorate with flowers, stickers, paint pens, etc…
  8. Dreamcatchers. Supply the hoops, yarn, string and decorations for crafting dreamcatchers. Perfect for the needy or ailing of all ages. 
  9. Assemble sandwiches. No gluing or painting involved! Buy bulk ingredients at a wholesale store such as Costco and ask PNMs to assemble peanut butter and jelly (or turkey) sandwiches while you talk. Later donate them to the nearest homeless shelter. 
  10. Stuff backpacks. Set up a “buffet line” table of school supplies and inexpensive backpacks and have the PNMs stuff the bags for needy school children. This system works for stuffing other packages or bags too. 
  11. Windsocks. Supply construction paper, streamers, glue sticks, markers and string for hanging. The PNMs can assemble the windsocks and decorate them for children’s hospital rooms or shelters. 
  12. Fleece caps. Instead of fleece blankets, make no-sew fleece hats for children. Find simple instructions online and spend your philanthropy rounds making beanie style caps. No fuss and so cute. 
  13. Fabric covered bookmarks. Buy inexpensive fabric remnants, poster board and ribbon. Cut the board into bookmark size strips. Using a hole punch, punch a hole at the top of each strip. PNMs can then decorate the bookmarks by gluing on fabric and attaching a pretty ribbon. Rickrack, fringe and other trims add more decoration. The same process can be used to make decorated door hangers. 
  14. Motivational drink packages. Provide water bottles, powdered drink mixes, rubber bands, colorful ribbons and hole punched tags for notes. Remove the labels from the water bottles. Ask PNMs to attach two powdered drink packages to each bottle with a rubber band, decorate the top with several ribbons and attach a note of encouragement. The perfect gift for relay race participants or volunteers working on a strenuous project. 
  15. Fleece pet beds. Another alternative to tying fleece blankets is to tie fleece “pet pillows.” Make them the size to fit cats or dogs, insert a layer of fiberfill and hand tie using the same method as a blanket. Donate them to a local animal shelter or humane society. 
  16. Ribbon & bead keychains. These are easy to make with ribbon, beads and a keyring. No gluing or sewing involved. They can be given as favors to the runners in your next 5K, or used as a fundraising item to sell. 
  17. Random Act of Kindness bags. Provide ziplock bags, an assortment of candy, large paper labels and Sharpies. Each girl fills the bag with candy, then decorates her label with inspirational words and designs relating to your mission. When the label is decorated, she should stick it on the bag. Distribute the bags to your charity or a local shelter. A list of inspirational sayings can also be provided for the girls to use.
  18. Knee sock heating pads. A great idea for patients. Use kid’s knee socks, white rice bought in bulk and string. The end result is colorful heating pads that can be warmed in the microwave. 
  19. Bandana bangles. Make no-sew banana bracelets for a family and teen charity. You can purchase cheap bandanas and plastic bangles in bulk from an online store such as Oriental Trading. PNMs can have fun cutting the bandanas and wrapping them onto the bracelets. 
  20. Scented sachets. Fabric squares filled with lavender and tied with ribbon make delightful gifts for senior citizens or families in shelters.

colourlesskai-deactivated201604  asked:

Hello! I just wanted to say that I love your Joseph Oda cosplay and was wondering if you made the gun holster or purchased it. You did a great job! :D

Oh my gosh thank you so much! ♥ That means a lot to me!

The holster was made out of vinyl !

I was really happy with how it turned out!  I did a lot of google researching beforehand to see if anything like that was even available to buy, but both Joseph and Seb’s holsters are actually pretty odd and unique designs. (lol enyen​ knows this too ;) ).

I don’t really believe in full-on cosplay tutorials because I personally feel that creating the cosplay is half the fun (and quite the adventure) but here’s a few tips and tricks for holster/harness making.

