mr-gideon-prewett asked:

✌ - Drunk/drugged owl


No… wait… Gideonn…


Well shit.  Whoever you are HI!!  Thank you for coming ot my batchelor party. 

Bacheler… that’s a funny word.  Bachellloooorrrrrrr….

You’re stilll bathelor.  You should fix that. 

Are youu really going to waer the dressess tomorrow?  Lily says you are.

I’m marrrying her by the by.  Did you know?  She’s perfect. 

Remus says I have to take potsions now to get rid fo the drunk or Lily will kill him and Sir and Pete and then me.  I don’t think she would kill us do you?

See you tomoroww!



P A N D O R E STORIES from Gaetan habrand photography on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes of my last photoshoot Pandore

Photographer : facebook.com/pages/Habrand-Ga%C3%ABtan-Photographe/269539169778798
Model : Sophie Rizzo
Make up Artist : Talia Make Up - Talia Privé
Hairstyle : Josee Angèle Brouhon - Côté Coiffure Josee Brouhon
Dress Designer : Helene Guiot - Helene Guiot creation
Jewels : Florence Beauloye
Assistants : Didier Deldime & Fabinou Lambrechts

anonymous asked:

What did you type on in youtube for that diaper video? It won't let me watch it for some reasonx

The most recent one?  ‘Fabine diapers’, with the girl diapering herself on the counter

Watch on sadaharuohm.tumblr.com

wise man love prophecy on Mixcloud.
featuring fabine, mighty diamonds, in crowd band, nadine sutherland, little roy, desi roots, john holt, itopia, earl 16, don carlos, ranking dread, tommy clarke, junior byles and more.