Marianne and Bog King (short story)

Bog King and Marianne
Short story


The sound of metal clashing filled the trunk of the tree as the Bog King and Marianne began their sparring match. Marianne shifted her feet to the right, narrowly dodging a hit from the Bog King’s staff. She counter with her blade slapping his staff to the side as she closed the gap in between them, ready to jab him in the stomach with the hilt of her sword. He flew up before she could deliver her blow and distance himself as he landed in front of her, twirling his staff like a baton before letting out a grin towards her.

"You gotta try harder than that, love!" He laughed. Marianne let out a small smirk as she placed the sword above her head.

"Oh you know I will!" She charged in delivering quick strikes hitting the pole of his staff, he swiftly threw her off from her assault and by then the both of them were starting to get winded.
The Bog King leaned on his staff for support, before straightening out his back hearing his scales shudder and crack.

"Perhaps…. we could take a break?" He asked slightly panting. Marianne let out a soft groan, straightening out her back as she put down her sword.

"Yeah, a break sounds good." She replied, wiping the sweat off her forehead.
They both walked to a large table in the middle of the Bog King’s new throne room, since the other was destroyed, but instead of one, there was two. The other for Marianne whenever she came to visit the dark forest.
Their hands both reached out to the water pitcher only for their fingers to brush up against each other. They both retracted their hands away in surprise, both letting out small blushes and muttering apologies.

The Bog King shifted his hands in front of him in nervousness as he spoke, “S-sorry, um…um Y-you first! Like the saying goes, L-ladies first!” He stammered.

"N-no!" Replied Marianne fiddling with her hair. "Y-you can g-go first, really, it’s fine! You must be really thirsty so…"

"I must insist, you can drink first, it’s fine." He said softly moving the pitcher towards her. She looked up at him, letting out a small smile, even after months of being together as a couple they were still struggling to overcome the awkwardness between them, more of Bog King than of her. She picked up her cup and served herself. She placed the pitcher in the palm of her hand before presenting it to him.

"May I serve you, my King?" She asked jokingly with a girlish high pitch voice. He laughed slightly and cleared his throat playing along as he let out his reply in a deep voice.

"You may….Princess." He said putting out his cup before they both began to laugh. Marianne served him and placed the pitcher down before taking a drink.
She glanced back at the Bog King who had a large smile across his face as he sip at his drink. Even with the awkwardness they still manage to always have fun with each other but if they try anything intimate-Marianne face immediately flushed- anything remotely intimate like holding hands, hugging or even kissing was always a struggle. They took it slow with holding hands without the other sweating up a storm, and hugging took a month to get down as they both tense up when coming into an embrace and kissing-they never kissed, the only time they kissed was when they admitted their feelings towards each other. She place the cup down on the table in thought.

"Bog?" She called, making him immediately turned towards her as he took another sip of water. "….I want you to kiss me."
His eyes widened and immediately spitted out his water with a coughing fit taking over. She put out her hands in concern only for him to take a step back away from her.

"I-I…w-what?! What did you-" he let out another cough. "Say?!"
She rolled her eyes at him.

"Oh come on, what’s the big deal? Don’t you want to kiss me?" She asked placing her hands to her hips. He let out a blush as he looked off to the side.

"I-Uh…y-yes?" He gulped, suddenly feeling that the room became 100 times hotter. She took a step towards him as she twiddle with her fingers.

"So…would you?"

"I-I…."he wanted to come up with an excuse, like he got a cold, or that the mood wasn’t right but when he stared into her maple-colored eyes. He knew he was a goner.
“I suppose…w-we could.”

"G-great." She smiled, and then tap her chin in thought. "Um….I think couples hug each other when they kiss…"

"O-oh! O-of course." He slowly took a step towards her, slowly wrapping his long arms around her waist. "Like this?"

"Y-yeah, that’s right…" She said looking down in embarrassment as she wrapped her arms around his neck, but with him being so tall, she had to stand on her tip-toes to barely place her hands on his neck. He immediately felt shivers run down his spine but knew that their position was not right.

