74. Fabian felt tears surfacing. Beside him Patricia was shaking in what could only be anger. Fabian grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze “I knew it,” he said quietly , “I knew that she felt something for him.” “I thought he liked me.” Patricia whispered before giving in and beggining to cry. Both felt as if they had been punched in the gut. Fabian thought back, It had all started when Patricia had gone to Fabian’s room to help him make Nina’s present.They had heard Nina and Eddie’s voices carrying down the hall. Fabian hid Nina’s present under his bed before realizing that the voices had ceased. Puzzled he beckoned to Patricia, before turning the doorknob and finding them in a kiss. Patricia had been about to yell at them but Fabian had quickly shut the door. A light hand on his knee jolted back to the present. Patricia’s blue eyes were looking at him wet, and sad, she hadn’t bothered to wipe her tears away. He brushed them off, and attempted a smile. She embraced him tightly , sobs escaping her and him. He put her face in his hands, ” I don’t think he deserves you Patricia.” She laughed, “Please! She doesn’t deserve you you dork.” He laughed, then asked her, ”Remember when you got the puzzle piece from Alfie? And I said that I could kiss you?” His hands fell to her waist. “Yeah,” she responded uncertainly. “Well, I meant it.” he whispered getting closer to her. “I know,” she breathed back before pressing her lips gently to his.

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Your troubled hearted kind? And she said maybe, just maybe You won’t end up like him