get to know me meme ★ favorite relationships [3/5]

If you accept, this ring will symbolize my promise to you to be true, to never pressure you to do anything more than kiss, to listen to your problems, to tell you when you have food in your teeth or eye gunk, to come over to your house whenever you need something super heavy to move around. I promise to make you feel proud when you walk down the hall and say, “That dude’s my boyfriend.”

Well the New Years party was certainly fun.

I spent most of the night dancing with Brittany and Santana and I guess it’s a good start of the new year. New Years did have a somewhat unexpected start and I’m not sure what to think about it.

Dreaming | Fabrevans Dream - Future

It had been nearly eight and a half years since Quinn had found herself in the baby section of any store. Now her senses were being bombarded with shades of blue, pink and yellow. All of it cute, soft and on the expensive side. “What do you get a little boy?” Quinn asked Sam as she thumbed through a few racks of infant clothes in search of the right one or any at all. Rachel has sent her an entire list of things she wanted and didn’t want but Quinn wanted to pick something out herself regardless. Rachel and Jesse were just going to have to like what they got them for their shower. They also needed something for Brittany and Santana who were adopting a little boy. The genius in their friends had clearly thought it would be a good idea to throw their showers on the same weekend but at least it meant making only one trip to New York.

“Sam…” Quinn paused a minute so she could turn and look at him a moment. “Have you ever considered having another baby?” It seemed like a random question but they had talked about maybe but talking about it was different than deciding. Yet all their friends having babies had made her want one of her own again. Want a little one to cuddle and spoil. Aria would love it and the more she thought about it the more she wasn’t sure she wanted her to spend her entire life as an only child.

Quinn thumbed through a few more things before heading over to look at the bath things. Hooded towels were a God sent so maybe they could get them some of those along with all the bath lotions and stuff. A rubber duck too. It was something everyone could use, right? “Seeing all these babies kind of make me want another one,” she admitted softly.

Well that was one of the nicest parties I’ve ever been too. Instead of making sure Santana and Brittany got home safely I actually had some fun this time around. And I even had a normal sober conversation with someone which was nice for a change.

If there is one ship involving Sam that I was going to miss the most once Glee ends, it will have to be Fabrevans, mainly because that was a ship that had potential to keep growing, but was broken up just because they were too ‘perfect’ together. I wished the writers had given them another chance because I am sure with the chemistry that both Chord and Dianna had together, Fabrevans could have been one of the most popular ships in Glee.

Sam has always been my fave, from the moment he showed up till the end of the show. He's also the only character who only had relationship (that incl. friendships) I truly enjoyed. Fabrevans, Samtana, Samchel, Samcedes, BLAM and even Bram, all of them had something really adorable. I like to think it was because Sam was just adorable.


Your heart is unobtainable, even though lord knows you kept mine.