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22. Single Parent AU, 3. Apocalypse AU

When the world came to an end, many people were displaced. They had nowhere to go, homes destroyed, lives ruined, families lost. This all was true for a pair of sisters, Frannie Peters and her sister Quinn Fabray were now on their own; along with Frannie’s Six-year-old son, Daniel. It had been years since everything happened, factions grew- mostly men dividing the world up. Which the girls tried to avoid running into, they tried to stay hidden but ended up running across a man named Rick. Who seemed to run a large community of women and children, at first the girls thought- how bad could this be but they lerned quick.

Shelters, Breakfast & Photography | Fabray Sisters

Exiting Tia’s coffee shop with coffees added to the drink carrier with the orange juices, Frannie quickly hurried back to her pet clinic where she’d be meeting her sister. She was honestly surprised that Quinn had even agreed to taking photos to help promote the adoptable animals since Frannie was the one who had asked.

Balancing the donut box and bad of food on top of the drink carrier, Frannie fumbled with the keys for only a moment since she had a few minutes to kill and wanted to drop off a few donuts to her employees once Quinn chose which donuts she wanted. Setting the drinks and the donut box down, Frannie glanced around before double checking that both bacon and egg biscuits and hashbrowns were inside. Pulling out her phone, she quickly pulled up a text to let Quinn know that she was inside before slipping her phone back in her satchel and then moving around to set up office for the vet that would be taking over for the day.

The shelter she was taking her to today wasn’t too far away and one that the team had worked with many times since Frannie had graduated from schooling and taken over the clinic five years prior - it would have been two more years had they ket Frannie on the normal pace.

Hearing the front door open signaling Quinn had arrived, the older blonde stood up. “Hey, thank you so much for agreeing to this! I hope you’re hungry, I grabbed food and coffee and orange juice on my way here.” She motioned to the table with the bag, donut box, and drinks.

When Frannie Fabray had gone off to college, her perspective on life had changed. The Christian values that her parents had instilled in her were still there, and strong, but she realized that life wasn’t all about the Country Club and cookie-cutter WASP ideals. She realized that her goal in life had to be to make herself happy, even if it meant not being the picture perfect golden child her (alcoholic) parents wanted her to be.

Anyway, they still had Quinn, and she now seemed to be perfectly content on the preppy blonde cheerleader route.

Plus, it wasn’t like she was going to go join a commune or something, she just wasn’t going to be a cheerleader anymore… or a member of the Young Republicans… or shop exclusively at Abercrombie…

So Frannie began to slowly but surely put distance between herself and Lima. She came home less, preferring to stay first at her dorm and then with her fellow sorority sisters. She partied on occasion, went to church (fairly) regularly, and called her parents every weekend (she could only escape them so much).

When it came to her relationship with her sister, however, she didn’t remain that consistent. There had been such a large age difference between them that they couldn’t really be friends of any sort, at least not until Quinn was older. Mostly Frannie had been Quinn’s idol, and she’d indulge her on occasion by taking her out shopping or letting her tag along to the movies with her and her friends, but their interactions were mostly limited to within their home. When Frannie moved out, they’d ended. Sure, they shared the occasional text/phone call/e-mail, but not that many.

Soon Quinn was in High School and Frannie graduated college. She’d met an amazing guy who shared her church going habits and came from money (lots of it). Her parents approved of him wholeheartedly and soon after she’d graduated (a year after him), they’d gotten married in a beautiful ceremony where her mother cried and her father looked on with pride. Quinn had been there, playing the part of dutiful little sister to the fullest, and looking every bit like Frannie had at her age. In that moment,  Quinn’s future seemed so clear to her older sister, and she could only hope that Quinn too would come to realize that looks and popularity weren’t all that mattered.

(Lord knows Mom and Dad wouldn’t teach her that.)


pretty the world - a faberry fanmix

(For day two of Faberry Week 2014: meeting frannie.)

Quinn is an author who, when she was little, believed in (and written about) an imaginary best friend named Frannie. Now that she’s in her twenties and suffering from a severe case of writer’s block, she revisits the character of Frannie, only to meet - and fall for - Rachel “Frannie” Berry soon after. And while the real “Frannie” might not be exactly as Quinn had imagined, she still loves her more than anything.

