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“Shhh, they’ll hear us.”

Warning: NSFW. Don’t read if you’re underage. 

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“Shhh, they’ll hear us.” He cooed softly into your ear as his body pressed downwards into yours, the heat of his skin pulsing a desire so deep you couldn’t deny the attraction.

You hadn’t wanted this to happen. You hadn’t wanted to end up here, spread wide on the couch in the boys dorm with Jungkook’s body nestled so comfortably between your thighs. When you were intimate, you were usually so much more careful - Jungkook taking every pain to eliminate the potential to be found. Because if any of the boys walked in on you, it was game over. For both of you. It was your job on the line, and his reputation. 

But lately, you couldn’t help it. And lately, you’d found yourself needing him so much more, the willingness to risk it all for what he offered you growing beyond what you could rationalize. So here you were, legs opening for him with such ease after he’d cornered you with that cute, shy smirk he so often flicked your way despite the danger. You’d only meant to drop off their outfits for the photoshoot tomorrow, however him answering the door alone (the others were sleeping, he’d informed you) and wearing that smirk had instantly told you you’d be here longer than you’d intended.

It had all started over a year ago, after a night of heavy drinking. For some reason, you hadn’t stopped it when he’d asked to continue, though. Your discreet meetings with the shy maknae had blossomed as his confidence had grown with your body. He knew how to please you now. He knew how to touch you in ways that had your knees weak and your heart fast. He knew just how you liked it, and he knew he could have you anywhere and anyway he wanted.

The quivering fingers that had once explored your body tentatively - their shakiness giving away his nerves - were now smooth and calculated as they slipped under the silken lace of your bra. The fumbling over your nipples in blunt strokes had been exchanged for the delicate circles of varying pressure he was now administering, causing the heated pool in your core to pressure your hips into rising against his thick erection. He wasn’t the shy maknae anymore. He was your Jungkook.

‘Fuck… Oh, god.’ In mere seconds, his palms slid their way around your ribs and your the bra was gone, the plump flesh of his pout dusting speckled kisses across your tits. Your hips rose against, trying desperately to build the friction between your thighs. His lips encased the soft rose flesh of your left nipple, tongue stroking deftly against the metal of your piercing. Another breath blew a moan straight from your mouth as he circled again, the very quiet clink of metal against his teeth sending a shiver through you.

His mouth continued to caress your nipple, one hand cupping the other breast as his thumb and forefinger pinched against the skin of your right one. Briefly, he pulled away, eyes meeting yours to flash you a warning.

‘I’m serious. Hoseok is a light sleeper.,’ He warns before dotting a kiss in the middle of your chest without breaking eye contact - the beginning of a slow, careful path down your torso. ‘Can you handle it, Y/N?’ Two hands raked down your ribs as he kissed against your flesh, making their way to the matching lace panties that were already showing the signs of your arousal, a damp patch visible in the light silk fabic.

‘Jungkook, I…,’ It wasn’t often that he offered you oral sex. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to - but lately, your meetings had been brief and quick. The last time you’d had the chance to fuck, it had been in the bathroom of a venue. The whole ordeal had lasted 10 minutes before you’d been interrupted by a sharp knock on the locked door, the thought of being caught enough to make Jungkook soft and you too scared to keep going. So to have Jungkook looking up from this position - on his knees, deep eyes peering up at you as his hands rested delicately on your hips - was too much to deny, despite your apprehension. ‘I can.’

Your agreement is met with the softest kiss against the pearl cream of the material, a shivering jolt flushing through your entire system. His fingers looped against the material before slowly pushing it to the side, tongue stretching to circle your already swollen clit.

‘Mmmm…,’ He murmured into your folds as his tongue slipped deftly through you. ‘This is what I wanted.’

‘Fuck, Jungkook.’ It’s all you could offer him as the waves of pleasure seeped through your entire being. Instinctively, you found your hands reaching up to tug lightly on his already messy hair, tangling into the knotty strands.

