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[Review/Rating] - Fabfoto Booth

Rating ♥ - dissatisfied; ♥♥♥ - acceptable performance; ♥♥♥♥♥ - cloud 9 satisfaction!ü 


Peso Power: P15,000


  • 3 hours unlimited photos (1 output per session)
  • Photo magnet and photo bag tag
  • Free backdrop
  • CD of all photos

Rating: ♥♥♥

This would be the supplier we are most disappointed with. Early during the year, I asked Jayvin if she could scout photo booth suppliers on our behalf since we couldn’t attend any bridal fair. She sent me a list of photo booth suppliers and their packages. Initially, I was eyeing Foto Loco because I’ve experience them during Laviel’s sister’s wedding last 2010. But I thought their rates were kind of high. But now I realized, maybe it would have been better. Anyway, Laviel and I went through the list that Jayvin provided and we also checked the websites of the suppliers. Fabfoto topped our choices and Laviel liked their studio type setup. So I sent them an email, booked them and sent the reservation fee worth P5,000. 

What we liked about them: We didn’t really get to have much interaction with this supplier. We communicated via email most of the time. There was only one time that we went to their office to check on our contract although I’ve already sent a signed copy via email. But the person we were exchanging emails with wasn’t there. So nothing really happened during that visit. During the wedding, I was actually expecting that the output would only be photo bag tags. But when we finally had out photo taken at the photo booth, we found out that they print out both magnets and bag tags. Another thing we appreciated was that the technician called us even after the program finished to have our pictures taken. We didn’t have time to try out the photo booth earlier so we were thankful that they called us even after the program. I think they came on time for the reception and they left after the entire program was finished. 

What we didn’t like: After booking them, we didn’t communicate for sometime because there wasn’t anything else critical to be done. A couple of months before the wedding, I sent out the required materials for the backdrop and layout of the prints. They took soooo long to come back to us with the layout. It was barely a few weeks prior to the wedding when I asked Ms. Kredz to help me follow up with Fabfoto. A week or 2 before the big day, they finally sent the layout. We weren’t that particular with the details since it looked okay when viewed on PC. But when we finally got the print out, I realized that the writings weren’t that visible. And there were no props. Probably this was my mistake that I didn’t double check with them if they were to provide props. I had DIY photo booth props but I forgot to instruct our coordinators to place it by the photo booth. There were only 140+ pictures from the photo booth. I asked my Maid of Honor, Jemi, why didn’t they have too much pictures. She told me that when they were about to have their pictures taken, the technician told them that there is a technical problem. Something like the printer wasn’t working. I didn’t know this and I am not sure if our coordinators know this as well. 

Overall: We are not super satisfied with the result of our photo booth. I know it could have been better. Maybe we could have put more effort for our photo booth. There are so many other photo booth suppliers to check out. We don’t think that we got the quality worth of the amount we paid for our photo booth. But this is not to say that Fabfoto is not good. They are professional, yes. But more attention to details might be needed. 

Update:We visited Ms. Kredin on January 11 and told her about the technical problem my friends encountered with the photo booth. She confirmed that wasn’t aware with the technical problem and nobody reported it to her. 

Photo Booth Supplier

Finally! We’ve chosen our photo booth supplier! Yipee! Well.. Actually, you can say it was my fiancé who decided which photo booth to get. :p

During the bridal fair at SMX last January, I asked my good buddy back in college a favor. If ever she decided to go and visit the fair, I asked her to please gather some info about possible suppliers for photo booth. Initially, I asked her to look for possible invitation supplier but we, my husband-to-be and I, decided that we might be better off looking for a cheaper wedding invitation supplier instead. I decided to DIY our wedding invitation layout and we’ll try to have it printed for a cheaper price. (This, as of the moment, is still not finalized..) So two weeks after the said bridal fair, my friend finally got the time to consolidate all information and sent them to me. I skimmed over it and finally handed it over to my lovey to review and for him to choose which is the better photo booth. And amazingly, in just after 5 minutes, he declared he likes Fabfoto Photo Booth! Hahaha! And it’s all because he saw one photo from an event with a studio type setup for the background and he really really liked the studio type setup. And whatever option I gave him, he really insisted he liked Fabfoto. I even kept on asking him if he’s sure, and he even complained that I keep on asking even if he already told me what he chose.

So I emailed Fabfoto, discussed the details, the price and all inclusions. When I got the rate, I asked my lovey again but still he said yes go for Fabfoto. When I told him the price, he said it is indeed a bit pricey, but I said no more backing out since he kept on insisting even though I repeatedly asked him and gave him a chance to consider a different supplier. Finally I sent the reservation fee and emailed Fabfoto the deposit slip.

Unfortunately, up until this moment, I haven’t received any response from them. I’ve sent them the email twice now and still, nothing. I might need to call them, or do major follow up. I don’t want to waste my P5,000 reservation fee for nothing.

By the way, we are also thinking of props and other materials that can be used as backdrop for our photo booth. But I have so many things in mind right now, that the props may have to wait a little while. 

Flipbooks - In Vain

One time I was able to chat with my friend in Facebook and he recommended Skitbooks as an alternative for the usual photobooth souvenir. I checked it out and it looked interesting. The concept is that it’s basically a video shot where guests can act silly or whatever infront of the camera within 7 seconds and this will be converted into photos and printed into a small book. You can then flip to see the movement per frame. I’m not really sure if I am explaining this properly. Anyway, the rates for Skitbooks is way higher than that of a photobooth and we don’t have the budget for it so I had to let it go, wishing and hoping that someone would be kind enough to sponsor it. Hahaha! We were finally able to book Fabfoto booth for our souvenir earlier this year.

Just yesterday, upon reading some messages from W@W, someone shared information about Deal Grocer offering some magnificent Bridal deals including a promo for Flipbooks! Flipbooks, by the way, is a different company from Skitbooks, but offers the same product. This is really annoying. The deets? From P19,000 down to P12,350 for 4 hours duration of unlimited Flipbooks!!! >:( With this discount, it’s now cheaper than our photobooth! Gaaahh! I was so disappointed yesterday and I still am today! I really really wanted to have Flipbooks… Lesson learned: learn to wait…for promos. (>.<)