fabric or time and space

The Signs and y̭͓̼̝̦̼̣͠o̢͉͙̦͘u̸҉̬͙͈̮̟?̸̼̗̦̤̳̱́

Aries: You are a burning calculus textbook, an offering to the gods made in a fit of rage.

Taurus: You are the stumble turned into a backflip, still embarrassing but more dramatically so.

Gemini: You are the literal garbage sold for 2.5 million at an art auction, laughing all the way to the bank.

Cancer: You are the naked guy holding a cavalry spear in front of the department store. You draw a crowd, perhaps not for the reasons you’d like.

Leo: You are the scraping noise from inside the walls. Extremely eager to make friends, perhaps too eager. 

Virgo: You are the sudden break in the fabric of space-time. A fun way to forget four months. 

Libra: You are the foreclosed cafe. Despite your faults, still an excellent place to hang out.

Scorpio: You are the super-soaker filled with holy water. A pure thing with questionable intentions.

Ophiuchus: You are the angel of death caught in a cobweb. Fragile in the right circumstances.

Sagittarius: You are the chess set made of meat. Nutritious, beautiful, useful, but an acquired taste.

Capricorn: You are the impromptu tennis match with your nemesis in the middle of the supermarket. Your commitment only makes you more dangerous.

Aquarius: You are the underground spring that produced orange soda. Undeniably odd, but tasty.

Pisces: You are the palm reader with no hands. Daring people to ask.

Class Items
  • Titan: My mark? I earned it by helping and protecting the people of our great city during a Fallen attack. Many of my comrades fell that day so I made this mark to remember them by.
  • Warlock: This bond? After hours of research and studying the Vex, I was able to find and explore a Vex outpost hidden in the very fabrics of space time. I fastened this bond from a relic I found there.
  • Hunter: Oh my cloak? Yeah this is just the one I wear on Tuesdays from 2 to 3 if I'm in the tower. Obviously if I was in the reef I'd wear my Tuesday-2-to-3-Reef cloak.

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Hey! Just wondering, how did a solar eclipse prove the theory of relativity?

According to the theory of relativity space is not static. The movements of objects can change the structure of space.

In Einstein’s view, space is combined with another dimension - time - which creates universewide “fabric” called space-time. Object travel through this fabric, which can be warped, bent and twisted by the masses and motions of objects within space-time.

One prediction of general relativity was that light should not travel in a perfectly straight line. When traveling through space-time and approaching the gravitational field of a mass object, the light must bend-but not too much.

Then the English astronomer Sir Frank Watson Dyson proposed that the total solar eclipse of 1919 could prove, because the Sun would cross the bright Hyades star cluster. Star light would have to cross the gravitational field of the sun on the way to Earth, but would be visible due to the darkness of the eclipse. This would allow precise measurements of the positions displaced by the gravity of the stars in the sky.

Because of this, teams of researchers strategically positioned themselves in two locations that would initially provide the best conditions for observing the eclipse. One group stayed in Ilha do Príncipe, in São Tomé and Príncipe, and other researchers settled in Sobral, Ceará (Brazil).

Eddington, who led the experiment, first measured the “true” positions of the stars during January and February of 1919. In May, he went to remote Prince Island (in the Gulf of Guinea, on the west coast of Africa) to measure Positions of the stars during the eclipse, seen through the gravitational lens of the sun.

The total eclipse lasted about 6 minutes and 51 seconds, during those few minutes the astronomers captured several photos of the total eclipse. When Eddington returned to England, his data from Príncipe confirmed Einstein’s predictions. Eddington announced his discoveries on November 6, 1919.

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What we don’t know about black holes:

Of all the places in the entire universe, there is probably nowhere more mysterious than the inner workings of a black hole. This is because the two most accurate theories humans have ever created disagree about what happens in the center of one.

When a large star runs out of fuel, it no longer has the energy to resist its own gravity and starts pulling in on itself. If nothing stops the collapse before a certain point, the gravity will become so strong that not even light can escape. At this point, the star becomes a black hole; a massive celestial body that has the ability to tear apart stars.