"Maybe if you lean against the table?" He asked almost not sure for himself as he moved Marianne towards the table. She was immediately reclined enough to wrap her arms around his neck, their faces now inches away from each other.

"G-good?" He asked.

"Yeah, I’m good…you?"

"Yeah…I’m good."

They both looked away wondering what to do next, Marianne looked back at him with her eyes lower.

"I think you have to kiss me…"

"Oh!…r-right, okay." He let out a breath, readying himself. "Okay, I’m going to do it…o-Kay…" He felt a playful slap on his cheek making him look down at her.

"Hey, just relax…" She said softly. "It’s just you and me, you don’t need to feel so nervous, all right?"

He let out a small smile. “I know, I know…” With a deep breath, he leaned in. Their lips brushed against one another in a chaste kiss, while her lips were soft, The Bog King’s lips were rough and felt as if she was kissing bark but she felt butterflies for him being able to kiss her. They both pulled away, a blush apparent on each of their faces. Before Marianne got the chance to pull away, he pressed his lips against hers feverishly. She placed her hands on his shoulders trying to pull him away but felt his arms tighten around her small torso as he deepened the kiss. Her face turned red as his hands began to stroke her delicate wings while hungrily kissing her. She felt a deep rumble in his throat, almost like a growl. She sunk back, her legs turning into jelly from his passionate kiss that before she can kiss him back, he pulled away.
She blinked in surprise, putting her fingers over her swollen lips. She saw his eyes widen in shock and in embarrassment of what he done.
She put her hand out towards him.

"Bog I-!"

"I need to go!" He suddenly shouted out, his face red and flew off like a bullet heading out through the open roof of the tree.

"But wait! I….." But he was soon gone in a flash. "I…actually enjoyed that…" She admitted. She let out a sigh, her hands as leverage as she leaned against the table. She looked up hearing pitter patter coming from around the corner and saw his mother, Griselda.

"Hello dear!" She waved happily as she walked up to her. "Where is that no good son of mine? How dare he leaves his pretty girl here? You poor thing." She said taking her hand and patting it slightly in comfort.

"You just missed him…he took off when we..uh kissed." She shrugged letting out a strain smile. Griselda let out a loud squeal of delight making Marianne cringe.

"Oh finally! How was it?! Come on you can tell me, a women can keep a secret even if it involves her son…" She winked nudging her slightly.

"Well-….at first he gave me a small peck and then suddenly he.." She stroked her hair, her embarrassment returning. "He umm…well I liked his approach it was just Uh…how do I put this?"

"Ah! Say no more! "You gave him an inch and he went for a mile?"" She asked with her brow raised. Marianne nodded.

"Oh his father was the same thing! He acts so much like his father, when we were dating he was so nervous and stuttery but when it came to kissing…" She let out a grin." Suddenly, bam! It’s like he became a whole ‘nother man, but that what made him a great kisser, not to mention a lover."

"So…it’s normal that he suddenly kissed me and…" She pointed towards the sky light.

"Oh yes! You know that males have "hormones" and when they kiss someone they like, they tend to…take it too far, way far, so to avoid that, they need some fresh air away from us."

"Oh….oh! I get it, umm thanks Griselda."

"Don’t worry about it and call me mother, because I like you."
I guess I couldent help myself ^_^
I hope you guys enjoy it.

Epilogue to Foreign Languages

For GwenyWen, BlindJustice12, and Sakuradrops141, who asked to see it. 

This was the first version of my epilogue to the long, angst-ridden, smut-spattered Foreign Languages, which you might want to read first, or then again you might not. Anyway, this was the first epilogue I wrote to it, and I ended up scrapping it not because I thought it was bad but because it felt like a jarring betrayal of the narrative to leave Dinah’s POV at the end, which is why I wrote the one in the Wine Cellar of Doom that allowed Bruce and Clark the happy ending, but through Dinah and Ollie’s voyeuristic eyes. This takes place about six months before that, right after Bruce has finished his therapy with Dinah. 

