faberry prompts

  • <p> <b></b> Person A and B are in the kitchen. Person A is a small muffin, B is slightly taller.<p/><b>Person A:</b> *struggling to retrieve items from top shelf*<p/><b>Person B:</b> Do you need me to get it for you?<p/><b>Person A:</b> *gasps* HOW DARE YOU INSULT THE VERTICALLY CHALLENGED!<p/><b>Person B:</b> *laughs*...okay then<p/><b>Person A (Moments later...):</b> *defeated sigh* help meeee<p/></p>
Accepting prompts

I’m going to start writing chapter 8 for Artemis, but I could use some prompts to keep me going in case I get stuck on that (something that happens a lot) and I need to distract myself from that story for a while.

So, send me your ideas. I’ll be accepting prompts for Trimberly, Sanvers, Supercorp, Hollstein, and Wynonna Earp (I may even write some Faberry if you ask nicely). The stories will proably be one-shots and no longer than 1k. No weird kinks (yes, the daddy thing included) or triggering stuff, please. If you’ve read my fics you know they’re usually fluffy and light, and I plan on keeping it that way.


Person B was hired to work at a haunted house as a zombie, A and C decide to visit person B but they forget which part of the house B was In so person A ends up punching person B in the nose while person C is recording the whole thing.

anonymous asked:

Hi, can you recommend more faberry fics? I loved the ones you recommended, but... like... more please? :)


I’m going to assume you read the other fics that were written by those authors (like K’sChoiceofAFI, WaveGoodbye, and poetzproblem, even if I didn’t necessarily rec the specific fic? Because everything they do is really good).

So, these multichapter fics are ones that are pretty good, just not my personal favorites (I wouldn’t rec them if I didn’t think they weren’t well written!):

By dylanhart -

Should Have Asked for Directions - A lifelong story about what it’s like to know at fifteen who your heart belongs to and what lengths a girl will go to in order to keep it there forever 

By thememoriesfire -

These Strange Steps - Rachel, bottoming out completely, is doing a show in Vegas and, as a distraction from her life, gets dragged to a strip club by Puck.  She hasn’t seen Quinn in 8 years.  This isn’t how she wanted them to see each other again.  

By iamapanda -

Sun Showers - AU. Quinn Fabray, of the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps, is shipped to Morocco for the Allied invasion of North Africa. A calamitous beach landing brings her to Navy flight nurse Rachel Berry. Raise their happy eyes up to flaming skies. Faberry in WWII.

My Cuddly Little Cubby - Quinn and baby Beth are partnered with Rachel at a school-sponsored haunted house. Happy Halloween!

Just off the Key of Reason - Faberry AU. Future fic. Rachel Berry is a successful Broadway star with a new roommate, the very odd, naive Quinn Fabray. It starts with a note on the fridge and a childishly scrawled doodle of an elephant. Everybody has a little crazy in them.

By A.Kline -

Deus Ex Machina - Rachel Berry always knew that she was a little bit psychic. In fact, Rachel Berry thought she knew just about everything. That is, until a spirit that refused to die entered her life like a train-wreck.

By your.kat -

The Silence of Silence - Quinn and Rachel meet at Haverbrook under unusual circumstances. Why is Rachel silent? And why does Quinn care? “You can hear,” Quinn said simply, “but can you speak?”; “Yes,” Rachel signed. “I can speak. But silence is a friend who will never betray.”

By ferryberry -

Color Me Confused - S1. Lingering feelings for Jesse and a budding relationship with Finn. Things just couldn’t get more confusing. Until the last person Rachel expects enters the mix. 

Secret Santa - S2. Mr. Schuester pulls out his top hat again for a round of Secret Santa, and Quinn is less than pleased to see who she’ll be giving twelve special gifts to.

By adventurefilled -

The Myspace Admirer - Someone starts anonymously complimenting Rachel over MySpace.

By powergrapes -

Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise - Rachel’s answer to Quinn’s melancholia is to take her on a summer road trip with the gleeks.

By heartwasalegend -

To Build A Home - Rachel and Quinn both end up in New York after high school. Follows the evolution and eventual dissolution of their relationship over the span of a decade.

