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Parallel Universe: Exhibit A

Could you create the world in FtWD VIII? “You would have walked into my bar one summer night,” Elyza whispered as hips moved against her own, wanting to go again. “I would have seen you and fallen in love, but played it overly cool. Invited you back to mine. Fucked you til sun up and sent you on your way.” Please. And thank you for your work.

“Yeah, yeah, I swear I go to class,” she muttered, meandering around the back dock in small, lazy circles as she mumbled into the phone balanced on her shoulder. “I’m not working too many hours. I’m getting it all done, I swear.”

On the other end, a woman fret and tried to make sure the bartender kept up with her studies, all while still on the other side of the world. It made Elyza smile, despite the roll of her eyes to each mundane, motherly question.

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five stages of grief

Title: Grief Has Many Names
Fandom: Servamp
Characters: Kuro and his siblings (including Tsubaki), Sakuya, Koyuki, and Mahiru.
Summary: Moving on takes time and patience, and some gentle nudging in the right direction.
Warnings: Major Character Death, suicide mention, alcohol mention.
Notes: I was going to have this up earlier, but something came up ;; My apologies for the delay and here’s the full-length story. Also, warning - it’s a long one. By the way, this was heavily inspired by P.S. I Love You, thanks to some devious minxes that put this idea in my head. (And kudos to anyone who recognizes the new contract item at the end.)

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nessiethelakemonster  asked:

for 1000 followers special: can i ask 21 with Shiro finding out Allura owns one of those: mizbyhavior(.)tumblr(.)com/post/156834916322/ivoryflames-moodboard-of-all-the-lingerie-i (*coughshirowouldtotallyrockonewinkwink*) ooooor 22 with Keith and Hunk? :D (hope im doing it right)

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

“I’m surprised you don’t wear more of your outfits.”

The question made Allura pause, and she poked her head back out of her closet.  “Excuse me?”  Shiro had spoken suddenly, and she wasn’t quite sure what he was getting at.

Shrugging, Shiro pulled a pillow over to rest on as he peered into the closet after her.  “I just don’t recall seeing you in most of those.  It’s almost always the one dress or your battle suit.”

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“The difference between my darkness and your darkness is that I can look at my own badness in the face and accept its existence while you are busy covering your mirror with a white linen sheet. The difference between my sins and your sins is that when I sin I know I’m sinning while you have actually fallen prey to your own fabricated illusions. I am a siren, a mermaid; I know that I am beautiful while basking on the ocean’s waves and I know that I can eat flesh and bones at the bottom of the sea. You are a white witch, a wizard; your spells are manipulations and your cauldron from hell yet you wrap yourself in white and wear a silver wig.”
- C. JoyBell C.

“The difference between my sins and your sins is that when I sin I know I’m sinning while you have actually fallen prey to your own fabricated illusions. I am a siren, a mermaid; I know that I am beautiful while basking on the ocean’s waves and I know that I can eat flesh and bones at the bottom of the sea” 💀 my altar / crystal and seashell arrangement from last nights full moon rituals and cleansing 🌿🔮🐚✨

Quoth the Raven


Happy Halloween!

“Cas, hurry up or we’re gonna be late.” Dean said, tapping his fist lightly on the bathroom door, and tucked his red scarf into the black leather jacket he was wearing as he stared into the mirror that hung on the wall.

He wasn’t actually too worried about being on time, but it wasn’t often he got to be the one to nag about punctuality. Cas was usually the one between them who insisted that they get to places at least five minutes early, but apparently Jo’s Halloween party was the one exception to his rule, as he’d been in the bathroom for a good two hours doing god-knows-what to his costume.

It was driving Dean crazy that Cas had successfully avoided telling him what he was making for his costume this year.

“Hold on - I’m almost done.” Castiel’s voice was muffled through the doorway as Dean leaned back against the wall.

“Good. I’m getting bored and I might start bashing heads.” Dean smirked to himself at the joke and gently swung the wooden bat that he’d gingerly covered with barbed wire the night before while Cas had hovered disapprovingly.

“I still think your costume is a bit too soon.”

Dean grinned and pretended to cock his bat like a shotgun at his reflection - carefully avoiding the sharp edges. “But that’s the best part!”

“You’re a terrible person, you know.”

“And yet, you’re still dating me.”

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The Philosophy and Practice of Magick

I can’t count how many times I have recommended this lecture to aspiring magicians. Some lovely fellow has gone and transcribed it, so now you can read it right here in its entirety.

– Scroll of Thoth

The Philosophy and Practice of Magick

 by Peter J. Carroll

Some general considerations on the philosophy and practice of magick now follow: The effectiveness of magick depends heavily on the skill and subtlety of those performing it, and on the careful choice of, and preparation for, a desired effect. In general, one should try and bring about events which have a measurable probability of occurring by chance alone, and one should not be too proud to do everything possible on the physical plane to help it occur. Thus, magick should be something thrown in to tip the scales of chance in one’s favour when all possible physical action has been taken. By neglecting to maximize the probability on the physical plane, one sets up an internal conflict, in which magick is expected to make up for poor preparation. Thus, in divination, one should not shy away from first exhausting all mundane sources of information that might be relevant, and in enchantment assist the spell both before and after casting by all possible ordinary means.