‘Shit…,’ He chuckled smoothly, the vibrations purring against your core. ‘I love it when you get aggressive.’ It was then that his lips curled into a smirk against you. It was then that you felt the smile flick across his face, stretching pleasingly as the movement tickled smoothly against you. And it was then that you knew no matter where you went, or what you did, you were his. And he could have you anywhere. 


Give the Lady some dots please….🖌⚫

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NO WAY THIS IS A COINCIDENCE ???????????????????









stop nintendo

Imagine Kaneki wanting to spend time with Hide, but he’s pronounced dead and if he were to walk around, alive, things will get hectic and chaotic. Then he comes up with a plan. He talks to Hide and excitedly agrees with his plan. 

Next day, Kaneki is dressed as Sasako albeit with a couple alterations to his appearance. He hopes that no one else sees him, but they do and laugh, telling him to enjoy his date in the process. When he meets Hide, he finds that Hide mimicked him.

“Hide, you do know that you’re not ‘wanted,’ right?” Kaneki can’t help but chuckle. 

“I know, but this is the perfect change to dress up!” Swaying his hips, as Kaneki watched Hide’s dress swayed back-and-forth, his inner thighs exposing themselves to an excited Kaneki. Composting himself, Kaneki cleared his throat and pulled down Hide’s dress. 

“Y-you’re showing too much skin,” Kaneki grumbled, fiddling with the fabic.

“Okay, mom!” Hide slapped away Kaneki’s fussy fingers and entwined them with his own. “But that’s for next time, right now, let’s go have fun!” 

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Hiya! I absolutely adore your plushies and was wondering if you had any recommendations on where to buy nice patterned fabics and maybe some minky that's not gonna cost me my kidneys lol. Thanks so much!!

Individually owned quilt shops have some great designer prints!  Many have online shops.  (This is the one near me for example.) Buying online is harder tho as many prints are best seen in person to see scale, color etc.  You can find designer prints from many Etsy fabric sellers too.   As for minky I talked about various minky sources here: http://lithefidercreatures.tumblr.com/post/166597157891/minky-fabric  I plan to continue this with a video showing these different minky brands looks and stretch etc.

I Wanna Show You What a Bitch I Can Be

(Sequel to this)

I knocked on the bedroom door before entering. Chris was bent over a mirror, putting on black eye liner. Walking up behind him, I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed the rivulets of his spine through his shirt. He finished his eye liner and smiled, murmuring,

“Hey, baby. What’s up?” He turned to face me, my arms still around his body. I Ieaned up on the tips of my toes, trying to kiss him, but I wasn’t quite tall enough, and settled for his neck instead. Chris laughed and bent down to press his lips to mine. One of my hands left his waist and trailed down his stomach, until I was holding onto the waistband of his jeans. I slid my hand lower and palmed him, and heard a sharp intake of breath come from him. Turning us around, he pushed me against the wall beside the vanity he had been bent over. His left hand was against the side of my neck, and the other was making its way up my skirt, while his mouth bruised mine. 

Chris pulled away and began unbuttoning my shirt, kissing down my chest until my shirt was half-way open.

“Well, hello.” he smirked at my bustier, the leather cups pushing up my breasts to sit perfectly and round on my chest. With one hand he grabbed the hem of my skirt and harshly pulled it down my legs, allowing me to step out of it. He moved to pull off my bustier after he had discarded of my shirt, and I grabbed his wrists, stopping him. He looked confused, and I placed my hands on his hips, walking him backwards towards the bed until he stumbled back onto the mattress. He laughed and shook his head, yanking me down onto his lap. I used it to my advantage and leaned him back, sitting on his hips.