Warning: pretty damn smutty

On AO3 here.

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pairing: Clark/Bruce

author: Fabula Rasa

rating: explicit

word count: 7166

summary: In constructing the Watchtower, somehow Clark and Bruce construct their own dysfunctional relationship as well. What do you do, when you need to start over?

Many thanks to Amanuensis and Mithen for beta duty! Dear Amy continues to slog through the DC-verse even though I keep resolutely writing stories in which Hawkeye makes not a single goddamn appearance. And without Mithen’s keen eye, this whole story would have been an AU about an Israeli farming collective in which the time-space continuum collapses into an irrigation ditch.

Das Fotoalbum

Kapitel 11

Sherlock verstand die Schritte seiner Mitmenschen sofort. Brauchte nur einen einzigen Blick auf sie zu werfen und schon konnte er sagen, warum sie etwas machten oder für wen und das schon im Alter von acht Jahren. Jedoch gab es auch für den kleinen Holmes, Momente in seinem Leben wo vollkommen überfragt und hilflos war.

Eine dieser Moment war diesen.

Zwei große gelbe Augen starrten ihn schonungslos an, während er genauso zurück starrte. Kein Wort drang ihm über die Lippen, doch man konnte ihm ansehen, dass sein Kopf schwer am Arbeiten war. Was hatte sie sich nur dabei gedacht, fragte sich der Junge, doch auf diese so oft gestellte Frage konnte er diesmal keine vernünftige Antwort finden.  Er konnte und wollte vielleicht, das alles einfach nicht verstehen.

Mycroft, der mit seinem Bruder zusammen, Im Wohnzimmer des Hauses saß, beobachtete belustig das Starrduell der beiden Kontrahenten. Er verstand besser als Sherlock, warum es zu der ganzen Sache gekommen war. Es lang vielleicht an seinem Alter, immerhin war er sieben Jahren älter als sein kleiner Bruder. Vielleicht lag es aber auch einfach daran, dass er im Gegensatz zu seinem Bruder, menschliche Gefühle und Empfindungen verstehen und nachvollziehen konnte.

„Willst du die Katze denn ganzen Tag anstarren Sherlock?“

Der Angesprochene wendete seinen Blick vom dem Tier nicht ab. Nichts konnte seine Aufmerksamkeit von ihm ablenken. Nicht einmal sein großer Bruder.

„Ich will nur verstehen, warum Mommy meint, mir diesen Fellball schenken zu müssen!“ antwortete er seinem Bruder. Solange er keine gute und klare Antwort darauf gefunden hatte, würde er keine Ruhe geben. Egal wie lange er hier sitzen würde.

Mycroft konnte nur seufzen. Warum fragte er nicht einfach? Oder glaubte er etwa im ernst, das er es genauso wenig verstand wie Sherlock selbst?  Natürlich dachte der kleine Lockenkopf so. Es war so typisch für ihn.

„Sie hat dir die Katze geschenkt, weil sie sich Sorgen um dich macht!“

Nun hatte die Katze das Starrduell eindeutig gewonnen, denn Sherlock schaute auf zu seinem großen Bruder, der ihnen Gegenüber in einem der weichen Sessel saß, mit einem dicken Buch in der Hand. Er hatte es schon so oft gelesen, das der kleine Junge sich fragte, warum er es überhaupt noch in die Hand nahm.

 Der kleine Lockenkopf und eine Augenbraue und blickte nun nachdenklich drein. Sollte das etwa heißen…? So langsam schien er zu verstehen. Konnte das Verhalten seiner Mutter nachvollziehen, was nicht hieß das es wirklich verstand. Die Gefühle einer Mutter, waren ihm schon immer ein Rätsel gewesen, ganz besonders von seiner eigenen.