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the signs as ads from the 2015 vogue september issue
  • aries: balmain. you are a dungeon space lesbian in black glitter pinstripe longsleeve dresses
  • taurus: ralph lauren. join a herd of moose
  • gemini: prada. you are a fresh-faced woman child with an "eccentric" top-knot. wear jewel encrusted neon tweed, high collar, and fugly-ass croc loafers
  • cancer: dolce & gabbana. force everyone to wear red roses to the family reunion
  • leo: versace. stand somewhere industrial wearing a minidress covered in giant sequin letters spelling your name. it's hideous but it's flashy
  • virgo: land's end. why are you here. you weren't built for this
  • libra: etro. no one knows where the rug ends and you begin
  • scorpio: valentino. you and the whole coven wear neck-to-ankle black leather
  • sagittarius: chanel. punk tweed
  • capricorn: georgio armani. rip the green felt off a pool table and wrap it around your torso. stare into the GREYNESS
  • aquarius: fendi. you are kendall jenner cosplaying a sheep
  • pisces: burberry. the paparazzi catches you even though you are cleverly disguised as a fabric store remnant bin
Earning A Living Plush Making Full Time - A "Short" Overview.

Okay, so I got an ask about plush making as a full time job. But Tumblr messed up midway through me answering it. Plush making as a full time job is A) Time consuming B) Expensive, and C) 100% harder than it sounds.

I’m going to be using my love ness monster as an example. I’ve talked a bit about the cost of plush making before, but the cost of turning it into a business is even higher. Please pardon any math errors. I’m doing a lot of rounding and generalizing, but I hope the general idea still gets across.

Let’s assume you’re starting with nothing in terms of equipment and you want to build a plush making business. You’re going to start by making a love ness monster. 

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🎨 30 sorority crafting “cheap tricks” 🎨

Sisters always need big/little crafts, but they’re especially important for reveal, initiation and graduation. Ir you’re on a college girl budget, it can get expensive. Here are some tips & hints for saving money and achieving less expensive sorority DIYs.

Greek Girl Crafting “CHEAP TRICKS” ☆

  • Keep it simple and paint a canvas in one color and attache one single letter also painted in a solid color. Using two colors is less expensive than ten.
  • Shop the fabric remnants and sewing leftovers section.
  • Use Lilly agendas and other “recycled” prime paper for decoupage.
  • The very best scrapbooking paper is still super cheap and can create a rich look for many different crafts. 
  • Use your computer for printing labels and inserts for a more professional look than your own handwriting..
  • Trace images and words whenever possible. Find pictures, clip-art and lots of cool fonts online for free. 
  • Use free online DIY guides for creative crafting instructions.
  • Chalkboard paint can be used in many, many cute ways. On plaques, trays, memo boards, glassware, mugs, coasters, candle holders, flower pots & more.
  • Learn how to hot glue properly. Hot glue is your best friend.
  • Big/little photos can turn any basic item into a sentimental gift.
  • Sorority symbols, colors, flowers and mascots turn any plain item into a special keepsake.
  • Large quantities of cheap items make a big impact. For example, a room filled with inexpensive balloons. Streamers, confetti, bulk candy, posters, letters and decals can be used generously for maximum impact.
  • Use the right tools. Your crafts will look sharper if the paint is applied smoothly, the edges are sharp and everything is properly polished.
  • Take time to prep, prime and dry between coats. Don’t hurry or take shortcuts with your crafting. An elegant DIY project cannot be rushed.
  • Metallic paints make simple shapes shine.
  • Fresh flowers make an inexpensive container blossom.
  • An adorable ribbon accent takes every craft to the next level. Shop online for cheap, but cute, bulk ribbon to use for years. 
  • Use a string of craft store pearls to outline plaques, boxes, paddles and boards as the perfect crowning touch.
  • Think big! An extra large letter simply painted makes more impact than a small box.
  • Copy what you see on Pinterest and Etsy and give it your own twist.
  • Don’t waste money on ‘never seen before’ designs. Mistakes and re-dos are costly. Plan designs that you can realistically achieve. 
  • A big jar of silver or gold glitter is cheap and can transform glassware, plastic and other surfaces into glamorous swag. 
  • Measure twice ~ cut, glue, or paint once. Careful pre-planning saves cash and your sanity.
  • Learn how to gold leaf. It’s cheap, easy and addictive. 
  • A big basket of cookies or candy makes a big impression without costing a fortune. 
  • Take a dollar store plush toy and embellish it with your sorority colors and designs. 
  • Learn how to hand sew neatly, or how to use a sewing machine. Lots of new projects will open up to you. Like making a cute sorority pillow cover.
  • Decorate a cheap paper lampshade in sorority style.
  • Make your own soap and give it as a big/little gift. 
  • Up-cycle, re-purpose, re-imagine!

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