“You know,” I sighed, sounding disappointed. “In your interview with Bryanstars, he asked you if you liked to dominate or be dominated. If I recall, when the topic came up about being dominated, you said something along the lines of ‘If you want to please her and she wants that, you gotta give her what she needs.’ And I need you to be a good boy for me, Chris. Can you do that?” His eyes widened and he silently nodded. I smirked and pecked his lips. “Take your clothes off. Except your underwear.” I said smoothly, watching him get up from the bed and do as I had asked. When his clothes were piled on the floor, I gestured for him to lay down on the bed with his head against the pillows. “Don’t move.” I instructed.

Reaching into the nightstand, I pulled out one of the same pair of handcuffs Chris had used on me. I pulled one of the cuffs behind one of the bars on our headboard and hastily secured Chris before he could object. His eyes narrowed.

“What game, exactly, are you playing? he asked.

"I’m not playing a game. I’m just getting you back for the little game you were playing the other night. Now, can you keep quiet or should I assist you?” I asked, and he immediately shut his mouth, making me laugh. I swung my leg over him, sitting back down on his hips. It was evidently clear that he was turned on. Leaning down to kiss him, I let the tip of my tongue slide cross Chris’s bottom lip, and he opened his mouth, but I moved my lips to his neck instead, kissing down to the spot on his throat right below his chin, because it drove him mad. I gently kissed the spot before softly sinking my teeth into it, sliding my tongue along his skin. I pressed my lips down over the teeth marks and sucked, pulling away to see satisfyingly red, tiny dots. I looked up at Chris, and he was biting down on his bottom lip, hard, eyes clenched shut. When I began kissing up his jaw line, he removed his teeth from his lip, seeming to relax a bit. I kissed his lips, internally cringing at the salty taste of blood. His tongue seemed to melt against mine, and I moaned into his mouth. When I pulled away, he tugged at his restraints defiantly.

I got off the bed and tugged off my panties, before sitting back down on top of Chris’s chest, my back to him. I bent over so that my face hovered just above his crotch, breathing heavily. He let out a strangled moan and rutted up against the air. I licked at the fabic of his underwear and a shiver went through his entire body. Sitting back up, I tugged off his boxers, throwing them towards the door. Bending back over, I shuffled back further near Chris’s face, and licked up his cock, sending a jolt through him. Clearing my throat in impatience, he got the clue as I continued. I flicked the tip of my tongue against him and tasted precum. I lowered my mouth onto the head of his cock, swirling my tongue around it, and I let out a muffled moan as I felt his tongue against my clit. I pushed my mouth further onto his cock and then pulled back up, repeating the action until Chris was shaking underneath me. Pulling my mouth away, I sat up slightly, putting more weight on his face. His tongue slid up my entrance and just barely entered me. I moaned and made little unh, unh, unh  noises as he tongue-fucked me, and my legs quaked. I let myself get just up to the peak of orgasm as Chris licked around my clit, before I moaned,

"Fuck, I’m gonna come, stop.” I turned back around and sat between Chris’s legs. Slowly, I kissed up his body, from his hips to his chest, stopping every so often to nibble and suck whereever I so pleased. I stared up at his face. It glistened with sweat and his eyes were closed, his mouth agape in a silent moan. His hands gripped the chains of the handcuffs, and I huffed out a breath. Pulling a bobby pin out of my hair, I easily unlocked them, and they clacked to the floor. As soon as his hands were free, Chris’s eyes flashed open, clouded. He sat up and grabbed my hair with one hand, his other on the small of my back, pulling me up with him. My chest hit his and our lips collided painfully, but my jaw went slack and his tongue easily parted my lips. His teeth dug into my bottom lip and he pulled playfully, tugging at my hair with his hand. Removing his hands from my hair and back, he gripped at the dip in my bustier. I watched the muscles in his arms strain and his veins show through his skin as Chris tore it in half, throwing the useless fabric away. His head dipped low and he kissed around my chest and began sucking one of my nipples, his thumb playing with the other. I dipped my head back and moaned, and Chris kissed backed up my chest to my neck, biting at my skin.