„Also ist dieses Monster ein Ausdruck ihrer Sorge?“ deutete der Junge und blickte dabei noch immer nachdenklich drein. Sein Bruder lächelte und nickte. Es war eine erste Erkenntnis. Das Nicken seines Bruders war eine Zustimmung, doch er wusste, dass das noch nicht alles war. Da war noch mehr und Mycroft forderte ihn auf, das Verhalten ihrer Mutter weiter zu entschlüsseln.

„Ist es etwa, weil….? Nein, sag mir bitte nicht das sie mir eine Katze als Freundersatz schenkt!“ stöhnte Sherlock auf und fasste sich an den Kopf. Wie dumm konnte sie nur sein? Glaubte sie wirklich er brauchte Freunde? Es hatte schon seinen Grund warum er keine hatte und das sollte sie auch einfach akzeptieren! Was sollte er mit langweiligen Kindern anfangen, die ihn nur wegen seiner Art zu denken und seinen Äußerungen hänselten? Da war er mit seinem Bruder besser bedient! Er verstand ihn wenigstens, auch wenn er ihn manchmal mit ein paar Sachen aufzog.

„Sie macht sich deswegen nun einmal Sorgen um dich!“ erwiderte Mycroft und Sherlock wusste das er, mit seiner Mutmaßung, richtig gelegen hatte. „Für einen gerade mal acht jährigen, ist dein Verhalten nicht wirklich normal.“

Nicht normal, wiederholten sich die Worte seines Bruders in seinem Kopf. Das sagten die Kinder in seiner Schule auch immer.

Er sei nicht normal.



Mycroft wollte ihn nicht verletzten, aber es war nun einmal so. Natürlich war er nicht anders gewesen, als er in Sherlock Alter gewesen war, doch hatte es wenigstens geschafft sich anzupassen. Das konnte und wollte sein kleiner Bruder nicht.

„Normal… wenn normal heißt, dass ich so sein soll, wie diese langweiligen und dummen Kinder, bin ich gerne nicht normal.“ Antwortete Sherlock seinem großen Bruder trotzig und blickte wieder die Katze vor sich an. Diese hatte sich nicht bewegen. Starrte den kleinen Jungen noch immer an wie eine Steinstatur. Ja, es war klar, das Mycroft es geschafft hatte ihn zu verletzten.

„Ich habe nicht gesagt, dass du in meinen Augen nicht normal bist Sherlock!“

Doch der kleine Junge reagiert nicht. Zog nur eine breite Schnute und starrte die kleine schwarze Katze vor sich an. Wieder rührte sich keiner von Beiden.

Laut seufzte Mycroft. Sein kleiner Bruder verstand menschliche Beziehungen nicht und noch weniger verstand er es, wenn man etwas scheinbar so offensichtliches sagte, es aber nicht so meinte. Er war so unglaublich viel mehr komplizierter als jeder andere Mensch, denn der ältere Holmes je kennengelernt hatte.

Kopf schüttelnd,  rutschte Mycroft von seinem Sessel und gesellte sich zu seinem kleinen Bruder auf den Boden. Noch immer sah er stur geradeaus, nur die Katze an. „Hör auf zu schmollen Sherlock! Du weißt ganz genau, dass ich es nicht so gemeint habe!“ Natürlich wusste der kleine Junge es. Er wusste immer, wie sein Bruder es meinte. Niemals hatte er etwas Böses zu ihm gesagt, zu mindestens hatte er nie etwas Schlimmeres als Nervensäge gesagt. Damit hatte Sherlock leben können. Solange er ihn nicht Freak nannte, wie es die Kinder in der Nachbarschaft machten…

„Mir egal, wie du es gemeint hast. Ich bin stolz drauf nicht normal zu sein!“

Wenn Sherlock wollte, konnte er wie ein typisches, kleines und bockiges Kind sein.

