Escape From the Flesheaters
  • Escape From the Flesheaters
  • Fabio Frizzi
  • Zombie 2 Original Soundtrack

I’m baaaaack and hungry for flesh

I meant to notify all that I was going to be out for a week due to a salmon fly-fishing trip but you know I’m terrible at well, life and stuff, so I was on a lovely little vacation for a bit there but now I am back and crazy excited to kick my HALLOWEENTOBER into high gear

so from now (well, beginning after FRINGE because you know, PRIORITIES) until Sunday I plan on watching and screencapping seven horror films just to catch up….then it will be one film a day until ALL HALLOWS’ EVE when I will be watching a bunch of my very favorites

In the meantime, here’s a tune to get your Friday all spookified: Escape from the Flesheaters by Fabio Frizzi from the Zombi 2 Original Soundtrack