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i think the faberry scene under the bleachers in 3x01 is my all time fav. i love that we see Quinn's encounter with San & Britt vs. with Rachel. with S & B it's all about them needing her to be blonde and perfect again - very superficial and dismissive of Quinn's deeper issues. Quinn's response is very "F*** U." because they don't even get it.

(cont’d) But with Rach we see her actually acknowledge Q’s pain. She doesn’t tell Q to change her appearance, just encourages her to come back when she’s ready. And Q has no words because someone’s actually melting her defenses. Someone actually cares; as usual, that someone is Rachel Berry.

Yes, YES, a thousand times YES, that’s one of the reasons why I love faberry, because no matter what no matter how or even why, Rachel is always ready to help Quinn while being aware that Quinn is a really sensitive person who only needs support and time to cope and understand what went wrong and why she’s sad or angry or whatever other bad emotion she’s feeling in that moment, Rachel knows that she can’t force Quinn to be someone she’s not ready to be and because of that she just decides to give her the time to process the situation letting Quinn know that whatever happens or whatever decision Quinn takes Rachel will be supportive and will be there for her, helping her if said decision is not the best for Quinn at the time and I mean if that’s not a healthy relationship I don’t know what it is…

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Cory was an Achele shipper. Remember his face at ComiCon when Lea said Dianna lives with her? And when he signed the GQ mag with "Faberry rockz" or something.

I know…I mean he wrote faberry is on on the GQ mag as you said

Whenever someone asked about Lea and Di living together or having faberry scenes he always had his smug face on


He always acted in glee as if Finn knew something was going on between Faberry

During the Glee tour this was his reaction when he saw a wild achele appear with cute!gron and possessive!chele

and last but not least his reaction when someone asked him who would Lea go gay for…

Cory was our Captain and no one can convince me otherwise…

Instead of sticking us with dumb Unholy Trinity performances each time there was a reunion, why not give us Quinncedes and/or Faberry duets and scenes instead? Quinn’s relationships with Mercedes and Rachel were a lot more meaningful than The Unholy Trinity. Hell, TUHT was barely a relationship. It was always just Quinn with two Cheerios behind her, or Brittana + Quinn.

An Achele Shipper Story

So the other day i saw this while secretly scrolling through my dash in class

At first i was like





Then i was like


Oh did i forget to mention i almost got kicked out of class? lol It was worth it

And to all of you who claim that’s Melissa or whoever

#THIS IS MISS LEA MICHELE SARFATI OK? ARE WE FREAKING CLEAR ON THAT? #People believe what they want to believe, ok? #FU