„Dann wirst du damit leben müssen, nicht als einziger nicht normal zu sein. Das ist das Holmes Gen, mit dem wir gestraft sind!“ erklärte Mycroft dem kleinen Jungen. „Weder Mommy und ich sind nor… aua!“

Sherlock blinzelte verwirrt. Für einen Moment, war er so in Gedanken gewesen, das er garnicht gemerkt hatte, das seine Katze das ständige starren, wohl doch langweilig gefunden hatte. Stattdessen hatte sie sich ein neues Spiel ausgedacht.

Mycrofts Hand zu zerkratzen.

Hilflos, wie ein kleines Kind, versuchte der ältere der Holmes Brüder, das Tier los zu werden. Doch die kleine Katze war eindeutig schneller als er. Der kleine Sherlock konnte nicht anders, als seine Lippen zu einen Grinsen kräuseln zu lassen. Irgendwie fand er die Katze doch toll. Eine wunderbare Waffe gegen Mycroft würde sie mit Sicherheit abgeben!

B-day fix

Okay, so lovely folks, my b-day is the 20 april, in two days, and in that occasion i am going to publish some b-day fanart + fanfic.
I have not yet decided if it is going to be;
- Dean and Sam’s littlesister fanfic/art
- The Golden Trios friends fanfic/art
- Something Else uou

So imma suprise you ;)

I am prepared… To empty facebook b-day Congratulations…. Except if they are from my crush, then they definitely mean Something!!!!!

What is love P. 2

Maz’s POV

After I finished my delicious pancakes I walked upstairs to take a shower. I grabbed a towel and walked to the bathroom. I stripped all my clothes of and turned on the shower. After 20 minutes I turned of the shower en dried myself. I brushed my teeth and walked to my room. I walked to the closet and grabbed some clothes. Then I walked downstairs and saw Imani, Sam and Noreen sitting on the couch.

Noreen: Hahaha
Sam: Don’t laugh, it ain’t funny !
Imani: It kinda is Sam. ADMIT IT
Sam: No…
Noreen: you little baby
Sam: -_-
Maz: And.. what is going on here haha
Sam: They’re being annoying
Maz: Hahaha
Sam: -_-
Noreen: So what are we doing now… I’m not just sitting here for hours till tonight…
Imani: Let’s uhm…

Then my phone rang.

Noreen: Who that ?
Maz: It’s Jenna

-On the phone-
Maz: Wassup Jenna
Jenna: What are you and Noreen doing tonight ?
Maz: We are going to thenew amusement park with Sam and Imani
Jenna: Me and George are going either. Let’s meet up tonight there
Maz: Ok See you there
Jenna: See ya
-End phone call-

Noreen: What’s up ?
Maz: She wanted to meet up tonight at the new amusement park tonight with us all
Imani: Ok
Noreen: Cool with me ^-^
Sam: Sure
Maz: Okayy.. But what are we doing now?
Imani: Let’s play outside like little kids :3
Noreen: Imani serious haha
Sam: Yeah…. let’s do that
Maz: Sam.. serious
Sam: Damn I was sarcastic
Noreen: Secretly you were serious Sam ;)
Imani: Haha hy not.. we got nothing to do
Maz: Let’smake a crazy keek :D
Noreen: Like what ?
Sam: Dancing in our underwear haha
Imani: Genius
Noreen: I’m gonn film that shit
Maz: Sure thing


Noreen’s POV

These people are crazy ! That’s why love them !

Maz: *Dancing in his spongebob underwear*
Sam: *Twerking*
Imani: *wearing Maz banana costum*
Noreen: Imani that isn’t underwear.. hahaha
Imani: You thinking I’m gonna dance in my underwear hell no haha
Noreen: Ok.. I’m gonn film now

While filming it you could here me laughing. To funny!

It was now 5 pm. Sam and Maz went to the supermarket to get some pizza. Me and Imani cleaned up the mess they made.

Noreen: Finally I’m hungry !!!
Sam: Say the magic word ;D
Noreen: Sam I’m gonn kill you if you don’t gimme my pizza
Sam: Good enough haha
Imani: Pizzaaaa
Maz: Here you go
Imani: Thank you

After we finished our pizza we cleaned up and me and Imani dressed up to go to the amusement park.