By SkyWarrior108 -

Never Go Hungry Again - “Rachel’s first thought is that she’s too thin, too unclean, and entirely too beautiful to be living on the street.” For the Faberry Week 2014 prompt “Age Difference.”
A Little Bit of Hope - Quinn and Rachel spend Thanksgiving day volunteering at the Bowery Mission, giving out meals and blessing bags to the homeless. Set in the Never Go Hungry Again ‘verse. (this is a oneshot, but goes with the previous story)
*companion pieces

By Sourrific -

Letting You Unravel Me - Quinn is peer-pressured into kissing Rachel freaking Berry (damn Santana and her gay agenda!), and then things get complicated.

Saints and Sinners - How can I summarize this? Quinn plots, fails, succeeds, freaks out, does something stupid, does something right, and then… well, you’ll see.

I didn’t rec many oneshots before, but there are many great ones (note - some are written by the same authors as above):

By letyourdorkout -

She Drives A Vegetable Car Except Not Really - Quinn has a crush on a girl who takes the same underground train she takes everyday. She tries to strike a conversation or two, but always ends up failing and worse, embarrassed. Will she be able to meet her?

Kiss Me - This is a fill for this prompt over the rq meme on LJ. “In order to raise money for the bus to Sectionals/Regionals/Nationals… whatever, Rachel comes up with the brilliant idea for them to set up a kissing booth in order to raise the money.”

It’s not a matter of you versus me - Finn decides that the best way to settle differences between the New Directions and The Troubletones is through Dodgeball. Quinn agrees to play, but she’s got some other difference in mind to settle with. Spoilers through ep3x06.

By AndAwayWeGo -

a room with a view - “Quinn starts calling her 'Broadway’ in her head because the girl seems to stick to singing Broadway songs and, sometimes, she can hear her watching musicals. Broadway, of course, knows every single song.” Quinn gets a new neighbor. Faberry. AU.

the one with the friends reference - “You can see it. Quinn standing in front of you, as close as she can get without touching you and saying, 'Are you attracted to me’” Faberry. Post-season six.
love love or whatever, take a number  - “It’s possible that it just came down to you not knowing how to compromise all of your progress over the years for something that Rachel may or may not be really feeling.” Faberry. Sequel to “the one with the friends reference”
*as stated, these fics are companion pieces

By CorvusCorvidae -

Yours Truly - The guidance counselor at her daughter’s school keeps emailing her unfounded concerns, and there’s only so many times she can avoid the woman. Though, after meeting Dr. Fabray, Rachel can’t work out why she ever avoided her in the first place.

Guess Who? - Broadway star and Tony winner, Rachel Berry, decides to play a prank on one unsuspecting student at Yale. It does not go as planned. One-shot.

By x0wynn0x -

That Roommate - Quinn’s that roommate that normal people wouldn’t want. She has a bad dye-job, nose piercing, and Rachel’s 98% positive she once saw Quinn sacrificing a pig. But as Rachel’s second favorite saying goes, “You can’t judge a book by its cover, just by its Amazon reviews.” What was a tentative friendship turns into a lot more than what Rachel Berry ever bargained or connived for.

By sillycucumber -

What Is This Feeling - Several occasions where Quinn realizes she might like Rachel more than she originally planned. AU to everything past season one.

By iamapanda -

The Music of the Night - Rachel is dapper and clever and kind, and Quinn never imagined she’d meet somebody at a place with light-up poles and a Broadway soundtrack. For Faberry Week: Meeting Frannie and Age Difference. 

My Blobs of Pink Happiness - Quinn brings baby Beth to the high school carnival, where they run into Rachel Berry. Fantastically fluffy.

Let it Snow Baby, Let it Reindeer - Quinn has a goal this Christmas. A goal that she hopes to accomplish with the help of her baby, some snowmen, and a sled race. Rachel won’t know what hit her.

Our Brilliantly Tangled Thanksgiving - Quinn and baby Beth are having some issues hanging Christmas lights on Thanksgiving, when Rachel stops by with a homemade pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving!