He stopped abruptly, getting off the bed and pulling me with him. Chris practically pushed me over to the vanity and turned me to face the mirror. He bent me over and I braced my hands against the wooden surface, knocking makeup brushes to the ground. He grabbed my hips as he pushed his dick into me and my mouth made an shape. He kept thrusting into me hard, and he moved his hands, one gripped my throat, and the other was on my clit, rubbing fast circles.

“Fuck, Chris. F-faster. Go faster.” I moaned, stumbling over my words. His hand tightened slightly on my throat as he complied.

“Look in the mirror.” he hissed, suddenly sounding angry as he pounded into me. “Who’s fucking you like this?”

“You,” I breathed, hunching over the vanity in ecstasy.

“Who do you want to make you cum?”

“Fuck!” I moaned again as warmth spread all throughout my body.“I want you to make me cum! Please, I want you to make me cum all over your hard cock. Please, Chris.”

“You know I love it when you beg.” he grunted as he thrusted up into me again, and I suddenly felt myself orgasm. Goosebumps covered my skin as I moaned, digging my fingernails into the wood that I clutched. Chris kept thrusting, making my vision go blurry as I drowned in pleasure, and I felt his grip on my throat loosen as he came, his breath hot and heavy as he burried his face in my shoulder blade. His arms wrapped around my waist and he kissed my skin.

“That was not at all how I wanted this to go.” I spoke first, crossing my arms over his.

“Deal with it.” was his reply, and I saw him smirking in the mirror as he pulled away, walking only a few feet to fall into bed. “You’re such a sore loser.” he laughed as I sat beside him, wrapping the blanket around myself.

“Only because you never let me win anything.”

“You already have a trophy boyfriend. Isn’t that enough?”

“I hate you.” I moped.

“Love you, too, babe.”

I abandoned a series that I watched in the middle of the climax. I feel so bad. Please forgive me for abandon Yugioh Arc V. Why did I stopped watching it? :( I missed waking up evry Sunday to watch and react on tumblr with other people.

Well I started to watch again and I’m on episode 105. You know what I realized? That the dimension crossing reminds me of xxxHolic and TRC with the character Yūko Ichihara, who is the space time witch. She is responible for helping the group to cross other worlds. Later in the plot, the dimension crossing connects with bringing back someone who is suppose to be dead. What if the villain of Arc V wanted to bring back someone who already was dead by destroying the fabic of the world (aka other worlds/dimensions)?

I’ll be binge watching Arc V. Hopefully I can finish this series.

Lady Knight (Tamora Pierce)


FINALLY, the hair gets done correctly. Yes, it’s a little messy and hacked, but what can you expect when you’re off living in a refugee camp and your haircut is coming from a guy with a battle axe, a pocket knife, and not much in the way of time? Perfect points for realism, good job. Facial expression is spot on. Extra super bonus points for NOT having boob cups in the armor.

Complaints: the chain mail looks like a body suit made out of fake snakeskin. And the horse looks like an Eric Carle creation, for reason, especially the texture on the rear. Am I wrong about this?


Again with the German fairytale inspiration, I love this oh-so-Knights-of-the-round-table-gazing-at-Camelot interpretation.

Complaints: not so much of a complaint as just hilarity. Captioning the dogs at the top of the cover: “Um, guys, she’s going to to the castle. How do we feel about that? Mugsy, it’s not lunchtime yet. Are we supposed to be with her? Wait, what are we doing up here anyway? Uh…”


The UK has just been pushing and pushing this cover style for something like nine books now. I give up. This one is somewhat better than the other ones because the horse is giving some mighty fine side-eye.

Complaints: Wtf is going on with the hand on the sword. I do not recall a scene in which Kel’s fingers get fused together and she goes about the next six chapters holding a sword in her flippers.


This one’s got the best horse illustration out of all of them, and the chain mail is drawn better.

Complaints: Kel looking like she’s about to break into a rendition of “oh what a beautiful morning” from Oklahoma!


Sigh. It’s purple. I like purple.