Imani’s POV

Me and Noreen went upstairs to get dresses. I loved my outfit  and Noreen’s outfit was great either. 

We went with Sam’s car to the amusement park. And then we saw Jenna and George.. But Kayle was there either.

Kayle: IDIOT
Sam: You stupid
Maz: Heyy Kay
Kayle: Supp Marius
Imani&Noreen: Heyy Kayle!!
Kayle: Heyy babess
Jenna: We are here too
George: Yeah
Noreen: Sorry babies
Jenna: Yeah you better be haha
Imani: Haha how you all doing
George: Good
Noreen: Come on let’s go instead of talking haha
Maz: Yeah
Imani: Come we go to that dope rollercoaster ;D
Maz: I pass…
Noreen: Come on babe.. Nothing will happen
Maz: No
Noreen: Pleaaassseeeeeeee
Maz: Ok but only for once
Noreen: Yay
Maz: If I die.. it’s your fault
Noreen: Sure thing
Sam: Kayle come !!
Kayle: Coming!!!
Jenna: Me and George are first going to eat something see you
Sam: Ok

At the end of the rollercoaster Maz was all up on Noreen. He was screaming the whole ride haha.

Jenna’s POV

Me and George went to get something to eat. But George was gone.. I was searching for him.. And Yeah.. He was already flirting with a girl. She was pretty tho.. Why am I feeling jealous.. George is just my bestfriend.

George: Sorry Lisa, I got to go. I’ll call you ;)
Lisa: Ok See ya *gives kiss on his cheek*
Jenna: And ?
George: She wants the D haha just kidding I got her number ;)
Jenna: I guess you a ladies man haha
George: Duhh !!

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works

So, all right, I DID try to write some PWP. I swear I did. But this was as close as I could come. Think of it as a PSP — Porn Some Plot. The emotionally plotty stuff just kind of grew around the porn. Anyway, there’s moderately less angst than usual? Maybe? But, I mean, it’s still Bruce and Clark, so… pretty high angst factor even on a regular basis. 

Anyway, have some Saturday smut!

Taken and Burried

Chapter 5 answers awaited

Hannah waited for his response until 12 before falling asleep… While Hannah was sleep Nikki was at home smiling from ear to ear on her bed remembering the night with Calum.. She liked him, she really liked him but in her mind she feels that she’s just another girl to him because he is in a famous band… Then Nikki realised she hadn’t called Hannah to tell her about her night so she picked up the phone and clicked on Hannah’s name in her friend which was <bestest friend❤> she dialed and it went to voicemale realizing that it was 1 am she figured that Hannah was sleepin(which she is)


The next morning Hannah checked her phone to see if she had an email from “blonde guy” she didn’t but he had a text from Michael asking her if she wanted to go out to dinner… So she responded back with a yes! {she’s been so caught up with this whole “mystery guy” that she’s forgot how much she really did enjoy michaels company and how completely sexy she found him} so their date was set for 6:30 later in tonight…Hannah was about to call Nikki when She looked at her phone Nikki was calling her “Hey, weird I was just about to call you.. I have stuff to tell you.. How was your night” “what stuff? And my night was PERFECT me and Calum kissed and I really am starting to like him Hannah he’s so funny, sexy, nice, sweet, caring but I’m just scared he doesn’t like me back” {who wouldn’t like you back Nikki you’re gorgeous Hannah was thinking but went for }-“Nikki if he kissed you that means he likes you back don’t over think the situation! Oh and Michael asked me on a date tonight” “what, yay! That’s amazing!!! And yeah you’re right” “I know I always am, haha but I’m so excite and nervous hope it goes well” “okay well I’m gonna get ready I’ll call you after love u Nikki” “love you too, BYEE”

