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🌷 Matty and his almost obsessive vintage floral aesthetic 🌷

I’m actually really proud of the background of these photos. I took pictures of vintage floral patterned fabric and overlayed it over the background and made it super transparent and it looks pretty good considering I can’t photoshop.

Talk To Me, Chapter 11

We’re nearing the end! Thank you all for your endless support! :)

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Talk to me, why won’t you talk to me
Can’t you see I’m burning up
When you look like that
And I’m looking right back

-Carly Rae Jepson, “Talk To Me”

Adrien looked up from the sketchbook in his hands at Marinette, who sat beside him. She looked incredibly nervous, her hands wringing in her lap and eyes glancing everywhere but him, shoulders bunched up around her ears. He didn’t blame her for being nervous; if he was in her position, he would be the same. After all, it wasn’t every day one showed their designs to the son of the number one fashion icon in Europe.

But she had nothing to be worried about. For a girl of sixteen (he’d finally gotten a lock down on her age, the same as his), her designs rivaled some of the ones he had seen in his father’s company. Adrien didn’t know much about clothes, since it was his job to wear them not make them, but even he could tell the intricacies that went into the sketches, the number of hours she spent huddled over the book until her fingers ached.

“These are incredible!” he praised her, and turned the page to see the next drawing, a black, floor-length cocktail dress with a collar pressed tightly to the wearer’s neck, long black gloves reaching mid-bicep, with small strips of thread ribboning up the rest of the arm and shoulder until it connected to the rest of the dress. It was simple, but from the notes on the side indicating different kinds of stitches and fabrics and overlays and other design terms he didn’t recognize, it appeared to be incredibly complicated. “Like, really incredible.”

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