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The signs and which glee couple is their parents:
  • Aries: Puck and Quinn
  • Taurus: Tina and Artie
  • Gemini: Kurt and Blaine
  • Cancer: Mike and Tina
  • Leo: Rachel and Jesse
  • Virgo: Kurt and Blaine
  • Libra: Finn and Rachel
  • Scorpio: Brittany and Santana
  • Sagittarius: Sam and Mercedes
  • Capricorn: Rachel and Jesse
  • Aquarius: Puck and Quinn
  • Pisces: Brittany and Santana
First Meeting Your Family // Glee Preference

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Puck would never admit it, but he was terrified to meet your parents. He wanted to make a good first impression but he never really was great with people older than him. So for the first half of the night, he was acted like he was meeting the President and his family, but he soon became more comfortable and less formal as your family warmed up to him.


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Your family loved Kurt the moment they laid eyes on him. He was his usual bubbly, funny, and happy self which made it easy for everyone to have a good night at dinner.


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It’s no secret Blaine is a charmer, so when he strolled up to your house with his hair expertly gelled back and his bow tie, your family took an immediate fondness to him. He spent the evening telling stories and looking at embarrassing baby photos of you, and he couldn’t have had a better time

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