fabio is such a cutie


Bruce is so god damn precious. That thick Canadian accent. The hair. The fucking flannel and ripped mom jeans. Bruce just stop. You are too much.


Cristiano being the typical ball of energy he always is during today’s training session ♥ With a smile shining as bright as the sun and a neck massage for Fabio. And Zizou couldn’t resist tapping his butt too ;)


Now, I haven’t seen the hate in the youtube comments till now, (because I rarely look at comments ever since an old fandom I was in), and those dickwads make me disgusted by saying half the shit they do.

You guys are too fucking amazing to have this shit thrown at you, you deserve the best, and if we have to thumbs-down every bad comment for the rest of our lives, I think me and everyone else will agree that we will do that. You guys have saved me more than once, and a few weeks ago when I cut really for the first time, I stopped halfway through and thought, “Damn… if I mess up and die from this, then I wont see another Livestream, another creature talk, no more skits and shorts, I cant see Slys cutie face, Seamus’ fabio hair and Danz amazing editing and all the rest of my babies (ive watched yall grow so you guys are my older-than-me babies oop). I will miss everything they will do” and it really helped alot. (wow ok im just re-reading this and realizing half of this makes no sense but w/e).

What im tryna say is, even if 499/500 people are hating on you, there will always be that one person, and that one person can cause a chain reaction, and soon, there will be 0 people hatin on yo swag. I love you guys, and don’t let those gross couches get you down. <3333