The purpose of performing magick is not to test the efficacy of magick. If it is performed in this spirit of challenge, the subconscious challenge for it to fail will be the only result which manifests. Magick is to be performed to get results, and even if one at first achieves results only a little better than chance, then it at least provides an edge which can be turned into a considerable advantage if subtly employed.

One should always look for an avenue of reasonable probability through which chance can be bent towards desire. For example, the probability of spontaneously materializing a substantial fortune is rather low, and even doubling that probability by magick is unlikely to lead to success. On the other hand, even a small advantage in gambling or business can produce a decisive effect. Similarly, divination should be regarded as a means of distinguishing the correct information from amongst those alternatives of which one is aware or able to imagine. In magical acts of illumination, it is better to conjure initially for modest specific improvements, or even arbitrary changes to oneself, rather than for ill defined or grandiose modifications.

Although the lore of magick is peppered with tales of really extreme and improbable events, remember that even the best of the magi rarely pull off more than a dozen such events in a lifetime. The aspiring magician should seek to work on the simpler schemes first, and to immerse himself in the belief structures of magick, and the really great acts of power will gradually begin to manifest in his work.

At any time in life, but most commonly in late youth, when we have the vague intuition that there is something profoundly bizarre and inconsistent about life, the universe, and everything, there may suddenly be a horrifying or ecstatic certainty that one’s own self is illusory, and that reality is also an illusion. One’s carefully defended identity seems to be a pointless pretence and an empty shell. The world becomes a cacophony of meaningless sensations. Most people will reject this initiation, and manage to fill their lives and identities with sufficient concerns until perhaps an awareness of mortality reminds them of it again. Those who do drink the poison must seek stronger medicine or become sick or mad.

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Wizards Be Like...

Originally posted by candykanecodex

I’ve heard people inquire about the rules surrounding Wizards in D&D.  So here is a run down I made for my players that gives a better explanation than in the Core Books.

***Why do wizards have to restudy everyday for their magic?***

Well wizards unlike other spell casters such as Clerics, Druids, and Sorcerers learn their magic through experimentation and academic study.  

*Clerics channel their magic through faith, prayer, and ritual.  

*Druids channel magic through the deep connection with nature and the resonance of the natural forces within their own bodies.  

*Sorcerers are born with magic innately flowing chaotically through their body.  They learn to harness and shape it.

Wizards learn through study and experimentation.  This research and study is housed within their note/lab books known as “spell books.”  All of the spell casters mentioned have to follow the rules of spell casting, needing components: Verbal, Somatic, and Material

Not all spells require all three and some spell casters learn to overcome those obstacles. But like before Clerics use faith and prayer, Druids use the wild and the wilderness in their souls, and Sorcerers use their entire being.  

***What do all of these have in common?  A medium.***

The Cleric’s medium is faith in their deity and in themselves. The Druid’s medium is magic tied with the raw life energy not found in developed society. This power derives from the untouched beauty of forests swamps and streams and the raw nature that is in endowed in all souls. The Sorcerer’s medium is their own body and soul, all emotions, desires, and will harnessed into being.

Wizards get a book.  But it is not the book, it is what’s inside of it.  Wizards record all they have learned in their books and they read and study it everyday.  So why do they have to restudy it?  They don’t.  

Wizards being the scientists of the magical world, besides artificers (who are more like engineers anyway), write down the blue prints of their magic. The diagrams, magic circles and formulas for their magic.  That is why they can have so many spells.  Wizards write down the formulas they have discovered or plagiarize it from another wizard.

Now a little circle and some characters on a page doesn’t create magic.  The reason that wizards “restudy” their books is because they have to gather the energy needed for the spell.  

Many times when adventuring you are bound to set off magical traps (sometimes ley lines on the ground or a strange symbol on a wall) that devastate you.  Well the reason they don’t go off again is because their is no energy left for the medium to channel.  Same goes for the blue prints and formulas in a Wizard’s SpellBook.  They have to regather the energy they spent.

When a Wizard goes through his spell book to prepare spells he is gathering the magic, that he can withstand (from knowledge of this immutable force), to charge the formulas and figures he has made.

Originally posted by scientificphilosopher

***Then why does a Wizard lose all of his spells when his book is destroyed?  If he looks at them everyday wouldn’t he have memorized all of them?***


Quite a bit of mathematicians and scientists, even though they are experts of their fields, still have to refer to certain formulas and theorems.  Same goes for wizards but it’s worse.

Wizard SpellBooks have 300 pages for a reason.  There are too many to memorize all of them.

***Well they should at least have some memorized right?***

No.  What they have is one big cheat sheet–lab book–bibliography at their disposal.  They don’t redraw the figures and formulas every time they just look at it everyday.

To put this in perspective think of it as your smart phone.  You have dozens of numbers in there some you occasionally call, others you call constantly or not at all.  When you call somebody do you always dial the number or do you just tap on their name?

Same goes for the Wizard, they have a dozens of spells to cast they just have to open up to the right page.