(… what can I say, I’m a sucker for “Quinn kept Beth and they both love Rachel” stories)

By ferryberry -

Beauty and Coach Beiste - S2. Shannon is surprised at how much she has in common with someone unexpected. Related to Colder Alone.
Colder Alone - S2. A typical confrontation with Rachel leads Quinn to ponder what might have been. Related to Beauty and Coach Beiste.
*as stated in these summaries, these stories are companions

A Little Lamb - Canon thru S1E21. Beth Puckerman-Fabray is just like her mother.

Pucker Berry - S2. A party, mistletoe, and glue - not exactly the recipe Rachel needs to break her track record of bad Christmases, but it might get her something she never even knew she wanted.

By powergrapes -

A Family of Trees - Rachel is the only person that Drizzle seems to like, and thus becomes the babysitter by default.

By thememoriesfire -

A Girl’s Best Friend - Weight, grades, Cheerios, Prom.  It’s a simple plan.

Be A Part of This - After Junior Prom, Quinn gets an unexpected life coach. 

Dear Your Name Here - Future AU; Quinn and Rachel meet up again in college.

By nightshifted-

Every Smile That’s Unveiled - Somewhere along the way, Quinn Fabray discovers that Rachel Berry is just a girl. Just a girl like her.

Faberry Week

Day 3: Boarding School


Santana was eleven years old when she saw them for the first time.

The first years were patiently waiting for Professor McGonagall in the Great Hall. The sorting ceremony would begin in a few minutes, so meanwhile, she drifted her attention to a tiny brunette who was rambling something about Hogwarts’ secrets. Most of the kids were paying her no attention, but Santana was surprised to discover that she wasn’t the only one looking at her.

A blonde girl with analytic hazel eyes was studying the smaller brunette with a fascinating interest. Santana snorted at the scene and wondered if the girls would become best friends.

It turned out that she was wrong.

The sorting hat shouted out “Slytherin!” as soon as it touched Quinn Fabray’s golden locks. Santana heard a ginger boy comment that Quinn Fabray descended from a pure-blood family and that he wasn’t surprised at all that she had been sent to the house of the serpent. What he hadn’t noticed though, was that Quinn had glanced longingly at the Ravenclaw’s table on her way to Slytherin’s. It was oddly curious. 

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Here’s what you missed this year*:

(tag) = multiple installments within the verse.


Brittana and their two-year-old son’s birthday party.


Brittany is a cop and Santana is the new, annoying district attorney.

Small Town (tag)

Brittany is the daughter of a ranch owner that Santana gets hired at.


Santana is a street racer. Brittany is the girlfriend of her biggest rival.

Photography (tag)

Quinn is a photographer. For one afternoon, Rachel is her model.

Cruise (tag)

Brittany works for a cruise line. Santana’s dragged to a lesbian cruise to properly rebound from her latest breakup.

Interview (tag)

Brittany is a sports journalist. Her next piece is an interview with Santana Lopez, rising MMA star.

Lecture (tag)

Everyone fears Santana, the hot Political Science professor. That is, everyone but Brittany.

Surrogate (tag)

Santana is a powerful CEO who can’t have kids. She finds Brittany to be her surrogate, and it’s more than she expected.


Santana is a married lady of leisure, Brittany is waitstaff. They meet at one of Santana’s neighborhood luncheons, then sex.


Maybe she can survive, lose herself to a mermaid and return to her life, waiting for a next encounter.

Succubus (tag)

Rachel is a succubus, Brittany is a vampire, Quinn is a queen and Santana is a human with a death wish.


Sam and Mercedes’ wedding. Quinn hugs the wrong person from behind. Rachel finds out Quinn likes girls.


Quinn and Rachel welcome their adopted daughter home.


Brittany and Santana surfing in Lesbos Island.

Speed Dating

Rachel gets roped into going to a speed dating event. She is, however, much more interested in the organizer, Santana Lopez.

Daughter Trap

Santana walks in on her daughter having sex with Rachel and Quinn’s daughter. They’re not admitting their feelings to each other, so Brittany comes up with a plan to save the Lopez-Pierce-Fabray-Berry 4th of July Extravaganza. 