For the most part, we have a good idea for what happens in the space around a black hole. Einstein’s theory of General Relativity tells us that black holes, as well as other massive objects, bend the fabric of space and time, leading to strange events such as time dilation. But the main point of controversy isn’t what happens around a black hole, but what happens in the very middle; the singularity.

General Relativity states that if a piece of matter falls into a black hole, it gets crushed into a single point in the center. Here, any information about what fell in is completely obliterated. However, quantum mechanics tells a different story. It is a well known rule in quantum physics that quantum information can’t be destroyed, and there must be some ambiguity to a particle’s position. Clearly, something is off here.

There are a lot of different theories that attempt to solve this riddle, often involving extra dimensions or new particles beyond the Standard Model, but none of them seem to be currently testable. But it’s possible that someday, someone will give us a new, testable theory, and it will give us insight into the inner working of black holes, and maybe even the first few moments of the Big Bang.

Ted the Animator: “Wait… how come for a couple frames in the middle, the background goes backwards?

Carl the Animator: “The fabric of the time-space continuum fractured, causing their timestream to temporarily run in reverse.”

Ted the Animator: “…or, you just forgot what direction they were going.”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah, that too.”

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Hi, I was wondering if you could do shinee as superheroes? Thank you, your blog is always a great place to visit and laugh :)

this is shinee5 and they’re right by your side!!!!!!!!!!! 


  • healing powers
  • thought it was super lame at first but like he accidentally fell off a building and just got up and he was like “you right universe”
  • thank god that this is his power bc someone does not want lee jinki to go just yet  
  • so he’s basically invulnerable but man does he still look stupid when he trips on air 
  • onew: pls can you guys have some reaction when i roll down multiple flights of stairs or at least like…… stop me at a certain point / ot4: but you’re okay / onew: pls i am your leader respe c t me
  • has been set on fire as a distraction before 
  • it terrifies his enemies and he cackles madly because lol he’s on fire 


  • can shapeshift into a wolf
  • ok he’s a werewolf 
  • sings exo “wolf” a lot and thinks it’s hilarious 
  • also quotes twilight bc he can 
  • will take up the entire couch bc he’s fkin huge and nudge members with his nose to be petted 
  • a giant pupper 
  • honestly has not remedied exploding out of his clothes when he transforms but they have taemin to grab clothes from the dorm for him 
  • honestly has no shame getting dressed in public anymore 
  • there are so many pics of his ass on the interwebs (jong: whY


  • electricity generation 
  • basically a giant battery according to ot4 (minho: hold my phone / key: just use your damn charger) 
  • can shoot literal lasers from his eyes (and hands but it’s just so much cooler when he does it from his eyes?????) 
  • almost decapitated jong when they first found out that he could do that with the force of his glare 
  • taemin makes pew pew sound effects/lightsaber noises when he practices his skills 
  • shocks the members when they annoy him (onew: STOP THAT I WILL- / key: HEAL ME???? O THANK YOU) 


  • elastic man
  • guys his height is a lie 
  • he stretches himself a little bit more than the rest of the members so that he’s taller 
  • jong has measured him in his sleep (jong: growth spurt, my ass)
  • actually has no idea just how far he could stretch 
  • but he has wrapped himself around taemin’s entire body (taemin: *screaming*) 
  • can swing from building to building like spiderman but without the webs and does really cool parkour stuff 
  • likes to wiggle his arms like noodles to amuse himself … .by himself 


  • makes portals(?) (taemin: i rip the fabric of space-time to warp distances but yeah “makes portals”)  
  • has the innate skill to be able to pinpoint himself in the world and where he wants to go 
  • thank god bc he haTES public transportation 
  • pops into japan whenever he wants (key: pls remember to bring your passport) 
  • can also make little portals to push only his hand through and grab clothes for jong from his room 
  • or slap kai in the face 
  • could honestly be a really unstoppable villain 
  • 6v6 
  • nO taemin

You are Nekros. Manipulator of souls. Harbinger of the Orokin. You walk the battlefield, desolation following in your footsteps.

