Seeing as how the fan mail feature is not working for me (what was once the source of my excitement is now just the base of my frustration!) , I’ve decided to just make this post a dedication to two very special people in my life! Two people that I am indeed very big fans of!

To my wonderful boyfriend, Noah! You are such an important part of me, and I’m so proud to have you on my arm. Words could never express just how much I love you! I always will.

To my lovely girlfriend, Quinn! You have no idea how grateful I am having you in my life, and how amazing it is to love you! You’ll have my heart. Forever.

A very, very SMALL excerpt from the PQR story.

Hazel eyes darken as they meet with Rachel’s nearly black ones and Noah can see everything that swirls inside them. Rachel’s eyes have always been so expressive, so open and over the past two years, he has learned to not look away from them. He has learned to not be afraid of how it feels to see all the love and adoration that she has just for him. He has learned that while it’s totally badass to score with more than his fair share of women, it’s even more badass to be faithful, to be in love, to be committed

And okay, maybe it’s even more badass that he gets to do that with two ladies, but he’s never been one to play and follow the rules anyway. 

There’s more after because he’s describing Quinn’s ass but I thought I’d leave that for another time, :p.

Long Overdue Lovemaking || Faberryman

Usually she was one all for hectic schedules, however in this case she wasn’t exactly a fan. It had been far too long since she had spent any quality time with both Noah and Quinn. It as just unacceptable, and she found herself extremely sexually frustrated! What with all the stress of school, Nationals, and her NYADA interview (that was just around the corner!), a relaxing night with the two people she loved was just what she needed. Her dads were conveniently out of town, and she took advantage of having the house all to herself. The whole evening was planned: they would have dinner and then, as Noah articulated, a “hot Jew, smokin’ blond, hot Jew sexy sandwich”. Though she was sure that it wouldn’t happen in that order. The three of them were lascivious to say the least, so the food she prepared would mostly likely come afterwards when they’ve built up their appetite.

Rachel glanced at the clock as she placed the last curl into her hair. She always took pride in her appearance, but tonight especially, she wanted to look perfect for the both of them. Sexy even. The short red dress hugged her every curve. It was only a matter of minutes before she expected them to arrive, so she quickly finish the last touches, putting some gloss on her lips. 

She jumped when she heard the doorbell ring, and a huge grin curled at her lips. She headed downstairs and just before she got to the door she ran her fingers through her hair. Finally she opened the door, a squeal of excitement uncontrollably escaping her lips. She pulled Quinn in first, her lips immediately crashing against the girl’s and kissing her hungrily. After a moment, Noah was next, her arms snaking around his neck as she kissed him just as ardently. “Come in!” She said once she pulled away, closing the door. “I’m so glad we’re able to get together like this. I made dinner!” She grinned proudly. “I hope you two like venison.”