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Hand-me-downs for Dibbuns

I tend to read when I have access to the internet close at hand, because if there’s an object, idea, food, or word that I don’t recognize or can’t recall seeing, I usually look it up. In the first chapter of Pearls of Lutra, Arven is described as wearing a “clean linen smock”… and for the life of me I wasn’t sure what that looked like.

It’s… basically a huge shirt. Like, a nightie. Sometimes it even has big pockets in the front, similar to a kitchen apron.

And looking at the pictures of smocks got me thinking… hand-me-down clothing has to be a thing at Redwall. I mean, living in a self-sustaining Abbey pretty much means you recycle as many items as you can, right? Think of all the things you could do with an old BADGER TUNIC. One square of that could be a flippin’ Dibbun’s future beloved blankee. Not to mention other exciting uses, such as:

  • dishrags
  • towels (Actual joke from Redwall: How many towels does it take to dry a Dibbun? All of them! Plus three tunics, a tablecloth, part of the bedspread and at least half a dozen sheets. Good luck if the liddle tyke somehow gets outside again before bedtime.)
  • second-hand clothes for adolescent Redwallers (“Now I know this hand-me-down cloak is a little long for you, son, but your grandmother will take it in for you and I’m told Martin II himself once wore it!”)
  • pillowcases
  • haversacks
  • tablecloths (do u even feast bro)
  • scrap fabric for the sewing classes at Abbeyschool
  • scrap fabric for the Redwallers who quilt (“Goodness me, Eliza! Where did you get that absolutely marvelous burgundy square? I’ve been trying to find something in that color for ages!”)
  • bandages for the infirmary
  • A
  • OF
  • THE
Corruption Theory

We have a theory on how Steven could heal the corrupted gems. 

In the episode “Monster reunion” Steven realizes that he has his healing powers back when he heals his stuffed bear. But when he tries to heal Centipeedle his powers only work half way.  

Now when Garnet explained corruption to Steven she said

Garnet: It’s sort of like if MC Bear-Bear didn’t tear the fabric of his arm, but the fabric of his mind.

So Steven can heal physical “fabric”. But what he needs to be able to do is heal the fabric of the mind. Now Steven has healing powers, but what is another power of his that we all know… The power to go into people/gems minds!!!

If he could go into a corrupted gems mind and heal them from in there I’m almost certain it would completely uncorrupt the gem!

And we could finally have lil old Centi back!


I finally finished my Rose Quartz dress from Steven Universe. It weighs like 10 pounds and is like 5"4 in length. I started it from scratch and used a pattern I got at Joan’s as reference.

If you don’t know I am going to be cosplaying Rose Quartz this year at San Diego Comic Con. So you might see me there?!

Look at our Pearl a second okay

Cute tiny 80s Pearl!

Lovely S1 Pearl!

Stunning present Pearl!

Oh, but what’s this? What is this difference in her appearance each time?

Each outfit change has less of that sheer fabric.  Now compare with the other two we’ve seen:

Someone probably commented on this already, but I think it’s interesting that as our Pearl continues to grow, her clothes continue to become more solid. The sheer stuff is most probably a symbol of subservience, and this may be silly, but I think that the more sheer fabric, the more compliant the Pearl. Little Blue there has a long flowing skirt. Yes, the Blue society consists primarily of flowing patterns (Blue Diamond’s entire outfit is one big drape of blue, Sapphire has that floofy dress, etc.), but when you compare to Yellow, with the big puffed up sleeves, she seems quite a bit less… subdued isn’t the right word, because nothing in the Yellow world is likely to be subdued, based on what little we have seen so far.

At any rate, this is just interesting to me. Maybe this has been said before, but I thought I’d point it out with pictures.

Oh, one more thing on our Pearl’s look.  There is a lot of talk about her belonging to Pink Diamond - which, sure, it makes sense, since she follows the big pink Rose Quartz and has pink hair - but look at her gem placement.


I know for a fact that that has been established already - there are  lots of posts about Yellow Diamond and her Pearl having their diamonds on their chests, and the Blues have the same. A bunch of the theories I’ve seen say that this is probably done to fit in with that pattern.

We know that Rose Quartz has her gem on her tummy. Pearl’s gem is on her forehead.  Peridot said that Quartz is supposed to be a big soldier, not the authority.

That’s why I can’t get behind the “Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond” theory. I also think that Pearl used to be in White Diamond’s court. Could it be that the closer a gem is to their Diamond, the more likely it is that their gem is placed in the “matching” position?

This post is long enough, I’ll talk about other theories another time.

TL;DR, Pearl’s appearance has changed and it is probably very significant and telling of her place in Homeworld - not to mention how strong this presumably very valued soldier belonging to the lowest(?) diamond must have been to take one of White Diamond’s Pearls away.

Sieglinde Sullivan wig tutorial/Commissions

I finished my wig for my Sieglinde Sullivan cosplay so I figured I’d post a tutorial. If you’re too lazy to make your own wig (It took me 3 days and 2 trips to walmart) you can send me a message and I will do a commission ((; 

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Ok, I got inspired after posting Garnet, and made the other two Crystal Gems: Amethyst and Pearl. I may try making Lion tomorrow. And I’d love to do Peridot, but I may need to buy material for her.

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