fabric pr

Sorry for turning off asks but I'm not interesting in hearing people's meltdowns or distrust in Tom

so here is my opinion on the matter: Tom has done a stupid and foolish thing, no excuses but it could be worse. The Sun article screams blackmail and I really hate them for that. Tabloids fabricate things and PR cover things up so we will never know the whole truth of what happened and the extent of it, but this does show that their relationship is not perfect, which just makes it appear more real than just a fairytale imo (I know some of you feel betrayed but you’re a sucker if you ever think what people choose to show you is the whole story it’s not). Tom emotionally cheated on Lance no matter what spin they put on it. But hey Lance was 22 once, he has done foolish things himself so I think if they have been truly honest with each other then I believe Lance has forgiven him and is supporting him because this is not an easy thing to have to face up to publicly and like Chris, Tom’s privacy has been invaded. I do hope as they say their relationship is stronger than ever, i mean given the distance, media scrutiny and age gap they must have something special to have been together this long and I don’t believe it was all a farce, their friends and family are the best judge of that. I know many a relationship which has survived bigger indiscretions than this. If they are to marry this year I hope it is for the right reasons and that they don’t rush into anything just to prove something but I do believe they are still very much head over heals. I honestly wish them the best in the future and will continue to follow and support them both and I hope you all can too ❤

For now they seem to just be carrying on as normal so good for them!