Happy Birthday Caleigh!

“I told you not to follow me.” Katniss’ voice sounded was filled with desperation.
“Katniss I–” Quinn’s words were cut off as Katniss raised her bow, aiming her arrow. “Are you insane?!” After all this time, all the blood, all the tears. The love they’d made the night before. “I told you I loved you and–” She gasped as Katniss released the arrow. Much to Quinn’s surprise, it shot right past her. So close that she could hear the sound the arrow made as it cut through the air next to her head. She turned suddenly as she heard a groan, followed by a thud behind her. A career from district 1 who’s name she didn’t know was lying there. “Shot through the heart,” she whispered the tune, turning back just in time for her lover to grab her face and pull her into a heated kiss. Quinn moaned into the kiss, a whimper of protest escaping her lips as the brunette pulled away.
“I love you too Quinn.”

quitetheharlot replied to your post: do you ever just really really want a girlfriend

Yes. Yes I do.

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no it’s ok bb

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just idk i have certain moments where i’m like “wow i’m single this sucks” and i feel like i’m going to be single for a long time and get kind of depressed