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Real Madrid CF Click and Drag Game - Party Edition

This game is in celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo winning the FIFA Ballon d'Or, as well as James Rodriguez winning the FIFA Puskas Award and Sergio Ramos, Toni Kroos, & Cristiano Ronaldo making the FIFPro XI

INSTRUCTIONS: Just click and drag! :D

Share your results under this post! :)

Please be sure to reblog after you play, to share with all your friends! :)


I WILL be making more of these! :)

here’s to seamus

here’s to his sarcastic nature

here’s to him putting himself before youtube

here’s to him giving us so much of his time

here’s to him making so many people happy just by being himself

here’s to his little smile and thumbs up

here’s to his beautiful laugh

here’s to seamus, the fabio of gaming.

we love you, seamus! thank you for sharing this section of your life with us.

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a little theory

Alright, so I was talking to my friend about the Creatures and all the crazy stuff that’s been happening lately and I remembered something. So about two years ago Seamus got a haircut. Anyone remember that? Summer of 2012. Yeah, well the following autumn a certain member got kicked out. That member was Gassy. Almost right after Seamus got a haircut. Now, fast forward 2 years. Summer of 2014. Seamus gets a haircut. About a week later Sly decides it’s time to sign off. RIGHT AFTER SEAMUS GETS A HAIRCUT.

Do you guys see what I’m saying? SEAMUS’ GOLDEN LOCKS ARE THE CREAUTRES