You have been taken.

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46 Quotes from David John Tennant ❤️❤️:

1. “I see nothing wrong with having an unhealthy obsession with something.”

2. “If they find what they expect, the physicists will party, if not, the physicists will party anyway, physicists are odd like that.”

3. “The audience is the final cast member.”

4. “I was still just the wee boy frae Paisley.”

5. “When you think about it, many aspects of how we look, the way we act…” [looks in mirror] “Or my insufferable vanity, are determined genetically.”

6. [while nuzzling the fur of Arthur the horse, which he is severely allergic to] “Are you going to be my friend?”

7. “Science is as much the pursuit of beauty as it is the pursuit of truth.”

8. “How long can you keep smiling?”

9. “The Doctor is based on who I would be if I had more confidence and didn’t care so much about what people think.”

10. “It’s time to positively rebellious and rebelliously positive.”

11. “I’m only looking at the twinkle of their soul in the starlight.”

12. “I suppose It’s only boring if you don’t have a washing machine.”

13. “Everything’s scripted! The air molecules are scripted!”

14. “We’re just matter. We can dream of flying across the universe, but what it comes down to is just a hunk of bone… The trouble with a cliché is that it loses its meaning.”

15. “But I wasn’t talking to myself. I was making up stories.”

16. “Everyone everywhere has the right to be happy and free… There are so many of us humans squeezing onto this wee planet and there’s no TARDIS coming to spirit us away. We have to look out for each other.”

17. “If I had to be stuck in a parallel universe with one fandom it would be the Doctor Who fans. I think they’re the cleverest. Quickest wits in the internet.”

18. “Sometimes I’m haunted by it, sometimes I’m enlivened by it, sometimes it weighs me down, and other times it’s like a drug and I can’t wait for the next sniff.”

19. “85.3 percent of actors are down-to-earth and reasonable.”

20. “You have to be careful with Shakespeare, because people tend to know it.”

21. “Some of my earliest memories are of being tucked up in bed while mum or dad read to me.“

22. "I have no real ambitions, just to live and fulfill myself, whatever that means.”

23. [about falling down on set all the time] “I would always get up and keep going, but nobody else would.”

24. “I don’t think anyone that is perceived as a villain sees themself as a villain.”

25. “A perfect idea, I suppose, it fires the imagination in such a particular way. Something to do with the fantastic and the futuristic coming together. The TARDIS is the most extraordinary vehicle you could imagine and it’s wrapped up in a scruffy blue phone box. The Doctor is the most clever, extraordinary being, and yet he is scrappy and anarchic. There is something more identifiable with the geek hero. We have to accept that somethings are sprinkled with fairy dust and we won’t know why.”

26. “If you could isolate the elements that turn something into gold you would be an alchemist, wouldn’t you?”

27. “A long table scattered with scripts, water bottles, and paper name plates stretched the whole length of the room. What felt like hundreds of people milled about expectantly, chatting, checking Blackberries, casting sideways glances as I tried to keep breathing and affect an air of insouciant calm.”

28. “In a suburban house in Paisley, a wee boy was sticky-taping his oft-snapped spectacles back together. He couldn’t remember a time when they hadn’t been augmented with at least one area of peeling sellotape.”

29. “I’ve always seen theatre as my natural mode of being.”

30. “I love you all passionately… And possibly carnally.”

31. “I would get to the point where I was rehearsing what I was going to say next: ‘excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, terribly sorry, but I need to go throw up in the dressing room.’”

32. “I’ve chosen to follow my own spirit.”

33. “Shakespeare’s plots and characters are catnip to actors… It sings to us.”

34. “I’ve been to lots of alien planets. You’d be surprised how many of them look like quarries in Wales.”

35. “There is quite a lot of science in Doctor Who, some accurate science, some of it quite elevated, and some of it that’s completely made up.”

