The cold spring has limited opportunities for wearing under dresses, so I wore this Fabines under my jeans. A few moments after this picture was taken a dog appeared. Fortunately I had time to pull my jeans up before its owner saw me

How does one increase success rate in the split jerk? According to Chinese physicist Li Yongkun, the bar must be lifted to about 16% of one’s height and one key to reaching this height is a fast transition from the bottom of the dip to the jerk drive because a fast transition leads to greater vertical support reaction force. Otherwise the bar may fail to reach the proper height and/or the lifter has to compensate in the split to support the bar such as in Li Fabin’s (56kg) epic, yet failed, attempt at 164kg jerk at 2015 China men’s nationals. In order to improve one’s strength and ability to generate such force, split jerkers do many push presses, jerk dip variations, partial squats, and general work to strengthen muscles around the knee and calf muscles. Some unilateral work may be employed if the strength discrepancy between the legs is too large. However if your technique is off and you would like to work on your jerk technique in person (along with snatch and clean), join the Ma Strength team@code3athletics May 30 or 31 for a Chinese weightlifting technique seminar.


Currently wearing an abena M4 and 2 stuffers, just a little bit wet hehe, thinking about putting a fabines on over the top

Bakterion (1982)

Movie: Bakterion

  • Director: Tonino Ricci
  • Stars: David Warbeck, Fabin Conde, Franco Ressel, Goffredo Unger, Janet Agren, Jose Lifante, Jose Mara Labernie, Miguel Herrera
  • Release Date: December 07, 1982
  • Run Time: 90 mins
  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror


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Yayyyy my diapees turned up today. Not bad considering I only ordered 1x m4 pack 1x Abri let pack and 2x fabines tester pack