It’s a girl’s shirt. Apparently.
I mean… It was still in a shop..
So it doesn’t belong to a girl yet right?
So how can it be “a girl’s shirt?” surely it’s just.. A shirt. A piece of fabric with no defining gender?
Unless we are going to do invasive surgery on the shirt just to find out if it has internal gender specific organs?.. Or we could just unbutton the shirt… Much less complicated than getting the scalpel out… Put the shirt on a person who would like to wear the shirt.. And say it’s their shirt..

Attention American Seamsters

HANCOCK FABRIC IS CLOSING DOWN. For good. Forever. It sucks.

As a result, they are liquidating their products and selling everything for 20%-50% off. The discounts apply to everything, from thread to dress forms to sewing machines, so if you’ve been longing for some sewing supplies that are just out of your price range, now’s your chance to get them. (I particularly recommend the Sew Perfect dress forms; they’re easy to adjust and very accurate.)

Please signal boost this! I know the sewing community on tumblr isn’t super tight, but I’d hate for any of my fellow seamsters to miss out on a good deal!


Ethereal Sculptures and Wearable Orbs Formed From Synthetic Fabric by Mariko Kusumoto

Japanese artist Mariko Kusumoto uses translucent fabric to produce balloon-like objects, orbs that contain various forms trapped within their soft exterior. The creations inside range from smaller versions of the spherical sculptures to sea creatures and cars, playful forms that fit the bright colors Kusumoto chooses for her works. To set the polyester fabric into the shapes she desires she heats the pieces to the right temperature, allowing the material to memorize the shape she wishes to create. These works are then formed into sculptural or wearable objects, 3D jewelry that can be worn around the neck.

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