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any more thoughts on shyan aftercare?

Fuck, Nonnie - do I ever.

Shane knows he pushes Ryan to the edge of his comfort zone sometimes. He doesn’t do it to cruel, it’s what Ryan needs and wants. But it’s exhausting for the sub, so Shane makes it up to him.

- hot baths are a go-to. Shane doesn’t care how silly it looks sometimes - no one’s there to catch them. Half the time only Ryan is completely naked. Shane never means to crawl into the tub as well, but Ryan’s a tactile man, his grip on Shane’s arms and need to have that constant presence after a scene is something Shane will never say no to.

- Speaking of tactile Ryan, Shane has an entire closet of blankets for Ryan after they scene. Some rough, some soft, fluffy, shaggy, heavy, light - colors and fabrics galore; they usually end up with at least six different ones in a nest on the bed or floor.

- When Ryan truly goes into sub space - which is hard for him even after all these years, it takes more than a night to recover. While he’s functional the next day, he’s still clingy and prefers the help of Shane when he can get it. Shane doesn’t mind, but to protect Ryan’s pride, he tries to push Ryan that far only during multiple days off.

- It took Ryan a long time to be completely okay with aftercare. He felt like he was being babied, and didn’t realize the need for it until he broke down one evening afterward. Now Shane approaches it differently, soothing Ryan’s pride as well as trying to fulfill his need for care.

- Shane has had to take his sub out to the car at night for Chipotle because he craved it… And honestly? The grin on Ryan’s face afterward made it all worth it.

I could probably continue but for the sake of time - I will leave you with these. Have a great day, Nonnie!