01. all those pretty lights - andrew belle [and there’s a beating in my chest / and it’s seeming to suggest / that before this day is through it might go my way / and so I sit back in my seat / i scribble down something that’s sweet]

02. when i was young - matt hires [when i was young / there was fire in my lungs / and i just wanted someone to listen / some ears to ignite / with my pen and my tongue / oh, i knew it was all just a wish / but that don’t mean it couldn’t exist]

03. haven’t met you yet - michael buble [wherever you are, whenever it’s right / you’ll come out of nowhere and into my life / and i know that we can be so amazing / and baby your love is gonna change me / and now i can see every possibility]

04. arms - christina perri [i hope that you catch me ‘cause I’m already falling / i’ll never let a love get so close / you put your arms around me and i’m home]

05. 'til there was you - the beatles [there was love all around / but i never heard it singing / no, i never heard it at all / 'till there was you]

06. your song - ellie goulding [it’s a little bit funny this feeling inside / i’m not one of those who can easily hide]

07. stupid for you - marie digby [why’s it always feel like i am / chasing love when nothing’s there / and here i go just making the same mistake / i’ve fallen stupid for you]

08. the girl - city and colour [if you were to leave and fulfill someone else’s dreams / i think i might totally be lost / but you don’t ask for no diamond rings / no delicate string of pearls]

09. pretty the world - matt nathanson [show me how pretty the world is / 'cause i want something just a little bit louder / all spun awake / twisted in the heat / you’re always burning up so bright]

10. let me in - grouplove [all this time been tripping and slipping around / you got me now / i’m swimming in clouds / Give me, give me that love, I’ve been waiting for you / touch my hand, i’ll be fighting for you]

+ why don you let me stay here - she & him [i think you’re just so pleasant / i would like you for my own / why don’t you sit right down and make me smile? /you make me feel like i am just a child]

part i

part ii

When Quinn’s 16th birthday came around, Frannie decided to splurge. A random performing arts group in Dayton was putting on the Broadway production of High Society and been getting good reviews. Quinn had always loved the movie (fancying herself a young Grace Kelly), and considering she was now in Glee Club (that one had thrown her for a loop until she learned Quinn’s sort of boyfriend Finn joined first), Frannie figured Quinn would love to see it and they could make a weekend of it. She got the tickets, rented a hotel suite, and presented everything to great applause at Quinn’s birthday bash.

The sisters were supposed to meet in Dayton the night before the show so they could spend the entire Saturday together (“From breakfast to shopping to show” Frannie had told Quinn excitedly). It would be the first time Quinn was driving anywhere over an hour away by herself and all were anxious, therefore it struck everyone as funny when it was Frannie who had a tire blow out, throwing off her arrival time until the next day. When her parents had demanded Quinn come back to Lima and just head back again the next day, it had been Frannie that jumped to her defense, saying not only would that be an extreme waste of gas, but that Quinn had proven herself to be nothing but trustworthy, and if she said she would stay in the hotel quietly, that was what she would do.

When she made it to the room the next day, Frannie had a feeling something was off. Quinn seemed to have this stunned quality to her that she normally didn’t have, at least as well as Frannie could remember. She played if off well enough, saying she was just amazed she’d been allowed to stay by herself, but there was something more than that playing at her younger sister’s mind. She couldn’t seem to sit still, shirting around in her seat almost constantly, as if she couldn’t get comfortable. Her right hand seemed to favor resting in the crook of her neck and if Frannie didn’t know better (in denial?), she could have sworn she saw a faint bruising underneath a layer of foundation where the hand came to rest. After a couple of hours, the regular Quinn was back, but Frannie couldn’t help but notice that her eyes always seemed to linger anytime she caught sight of guys with curly hair.

My sister came to town and dragged me out with her. I’m now the owner of a new haircut, a whole new wardrobe and one completely ridiculous Christmas sweater along with a bunch of her crazy selfies to go with it. Sometimes I question if they put the wrong Fabray sister in here.