fabray charlie

First Impression ~ Chrody

Charlie Fabray grinned as he reached the familiar grounds of his beloved summer camp. Sure, the experience wasn’t for everyone. For one thing, there was a focus on Christianity, but as a Fabray that definitely wasn’t a problem. He enjoyed it. And then, of course, there was the fact that clothes weren’t allowed. He didn’t mind that either, he’d grown used to it over the years. It was just fun in the sun, it allowed him to be closer to the Earth, and to focus on his faith. Not to mention he always came home with an awesome tan. He walked through the grass and smiled as the sun’s rays hit his face. The mandatory nudity rule wouldn’t be enforced in place until the camp officially opened later that evening, but he had wasted no time undressing.

Every now and again, he spotted someone he knew and waved at them. Campers were arriving one by one. It was the slow start to what would hopefully be an awesome summer. In this crowd, however, he spotted a boy that looked to be about his age that he did not recognize. This struck him as unusual. Due to the nature of the camp, newcomers were always rare, it was more of the same people coming back year after year.

Curious, Charlie made his way towards the boy and flashed him a friendly smile. “Hey there man.” He said, extending out a hand. “I’m Charlie. Charlie Fabray.” He smiled. “First timer?”

With The World At Your Feet || Charler

Over the course of the past two weeks Charlie and Tyler had probably done more meticulous planning than at any other point in their lives. Generally speaking their trips were more spur of the moment. Taken on a whim during a free Saturday afternoon. Their research only going as far as cheap motels and the local bar scene nearby. This trip held a different purpose, though. Since the conversation they had about moving in together several weeks prior Charlie had been genuinely trying to wrap her head around the idea. Out of the two she was definitely the one with more reservations about everything. So, when the opportunity arose for them to venture off to Seattle for the weekend, one of the places they’d given some consideration to, Charlie quickly seized it. She thought maybe it could help get her a little more excited for what was inevitably going to happen. The four day trip could very likely be just the thing she needed to turn her thoughts around and start feeling a tad bit more optimistic. “This has seriously been the longest hour of my life.” She complained halfheartedly, her eyes shifting from her cellphone back to her boyfriend. They’d landed in Dallas nearly an hour ago and with another twenty minutes left before they were boarding again Charlie couldn’t help feeling incredibly anxious.

Idly her foot tapped along the tiled floor. The sound echoing through the designated seating area. She was eager to be in Washington already. With a four hour flight still to go it was hard for her to be patient. "I’m gonna go grab something from the soda machine. Do you want anything?“ She questioned, taking a stand and stretching out her legs. Tyler had already informed her that there would be no sleeping on this flight. She’d fought him on that for quite awhile before eventually caving. If she was going to stay up then she was definitely in need of an energy drink or two. After receiving an answer from him, Charlie walked the short distance over to the machine and grabbed herself a Monster plus a drink of her boyfriend’s choosing. Popping the top, she stole a few sips on her walk back towards him. This time instead of taking a seat beside him she opted to make herself comfortable on his lap instead. Crossing her legs, she held out the can for him to take. "Want some?” She asked with a soft smile. Much like herself she knew he relied on energy drinks and coffee to get him through most of the day. “So, what hotel did you say we’re staying at again?” She questioned. That was something she always left up to him. This time being no different than any others. Teasingly she added, “And does our room have a hot tub?” A smirk on her lips all the while. Unable to resist poking fun at his apparent like for them.

21 Candles || Charler

Waking up before noon on a Saturday was seriously an accomplishment for Charlie. If you took into consideration how she spent her previous night, then it was surely a feat worthy of an applause for someone who cherished sleep as much as she does. Given that it was her boyfriend’s 21st birthday however she didn’t want to waste away the morning. Peacefully he slept beside her, she on the other hand had been laying awake for at least thirty minutes. Contemplating ways to begin the day. Grand gestures weren’t her thing. And even sometimes outpourings of emotions and speeches could make her really uncomfortable. This day wasn’t about her, though. Which is why after she’d talked herself down from any potential uncertain feelings, she thought it nice to call in for room service. If they were home she probably could’ve cooked for him. It likely would’ve meant more but this was the next best option. Skimming the list, she rattled off things which she knew he’d like. Being mindful of prices. She didn’t want to rack up their bill too high. Not that it really mattered since she’d make sure he let her pay this portion. Carefully she rose from the bed. Venturing to the bathroom she washed up, fixing her unkempt hair and slightly smeared makeup. A soft knock at the door drew her out a moment later. Charlie answered promptly, allowing the cart to be rolled into their room. Smiling to herself as the attendant left she quickly found her way back beside Tyler where she took a seat at the edge of the bed. Leaning forward she dropped a kiss to his jaw before trying to rouse him. “Hey, you lazy ass, wake up.” She said lowly, amusement evident in her tone.