36. “I’m always chasing the script that I need to be worthy of.”

37. “I would wander around, pretending to be all the characters. My parents would tell lots of stories of me wandering around the garden, talking to myself.”

38. “I was the one delivering flowers for people who were in actual relationships with actual human beings.”

39. “He’s cleverer than me, he’s quicker witted than I am, he’s more intelligent than me, he’s a better sword fighter than I am… I like to think I have at least a twinkle of all those qualities.”

40. “It’s difficult to describe your own personality… Happy, mostly, maybe a bit bewildered.”

41. “Suddenly, and quite without warning, there was a rupture in the fabric of space and time.”

42. “I thought that would be a very witty and expedient way to exit the room.”

43. “Other hair products are available.”

44. “I always get worried when adults say children don’t understand the difference between reality and fiction, because they do understand.”

45. “Hopefully I’m not as pathetic as I think I am at four in the morning.”

46. “A dream, while it’s happening, is as real and valid an experience as anything else. Until it stops.”


fig. 1: sufjan stevens rips a hole in the fabric of space-time

fig. 2. sufjan stevens regrets his recklessness in the pursuit of oneness between the corporeal and the ethereal; approximately half the venue has been taken by the void. he scans the massacre quietly

“The Esa animation was created from a computer model of what how the fabric of our universe would change as a result of a titanic collision between black holes”

“What a collision between two black holes would look like if we could see gravitational waves. These elusive waves are ripples in the fabric of space-time which could reveal how the universe was created nearly 14 billion years ago.”

Full video of simulation here

Using math to investigate possibility of time travel

Ben Tippett, a mathematics and physics instructor at UBC’s Okanagan campus, recently published a study about the feasibility of time travel. Tippett, whose field of expertise is Einstein’s theory of general relativity, studies black holes and science fiction when he’s not teaching. Using math and physics, he has created a formula that describes a method for time travel.

“People think of time travel as something as fiction,” says Tippett. “And we tend to think it’s not possible because we don’t actually do it. But, mathematically, it is possible.”

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What would happen if a black hole collided with another ?

Thanks to a discovery just made in 2015, we don’t need to speculate about this. When two black holes collide, they merge together to make a larger black hole, but that isn’t the most interesting part.

When two black holes start to collide, they orbit around each other. The closer they get, the faster they spin. As you might know, black holes warp the fabric of space and time, and when they start moving fast enough, they can send ripples through space. We call them “gravitational waves”, and even though they are incredibly small, if your detector is sensitive enough, you can see them.

The LIGO observatory announced that they detected gravitational waves in 2015, which was truly the discovery of the decade. Einstein had predicted them a hundred years earlier, but never believed we’d be able to see them.

Let’s get one thing straight.
Humans are unfathomably creative, in the most powerful way; it has unfathomable lengths in possibilities. We have crafted stories and legends more epic than anything real life can muster, built immaculate inventions beyond anyone’s expectations, and our young can shape how they see the world as they please calling it ‘pretend’.

But let’s get specific, the concept that we all have some grasp, not even a hair close to extraterrestrial travel or simple warp drive, on the very fabric of time and space. We think of it in our past time or when we have nothing better to do. We have even ventured to BEND that fabric in a fit to travel it, movie after movie of fantisization.

Imagine meeting a race that are 'Real Thinkers’ and most of their culture is made of things that have happened, not WILL happen. A here and now only people. Your on a ship with one in your quarters, throwing a hacky sack in the air nonchalantly. Then in a fit of boredom, you turn to Xem and say this strange “What if…” Question like 'what is space anyways?’ 'What dies silence sound like?’ Blah blah blah. And Xey just look at you baffled and think all this silence has sent you to madness; they even ask if you have gone ill, since they know that humans are sociable creatures, and supposed that they literally can’t stand silence. Imagine trying to explain a theoretical idea is to Xem, be a nightmare.

“But that’s impossible!”
“I KNOW that’s the POINT!”