The challenge is up and running! Drop me an ask if you’ve got a prompt that will blow my mind. ;)

Faberry Week - Prompt 2

Title: How Does It Feel

Words: 3,317

Warning: mature & sexual content



To say dating Rachel Barbra Berry was a walk in the park, would make Quinn a liar.

The disastrous Prom night during their Junior year had finally gotten the skeletons out of the closet, along with the two girls whose feud over the same immature boy finally turned in what it really was: unresolved sexual tension and undeniable attraction for one another. The morning after the “slap” episode, Quinn had found the courage to apologize to the brunette, after having broken up for good with Finn Hudson. The apology turned into another screaming match over the same old, yet closed, wounds and in the end, Quinn had found herself pinned against a wall with Rachel’s mouth pressed against hers, silencing any protest from her.

Since that moment, their awkward friendship and rivalry blossomed in a very different relationship…a very challenging one too.

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I reckon the story fits today’s prompt for Faberry Week (Criminal), so here it goes.

Faberry AU

Manhattan Serenade - Chapter 14/18

Summary: When Hiram Berry, Don of the mafia, requested Quinn to protect his daughter from a stalker, she thought it’d be an easy job. However, she didn’t expect Rachel Berry to be extremely attractive with expressive eyes, full pink lips, silk waves of brown hair, luscious body and a fascinating mind. Now she’s screwed, because she fell in love with the untouchable princess of the mob.

Rate: M

Read the warning in the Author’s Note, please. 


anonymous asked:

your feet are cold, keep them away + faberry maybe ?

I can’t believe I’m writing Faberry after all this time. I don’t even know what I’m doing. And, on that note, this is partially AU, where that ending never happened, Rachel and Jesse never got back together, Mike and Tina are getting married, and Quinn has finally realized what she always wanted.


Read also here on AO3

“I am so sorry!”

Tina Cohen Chang asking for forgiveness the moment she opens the door isn’t exactly what Quinn was expecting before knocking on her friend’s door.

“Why are you apologizing?” Quinn raises a perfect eyebrow at Tina’s behaviour.

“One of Mike’s cousins showed up unannounced with the whole family after they said they couldn’t come to the wedding, so we had to rearrange the rooms, and Mercedes is bringing her boyfriend, and I doubt you want to share with Santana and Brit, or the boys, and the others are staying at the hotel in town, but I don’t really want one of my bridesmaids sta…”

“Tina,” Quinn stops her friend’s babbling putting a hand on her shoulder, “Breathe.”

“O-okay.” She says.

“I guess I’m sharing the room with someone?”


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Faberry Christmas Special

Let it Snow Baby, Let it Reindeer by ElsBells

Faberry one-shot. Quinn has a goal this Christmas. A goal that she hopes to accomplish with the help of her baby, some snowmen, and a sled race. Rachel won’t know what hit her.

Home For Christmas by Emri

When the snow hits, Quinn Fabray is trapped in California away from her family but she is not one to give up. When she meets Santana at the airport will they be able to work together to get home in time for Christmas?

Sincerely, Winter by rachelquinn

Quinn Fabray and winter have always gone hand in hand.

Quinn’s Mistletoe by AeonUS

Quinn gets a magical gift from Santa. It leads her to a surprising discovery when she shares it with Rachel. Faberry.

Santa’s Little Helper by stix04

Rachel was just trying to be nice when she bought Quinn the massage kit for Christmas…she didn’t realize HOW nice a gift it truly was.

Kind Of by SweetandUnknown

“We’re kind of friends, huh?” / “Kind of.” — “So when Rachel shows up at your house with Christmas cookies (vegan, of course) and a long-winded explanation of the importance of spreading holiday cheer and why she enjoys the holiday season, you let yourself smile.” — one-shot, Faberry, post-‘Hold on to Sixteen’

Our Brilliantly Tangled Thanksgiving by ElsBells

Faberry. One-shot. Quinn and baby Beth are having some issues hanging Christmas lights on Thanksgiving, when Rachel stops by with a homemade pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving!

