Dusty filaments in NGC 4696

This picture, taken by Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3), shows NGC 4696, the largest galaxy in the Centaurus Cluster.

The new images taken with Hubble show the dusty filaments surrounding the centre of this huge galaxy in greater detail than ever before. These filaments loop and curl inwards in an intriguing spiral shape, swirling around the supermassive black hole at such a distance that they are dragged into and eventually consumed by the black hole itself.

Credit: NASA, ESA/Hubble, A. Fabian


I featured Carlos Fabián Villa’s work in my “Almost There” May the 4th fan art show this year and I love his style - this Jyn Erso piece is a great example of why!

I can’t believe that this time next week I will have seen Rogue One!!!!

533 Days until the Han Solo Movie

372 Days until Episode VIII







What’s happening at the center of this awesome elliptical galaxy? Long filaments of gas and dust have been imaged in great detail as shown by this recently released image from the Hubble Space Telescope. They appear to connect to the middle of the galaxy, a region thought occupied by a supermassive black hole.

Speculation holds that this black hole pumps out energy that heats surrounding gas all while pushing out cooler filaments of gas and dust. Balanced by magnetic fields, these filaments then appear to spiral back in toward and eventually circle the center.

NGC 4696 is the largest galaxy in the Centaurus Cluster of Galaxies, located about 150 million light years from Earth. This image shows a region about 45,000 light years across.

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble, A. Fabian

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Ich mach ja ein Fsj und heute sollte ich in der Schule aushelfen, weil die ein Weihnachtsfest vorbereiten. Sitzen Erstklässler auf der Bank und zählen gesammelte Steine. Sagte der eine: “ Damit bewerfen wir dir Mädchen ab okay Fabi?” Und der andere so: “ Nein, damit bewerfen wir die ab, die unsere Sprache nicht sprechen !” Ich war so verdammt schockiert, das glaubt ihr gar nicht ! Und ich dann so: “ Fabian, wieso willst du denn andere Menschen mit Steinen abwerfen? ” und er sagt dann ganz bestimmt: “ Weil alle Menschen, die unsere Sprache nicht sprechen, böse sind ” Ich: “ Von wem hast du denn diesen Mist ?” Was antworte der kleine? “ Hat Papa gesagt” und ich dann" Fabian, ob ein Mensch böse ist, entscheidet nicht seine Hautfarbe, seine Augenfarbe oder sein Sprache. Menschen, die böse sind, tun böses ! Menschen, die gut sind, tun gute Dinge.Wenn du nun andere Menschen mit Steinen bewirfst nur, weil sie deine Sprache nicht können, bist du dann gut oder Böse ?“ Sein Kumpel antwortet wie aus der Pistole geschossen: ” böse" Fabian schreit mich an und läuft davon. Der Junge ist 6 Jahre alt! UnglabIich das kinder schon zu kleinen Nazis erzogen werden. Ich hätte ihm gerne für mehrere Stunden den Kopf von der scheiße, die sein Vater reingekackt hat, befreit und anschließend ordentlich ausgewaschen.

models that have decent amounts of resources when you search on google & are v pretty ok. 

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it’s weird how bland the weasleys’ names are compared other ones in the hp universe. wilhelmina grubby-plank, anyone? look at the whole damn black clan – regulus, phineas nigellus, narcissa. it is a parade of anomalous names. gellert, fenrir, merope.

and then the weasleys go with… bill, charlie, fred, george. and i am convinced that this is because arthur thought common muggle names were chic and possibly more convenient when he takes his sprogs shopping at tescos for spark plugs


“So, what’s new Zoë? You always have the most going on.”
Yuri sat down with her coffee and all three pairs of eyes turned to stare at Zoë.
“Well errrr, I moved in with Luka…”
“No really? We totally thought you just stole his house.” Meara rolled her eyes and put the stuff in the food processor.
“Oh yeah, and I told Luka I can’t have kids so now Misha is carrying our kid for us and she’s 3 months along.”
Meara swore as the food processor shot food over the whole kitchen. “Shit, damn…” she tried to find the lid and turn the machine off. Once she had she turned, “now, WHAT?”
“I think she said she cannot have kids so Misha is having hers.” Yuri calmly sipped more of her coffee and raised her eyebrow towards Zoë. “Correct?”
Ava laughed, “only you Zoë could say something so casually.”
Zoë grinned.
Meara wiped down the mess she had made and muttered. “Some friend you are keeping all that to yourself for MONTHS.”
Zoë got up and went to wrap her arms around her best friend “sorry, it was just not something I wanted to talk about, not being able to have kids. And the surrogacy thing, well we wanted to wait to see if it worked before we told people.”
Letting out a huff of airm Meara sighed. “Welp, at least I get to be an auntie again!”

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