Homestuck classpect musings

Something I realized last night: the only reason Homestuck actually has a plot is because the characters involved are all forced to play using pre-built character sheets; if SBURB/SGRUB had a halfway decent character editor built in, then a party of 3-4 dedicated powergamers could easilly snap the game in half.

Put simply, it’s actually pretty obvious that not all classes and aspects are created equal (no matter what some might say on the matter), and some simply become so utterly gamebreaking once explored that it isn’t even funny. To just give two examples that use nothing but canon information: Seer of Time and Seer of Space.

In canon, Seers are shown to see things and foresee events governed by their aspect. Rose, Seer of Light, is able to know the exact most fortuitous path that the meteor group needs to take, no matter how insane or convoluted that path actually is, and Terezi, Seer of Mind, is able to foresee the results of people’s decisions, possibly to the point of knowing what you will do before you do, and might even have been able to read thoughts if she had God Tiered (as evidenced by her being able to see Brain Ghost Dirk, actually see him, despite being blind at the time).

Meanwhile, Time and Space are the only aspects shown to be mostly literal, albeit with some esoteric connotations, literally governing the fabric of space and time. All Time players are shown to have the ability to time travel (a trick which is outright weaponized by Dave), Aradia is shown to be able to actually stop time for an enemy, and Lord English uses time itself as a weapon, wielding stable timeline loops as both sword and shield. Meanwhile, on the Space side, Jade is able to freely manipulate the mass and volume of objects, able to make a planet small enough to fit in her hand without any change in density, and alternate future Caliope is able to all but rewrite reality, manipulating the physical world in a way which, due to timeline complications in the Farthest Ring, should be impossible.

Combining this knowledge, Seer of Time and Seer of Space get really, really broken. To start with the weaker ability: a Seer of Space would be able to see everything, anywhere, at that exact moment. They wouldn’t exactly be able to foresee things, time being explicitly out of their control, but they would have perfect knowledge of reality at any given moment, making them a mathematical demon. No matter where you ran, they could catch you. No matter where you hid, they could find you. No matter what precautions you took, the only way to get around a Seer of Space would be to exploit either time based shenanigans, or to wield Void powers (something which even the omniscient can’t get around).

Meanwhile, a Seer of Time would be ridiculously, abominably, unstopably insane, able to foresee any and all conequences of everything that might or must happen, along with knowledge of when things must happen for events to unfold. While they themselves might not have any time travel powers (or at least, being so weak with time travel that there’s no real reason to bother), they wouldn’t actually need them, because they already know what the future holds. To give one small example of how insanely broken a Seer of Time would be, they would be able to know the exact moment needed to set off a packet of explosives, the blast from which would cause air turbulence, which would interact with the weather patterns already in existance, which would cause a cascade of unlikely but perfectly timed events to create an EF5 tornado, which would conveniently touch down just before it’s time to fight the Black King.

And this is just parsing canon information; I’d shudder to imagine how some other classpects would be, if fandom speculation is correct. Heir of Hope, assuming that Heir means, “protected by, and responsible for,” and that Hope means, “possibilities, dreams, and that which might be,” would mean that an Heir of Hope would be protected by possibility itself, to the point of trancending luck; all which is and might be would bend over backwards to protect the Heir of Hope, to the point of surrealism. A Prince of Void, using canon info here, would parse as, “one who destroys, or destroys through, that which is hidden or does not exist,” and would mean that a Prince of Void would be able to simply destroy the nonexistance of anything, probably able to create things to a far greater degree than Roxy in canon, who merely steals their nonexistance rather than destroying it. A Lord of Blood, assuming Lord to mean, “one who holds command and dominion,” and Blood to mean, “unity, community, and fraternity,” would parse out as, “one who commands unity,” and that ads up to the literally perfect leader, able to command any disparate group into a single well-oiled machine.

Really, the only reason Homestuck has a plot at all is because the characters shown actually have some pretty shitty classes and aspects. Give me a Seer of Time, a Knight of Space, an Heir of Hope, and a Prince of Void, and the biggest danger would be them arguing with themselves.