fable legacy

Fable Legacy: Announcement

Alright so, as you know, Ive had loads of problems with this legacy, what with error code 12 all over the place, huge amounts of lag in some neighbourhoods and not in otherwise and basically too much general glitching of this family.

And now Ive had more stupid problems. Sims decided that everyone in the Fable family in this current world Im playing them in is completely unrelated. So apparently Vanille is not related to Serah, or Odette or Tobias. She has had a baby with Winter, and that relationship shows but her brother and sisters dont. Its the same for her siblings. They are completely unrelated.

Its pissing me off, the amount of problems Im running into so Im thinking I have to just stop this legacy here. I may start another one but Sims is seeming like a chore at the moment so Im going to take a break from playing and just build houses.

Sunday Special will still be updated (no problems with this one yet).