fabric covered box

Prompts for Pie 1: Harris and the Roombas

(First prompt up, for Zeefood, who requested Harris and the Roombas)

“Aw, you have a Roomba!”

Harris looked up from his work. “Yes, want it?” he said to the pleasant agent who had paused at the door of his cubicle. She handed him a file, and Harris took it. “Thank you.”

Dani grinned. “Sure. I like them.” She tucked her files under one arm and leaned over the wall of Harris’ cubicle to pat the Roomba on its case. “They’re cute.”

Harris gave her a polite smile. “So I’m told,” he said. He reached out with his pencil and set the eraser against the Roomba’s side, pushing it back, away from his paperwork. “Stop it,” he told it, when it whined. “I agreed to let you serve as a paper weight. You move, you’re no longer weighting.”

“I’m surprised it’s staying,” she said. “Most of them keep moving constantly.”

“I noticed.” His trash can started rolling away, and set his foot on it. “I guess I’m just lucky.”

Dani looked down at the trash can, her lips pursed. “Is there a Roomba under there?”

“It was annoying me,” Harris explained. A faint, confused beeping came from the inside of his desk drawer, and he gave her a tight lipped smile. “Anything else?”

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1) I wanted to give my friend a gift in a nice box.  A recently emptied Godiva box was the perfect size, but it really bugged me how the nutrition info was printed on the back and the inside.  Some spare fabric and two hours later, here is what I did and how I did it. 

2) I made a ribbon to tie the box shut (it wouldn’t close on its own) by sewing a tube of fabric, ironing it flat, then sewing it a second time so it would keep its shape.  To secure it to the box I used the buttonhole maker on my sewing machine to put two holes in the fabric that will line up with the bottom of the box.

3) I used a glue gun to attach the fabric to the box.  The ribbon was glued on the bottom so it wouldn’t slide out.  I just kept folding and gluing fabric until all the sides were covered. 

4) I cut two squares of cardboard to fit inside the top and bottom of the box.  Those got covered with fabric too so that there wouldn’t be any raw fabric edges.

5) The squares got glued inside and voila.  I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Though next time a box with a separate lid would probably be easier.