faberry with tams

When Quinn wakes up, it’s midmorning and the sun is coming in around the edges of the curtain. It’s a Saturday so she stops herself from panicking because Rachel might be late for class. She looks over and the brunette is asleep in the bed next to her, face down in her pillow. Quinn watches her back rise and fall for a moment before she sits up, stretching her arms over her head as she groans softly. Rachel stirs next to her and her hand reaches out to the empty space that Quinn was occupying just moments before. She turns, mumbling softly. “Quinn…”

Quinn looks down over, smiling slightly as she pulls her hair over one shoulder, keeping her voice soft. “Yeah?”

The smaller girl looks up at her, eyes smiling as she yawns. She sits up and her arms wrap around Quinn, kissing her softly, sleep still tugging at the corners of her eyes. “I love you…”

Quinn kisses her back and her lips echo the smile that is brushing against them. “I love you too, baby.” Her hand reaches up, cupping Rachel’s cheek gently.

Rachel’s head ducks into the crook of Quinn’s neck and they sit there for a while. Rachel’s breathing evens out and for a moment, Quinn thinks she might’ve fallen back asleep curled up into her like that. She shifts a little, craning her head down to look at Rachel’s face. The girl’s eyes are closed but after a moment she speaks and Quinn knows she’s still awake. “I want you to know…” She takes a big sleepy smile that makes Quinn smile. “We can do anything together…”

Quinn raises her eyebrows, keeping her eyes down on the sleeping girl tucked into her like a kitten. “I know… I know that, Rachel. I’ve known that forever.”

“You’ll never stop loving me, right?”

Rachel’s mumbling words make the breath in Quinn’s throat catch and something behind her eyes stings for a moment. They’ve gotten through so much… she’s fixed everything she broke to make it so Rachel could be here, in New York, in school. She fixed it. She’s sure of it. “No. I’ve never stopped and I won’t.” And when she says it it’s the truth.

Rachel shifts a bit, her lips grazing against Quinn’s cheek. “And you’re never sending me away again, right?” When Rachel’s hand lifts up to find her cheek, Quinn catches it and grasps it tightly. “No… Rachel… I don’t have to anymore.”

I’m getting lost in your curls
I’m drawing pictures on your skin,
So soft it twirls.
I like your looks when you get mean
I know I shouldn’t say so but when you
Claw me like a cat, I’m beaming
I like the way you squeeze my hand
Pulling me to another dream,
We should dream.

based on this twitfic

When rehearsals started, she gave you specific instructions to stay away. You’re not to even pick her up from rehearsal or go near the theater at all. “I want everything to be a surprise, Quinn. When you show up on opening night, I want you to be seeing everything for the first time.” You’re lying in bed, about to sleep, and you try and tickle her and distract her from the rules she’s laying down. Eventually you let her pin you down and you promise you’ll stay away. She kisses you and lets you feel her up a little bit. The next morning she kisses you and Beth goodbye and leaves the small studio apartment you share with your small family. But that’s what you are, a family. She has you and Beth. You gave her a family.

It’s getting down to the wire. Every night now you’re falling asleep at the kitchen table or on the couch waiting for her to come home from rehearsals and every night she comes home late, sneaks in to kiss Beth on the forehead and then pries the book you were reading from your hands and tucks a blanket around you where you’re sitting at the table or cuddles up on the tiny couch next to you. She’s so exhausted she falls asleep right away. But you get more and more anxious. You go to the studio everyday but you have so much nervous energy it takes loads of concentration to even mount the photos for your next show or develop any of the new ones. You can’t sit still.

So you decide to break the rules. Just a little. The theater door is open and you slip inside quietly, climbing the stairs to the balcony. You duck into the shadows that gather around the back rows and you’re about to sit before you hear her voice. She has a microphone tucked carefully into her costume and she’s singing but you can’t even hear the words. She walks across the stage slowly and the sound of her singing fills the entire theater. You can’t do anything but watch her. And in that moment you know that you were right. She didn’t belong in Lima. This is where she belongs. On the stage, singing the way she was born to. She finishes the song and for a moment she looks up to the balcony and you know she catches a glimpse of you standing in the shadows. But she smiles. And you smile back.