Michael just picked Hannah up… *she was wearing a high waisted black skater skirt that just hit her at the waist line with a blue tucked in cropped t-shirt with her favorite pair of converse while Michael was wearing white shirt with black skinny jeans and those fancy kinda shoes he always wears and his hair was messy. {Hannah’s thought; damn he’s so sexy and his hair my my my} [michaels thoughts; she’s probably the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.. Wow]
They gave each other and went on their way to this old time 50’s restaurant that sold burgers and fries it was so retro. “wow mike I really love this place, it’s amazing” “it’s not too uhm non-fancy, I just really wanted you to like it” “no I do I love it its perfect I like the booths” They both ordered the same dinner a hamburger with French fries and a vanilla shake. They talked while they ate about video games, music, touring, friends, and just everything. {Hannah’s thoughts; wow he’s so easy to talk too,I think I’m starting to like him} they finished their dinner and decided to go walk around NYC (Hannah lived there all her life and Michael was here for a month writing music with the boys after their 3 aucoustic shows) they walked around for two hours talking Michael holding Hannah’s hand.. The stars are shinning and the moon is lighting up the Pierre and they decide to walk along the beach. {oh this is so romantic} Michael made a joke which Hannah couldn’t stop laughing she ended up falling to the floor to sit down because if not she was gonna pee her pants, Michael went and sat down with her..” Hannah you have the most beautiful laugh” (Hannah blushes) “thank you” they sit on the sand looking up at the stars and the they both glance at each other at the same time and their glance turns into a stare and then Michael pulls Hannah in, pushes a piece of curly red hair from her face to behind her ear places his palm and the left side of her cheek with such a lightness he’s skins as soft as a feather and then he leans in and kisses her and they kiss and when they finally break they’re both blushing and smiling and then Michael says I think it’s getting late would you like me to take you home! On the drive home they can’t stop talking and laughing they finally get to Hannah’s house Michael gets out and walks Hannah to her door where he kisses her goodnight! Hannah gets inside and before she can call Nikki she notices her laptop has an email on it from blonde guy {Hi Hannah, I hope you had a good night tonight.. You seem happy. I can’t let you know who I am yet it must stay a secret but can we continue to message each other until I’m able to tell you} Hannah questions that email and who the guy is.. She keeps thinking it someone she knows, someone she cares about.. (It can’t be him) she messages him back{ hello, how did you see that I was happy.. Have we ever met before or after the night you saved me? And I guess we can still talk}
She recives another email. (Hmm he messaged back fast) {oh Hannah I’d like to tell you that I have met you but I don’t think that I can because If I do you might not want to talk to me anymore and then I will be saddened} (weird. He’s acting like we have talked everyday) {oh we’ll I hope you can tell me soon, right now I’m off to bed goodbye} {goodnight beautiful, have a lovely sleep xx}

—- Hannah’s minds all tied up in a not she has no clue what to think about that situation but what she does know is that Michael Clifford kissed her and she was falling for him. She then calls Nikki to tell her about her night “hey Nikki” “hey Han, what’s going on” “just came back from y date. It was perfect” “really?? Did you kiss him” “yes, on the beach it was so romantic” “aw that’s so cute” “yeah! Have you talked to Calum at all?” “Yes actually we’ve been texting all night. He’s amazing! I think I might be really starting to like him” “yeah I think I m falling for Michael too! We haven’t seen each other in 3 days.. Want to Hang out tomorrow” “yes please!” “Okay I’ll call you tomorrow morning goodnight Nikki” “Nighty night Hannah”

~~~~~~~~(it’s night time, were going into the mind of the mystery guy)

{blonde guy: oh Hannah (he says while staring at her picture) you think that I’m this amazing guy.. And yet you don’t know me.. I saved your life now you will owe me.. But tonight you were on a date.. And I don’t like that and that kiss nono if that happens again either something with happen to that boy, or your best friend perhaps or maybe even you… I hope she doesn’t test me, because when I want something I get it and I DON’T take NO for an answer}

End of chapter 5