Complaints: this return to the I-am-a-pair-of-lips-and-a-neck motif is really not working for me. The random gossamer fabic looks like a still from Project Runway (again!) and there is absolutely nothing about it that says “Knight” of any sort.


Is that supposed to be gossamer chain mail? Is this how subtly meta we’re being about this?

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I've always wanted to cosplay but Ihaven't yet for two reasons. There's no way I can afford it (I'm a broke college student) and I don't have the time/place to do it (for the same reasons). I'm also afraid of what people will think if I do because I don't really have any friends at school who like cosplay. Any advice for me?

Broke College Student
I feel you on this. I started cosplay as a broke highschool student and now I’m a broke college student – it can be done! Cosplay can be pretty affordable if you want it to be, but that might affect the quality of your costumes or how long it takes to make them. 

This chart is such a good representation of what to expect with cosplay:

Though I would argue that the magical middle ground comes from a combination of a lot of skill and a lot of supplies around your house.

Decide Your Budget
The first step you need to do is set how much you’re willing and able to spend on a costume. Time is also important here. You might be able to put down $10 right now (which isn’t much) but perhaps you can put in $200 over several months – that’s a better number to work with.

Think of a costume like a new outfit, you’re probably spending about $100 minimum. The more layers, more fabric, more detail the higher the price. 

Choosing a Costume Based on Budget
Once you know how much you have to work with, then choose a costume. That way you can keep your budget in mind and find a design that fits it. 

Going back to $10 … well you need something that is going to work with what is in your closet. That could be doing your own version of a character (Bikini version, plainclothes version etc) or making a gijinka (human form) of a mascot character. 

That $200 budget is a lot better and you can still work with what is in your closet, but rather than doing your own spin you can choose a character with a simple outfit. Some examples of simple outfits:

from left to right: Panty from PS+G, Dipper from Gravity Falls, Phi from Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, Toyn Stark from Marvel’s Avengers

Planning Ahead / Time Budgeting
Giving yourself a lot of time allows you to spread out spending money, rather than spending it all up front. It also allows you more time to work on your costume, take advantage of sales and deals and come up with solutions to issues you come across. 

Even if it’s a simple outfit, having a few months to get it together will be less of a strain overall. 

Reuse / Recycle
What do you have at home? I already mentioned checking your closet for clothes that can be used, but you can use a lot of crazy things for cosplay. Some people have used bed sheets and curtains as fabic, popcans can be used for metal embellishments and cardboard boxes can be used in props

Cards, Sales, Discounts
This ties into time budgeting because you can take advantages of sales if you’re not making the costume at the last minute. Check sale racks, look over clearance fabrics, take advantage of seasonal sales (especially post-halloween). Look into rewards programs and coupons, such as fabric store memberships or e-mail newsletter coupons. 

There are lots of free resources online for learning how to sew and how to make things, you can also check your local library for books on how to sew. Kijiji and similar sites might have people giving away useful things and fabric swaps are a great way to grab some free stuff.

Time and Place

Lots of cosplayers will organize meetups as an excuse to cosplay outside of conventions. Where I am, Toronto (Canadaland) is great for this because we have picnics almost once a week in the summer and winter skating. These are usually free, depending on the location, and can be a great way to meet other costumers in your area. 

During large conventions there may be events that are happening outside the convention area that are lower cost, or free. Some people also meet up for photo shoots or going for food. So even if you’re not at the main event you can still meet people and dress up. 

There may also be small conventions in your area which can be far more affordable –the small cons around me are about $10 for a day. What is nice about the smaller conventions is that they are more for hanging out than seeing big guests, so it is easy to make friends. 

Lastly, some conventions will give volunteers a free badge. Volunteering helps support the convention and lets you meet and work with a bunch of people with similar interests. 

What People Will Think
If you don’t want to tell people about cosplay you don’t have to. Many people keep their cosplay stuff separate from their everyday life and usernames are one way to keep that separation. For example, many cosplayers keep their cosplay stuff to a facebook page rather than their main feed.