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Theresa was so desperate for a hero to save Albion from The Crawler that she pushed Logan in to the role far to soon, without proper guidance, believing that he would fall naturally into the role as his parent did, so his hero powers never had a chance to develop properly, had she taken the time to help him as she once did with his mom/dad/parent he would have had the power to be one of the strongest heroes Albion's ever known

Dude!!!!! I LOVE this!!!!!

DisabilityFest: Theresa from Fable || blind

“What we intend is rarely what comes to pass. This I know better than most.”

(Image description: Multiple pictures of Theresa from the Fable series alongside a picture of The Spire from Fable 2. The pictures of Theresa and the picture of The Spire are separated by a space with a quote from Theresa inside that says: “We live in grim times indeed, if the young are too world-weary to believe in magic.”)


Aaaaaaand here it is (minus final hair and makeup)!

One of my two Fan Expo cosplays: Page from the video game Fable 3! I’ll be wearing this on Thursday and Saturday with two other members of a Fable group; Briar Rose from Fable/Fable The Lost Chapters and Theresa from Fable 2/3.

This will be my first video game cosplay and I am quite pleased that it’s gonna be Fable. Hoping I see some Fable fans there! :D