Fuzzy Red Reindeer by ElsBells

Faberry one-shot from Just off the Key of Reason. Quinn and Rachel’s first Christmas together. Involves gingerbread houses and drunken bears.

The Christmas Act by InvisiMeg

While working on A Christmas Carol together, Rachel and Quinn are given a choice: learn to get along better or be kicked out of the play.

All I Want For Christmas by sleepless-gleek

Written for Faberry Week Prompt: Christmas. Someone finds Rachels Christmas list and decides to fill it.

Pucker Berry by FerryBerry

S2. A party, mistletoe, and glue - not exactly the recipe Rachel needs to break her track record of bad Christmases, but it might get her something she never even knew she wanted.

Secret Santa by FerryBerry

S2. Mr. Schuester pulls out his top hat again for a round of Secret Santa, and Quinn is less than pleased to see who she’ll be giving twelve special gifts to.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s, Rachel by featherwriting

Two parties, one week and three days, and struggling to find the right words to say. Content and rating may vary, contains language, suggestive themes, mind-altering substances, Puckleberry bromance, and some delicious Faberry with a dash of smut.

A Gleeful Christmas Carol by Loves Sock Monkeys

This story is a morality tale of a selfish self-centered diva, Rachel Berry, who having alienated everyone she loves undergoes a dramatic change of heart after an experience of redemption over the course of a Christmas Eve night. (Don’t expect it to last, this is Rachel Berry after all) Expect to see the Ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future as familiar faces. FABERRY AU

All I Want for Christmas by InvisiMeg

After being invited to Lima for the holidays, Rachel finds herself becoming intrigued by one of the other houseguests.

A Faberry Christmas by Don'tBeAfraid-MakeItBetter

Season one. Quinn is Prego and doesnt want to spend christmas at the Puckermens so she takes a certain glee mate up on thier offer. Faberry Fluff. Rated M for cussing.

Needles and Cheer by Vnud

Quinn’s got a surprising winter break job. Rachel Berry happens to stumble upon Quinn by accident, which sets in motion events that will change their lives forever. Faberry Week prompt. Rated M for the hell of it, fluff not smut.

Santa is the New Cupid by Celtic Quill

Written for Faberry Week, Day 4, “Caught.” When Rachel thinks Quinn has gotten Finn for her Secret Santa, she makes it her mission to catch her in the act.

underneath the mistletoe last night by AndAwayWeGo

“'Don’t tell me you have some sort of Santa fetish,” Quinn continues, looking horrified. “How am I just now hearing about this?'” Faberry. Sequel to “now i get my fortune told for free”. Post-Season six.

fanfic | Daughter Trap (COMPLETE)
Character(s): Santana L. & Brittany P; Rachel B. & Quinn F.

Summary: Santana walks in on her daughter having sex with Rachel and Quinn’s daughter. They’re not admitting their feelings to each other, so Brittany comes up with a plan to save the Lopez-Pierce-Fabray-Berry 4th of July Extravaganza. 

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Omg dear Ma please more Sara and Elliot, I need to know Brittany's plan!


It’s time for VENGEANCE.

Santana smirks like the devil she still can be – she still has game, a lot of game, mountains of game, okay – before she knocks on Sara’s door.

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Faberry Week Day 4 - Age Difference (2x 100-word-drabble)

When you were ten years old, you were head over heels in love with Quinn Fabray. She was head-cheerio, one year away from graduation and your babysitter during the summer break. Though you were a confident and very eloquent girl, you were always shy around Quinn, blushing and babbling incoherent sentences. But Quinn seemed to find it adorable and always cuddled with you when you pouted. So one day, when she drove you home and you asked if you could marry her when you were of appropriate age, she smiled at you. „How could I say no to you?“


When you’d been eighteen years old, the cutest girl you’d known had proposed to you. You had mailed and stayed in contact after you’d graduated and every year she’d asked you the same question. It always had made you smile. And today… Today was Rachel’s twenty-first birthday. The bell rang and when you saw the beautiful woman she’d become on the other side of the door, clutching a bouquet of roses in her hands, your heart skipped a beat.

„Will you do me the honor of going on a date with me?“

„How could I say no to you?“