They don’t memorize the spell they memorize the page number.  Why take the time to memorize when you always have the correct formula in your satchel at all times?

The reason that Wizards lose their magic after losing their SpellBook is not just because they lost the ability to tap on the phone number, the number is lost forever.  A Wizard would have to relearn or figure out the formulas that they had gathered all over again.  Some will come easier but they won’t be exactly the same.

Kind of like taking a professional artist’s portfolio for the past 40 years and destroying it and telling them to remake it all.  They wouldn’t be able to make the same exact pieces.  They could make things similar to the originals but without reference it will never be exactly the same.  And the more obscure or older pieces would be forgotten altogether.

That’s why Wizards usually have more than one SpellBook, a travel copy (or two or three) and an original.  The SpellBooks seen in combat are typical copies of the original (or Master) SpellBook.

Originally posted by aperfectj

***So if I play a Wizard I’m going to have lug around a bunch of heavy books?***

Nope.  A wizard typically only has the everyday SpellBook and a Backup.  The original (or Master) SpellBook is usually hidden somewhere.  Sometimes it is not always a book.  Here are some examples.

Ex: A gnome professor at an academy of magic would often let students see and touch his SpellBook but never take or copy it.  One night a group of trouble makers tried to steal the book from its pedestal, but when it passed through the threshold of the classroom it burst into flames.  The next day when the students came to class and saw the spell book was completely intact on the pedestal shocked and bewildered them.  The teacher smiled knowingly at their baffled looks and burns as he continued teaching.  

What the students didn’t know was that the wizard always kept a pink handkerchief in his pocket.  The handkerchief had been enchanted with a *Portable Hole* just big enough to fit a book.  Whenever the teacher went to bed he would open the handkerchief and pull out a pristine SpellBook to prepare for the next day. The copy that was destroyed was an identical copy created through the spell *Major Creation.*  The covers of the false book were  enchanted with *Burning Hands.* The spell was set to activate only when the book is opened.  The reason the book did not go off in the classroom was because of the *Anti-Magic Field* that was cast permanently on the room to prevent students from accidentally blowing something up.  So when the trouble makers stole the copied book from the classroom the books trigger could finally activate.

Ex: An Elven Wizard of great prestige, class, and beauty rocked the world with tales of her adventures and her ingenuity with spells.  She eventually amassed a fortune and had a castle built for her and her family, later turning it into an college for magics of all kinds.  Everyday she would wear the most beautiful dresses and robes.  Whenever inquired about where she receives such beautiful garments she would say “I know some people,” with a curt smile.

Not many knew that she grew up as a seamstress until a traveling wizard decided to make her an apprentice.  She always loved tailoring and making dresses and curtains and fabrics of all kinds.  So when her castle was built she created beautiful tapestries curtains and rugs.  And at the end of each day she would walk through the halls patrolling the castle admiring her handiwork.

What many saw as beautiful decor she saw as her greatest creation, her home.  Magic and tailoring had been her life and now she lived and breathed in it.  The rugs, tapestries, and curtains she made were her SpellBook.  Using spells to protect the fabric from harm and illusion to hide the formulaic drawings and designs she hid it her creations from the world.  Not even her family knew.  And every night she would use a spell of her own design that she had crafted at the end of her days adventuring, *Moonlight Eyes*, a spell that would give her the ability to see past illusions without dispelling them.  

The extravagant dresses and robes that she would wear were her copied SpellBooks.

Originally posted by a-b-s-e-n-t-i-a

***If such cool SpellBooks exist why do I have to carry around a stupid book? Can’t I just tattoo it on my body?***

You can, and often times there are feats that represent that creativity.  I don’t agree that it should always be a feat but if it weren’t  you would have a lot of people using their skin as their Books and then end up losing spells because they got cut or burned.  I think it is fine for having your travel book done like that but not your master one.  The master SpellBook should be in a place where no one but you can get to it.

There are ways of making stronger SpellBooks through crafting.  You should be able to find some in the core books or in supplemental guides (Complete Arcane: DnD 3.5).  And if not apply standard crafting rules to it.  Poorly improvised example.  You can find ways of hiding textbooks in the Complete Arcane Book.

Like Parchement has 1 HP
then Paper/linen +1
Skin +3
Bones +4

Leather  0
Wood +2
Metal +5

nuts-n-dolts  asked:

Hey! First I wanna say I love all of your cosplays! You're so talented! And if you don't mind me asking, I'm trying to do a mettaton cosplay and yours looks amazing! How did you make the joints in the legs and in the heels? And where did you buy the things for your heart container? Thanks!

Hi! Thanks very much :) sorry for the late reply!
For Mettaton’s leg joints, I cut the leggings into sections, then sewed in panels in a contrasting stretch fabric to give the illusion of the joints. The plastic knee/ankle hinges are actually pulled from a cheap set of knee pads and elbow pads for skateboarding! :) All the stuff for the heart container was from eBay - I covered an old corset with black fabric to match the shoulders of my chest piece, then used an EL heart shape for the heart, and made the container out of EVA foam and acrylic sheet. I hope that helps!