So there is talk that the ex-employees of Lionhead studios are keen to collaborate with other studios to make Fable IV. So why we NEED this to happen:

1. Reaver explanation, and his relation to the destruction of Oakvale

2. What happens to Logan after III because he delivers a REALLY sinister speech prior to leaving the King/Queen for the last time

3. The fate of Aurora, and why Theresa was so adamant about it in Fable II’s DLC See The Future more than anything else.

4. The significance of the music box

5. Why Sabin wanted it

6. The Shadow Court, and if it is somehow linked with the Darkness


8. The history of Driftwood, because there’s potential there. Because the Spire is so close by, could something happen?

9. The history of the Dragonstompers

10.  Samarkand

11. Why people can transform into balverines

12. Demon doors/planets and the magic of

13. Pirates

14. Temple of Light and the Temple of Shadows

15. The Reliquary

16. (I know there’s probably more stuff i’ve missed) 

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: elise is only romanceable if you choose the prince, and elliot is only romanceable if you choose the princess. it's unfair that lionhead shoved heteronormativity upon us, when typically they are good with things like equality in their games. it would have been nice to be given the option in the beginning of the game, just like how we were given the option to be male or female. elliot or elise. sigh, it was pretty unnecessary and i cry myself to sleep every night wishing my princess could marry elise in canon.