faberry photofic


faberry week - day one

↳ blind date

Quinn and Rachel have been talking to each other anonymously through tumblr for months. When they finally decide to meet each other in person, Sue Sylvester is unknowingly mistaken as a catfish, causing Rachel to leave the restaurant for the sake of her dignity. As she flees certain embarrassment, she passes Quinn, who is left to wonder if the girl she has fallen for online is the same girl she harbors a secret attraction to in real life. 

Italics = Unholy Trinity spoken conversation.

IAmAnon: Hey.

BwayBound: Hello… how did you get my MSN information?

IAmAnon: You added me.

BwayBound: I don’t believe I did.

IAmAnon: You did.

BwayBound: But then surely I would remember adding you.

IAmAnon: *shrugs*

BwayBound: Okay, well, asl?

IAmAnon: Asl?

BwayBound: Yes. Age/Sex/Location

IAmAnon: Oh. 17/Russia

[“Russia? Seriously, Tubbers?” – “I wanted to sound exotic!” – “Narnia would have been more exotic. And accurate.”]

BwayBound: And your gender?

IAmAnon: Which would you prefer?

[“Christ, Q, way to make yourself sound like a hermy.” – “Quinn’s not a crab, San, she’s totally like, a squirrel. Squirrels eat berries, right?”]

BwayBound: Um, that’s a little creepy.

[“I just wanted to figure out if she was into girls!”]

IAmAnon: Sorry, you’re right. I’m a girl.

BwayBound: Delightful. As of late, I seem to be experiencing the customary hormonal shift in my teenage libido; commonly known as bi-curiosity. This should be quite enlightening.

IAmAnon: You are?

BwayBound: Yes. What do you look like?

[“Who’d have guessed that for all of her real life eloquence, Berry would follow the pattern of your everyday perv online?”]

IAmAnon: Um. Short blonde hair, hazel eyes…

[“You suck at this, Fabray.”]

BwayBound: So you’re a butch?

IAmAnon: What? No! Not at all.

[“Move your ass, you’re never gonna get the girl with this shit.”]

IAmAnon: My hair falls just above my shoulders. The perfect length for pulling ;) My eyes are intense, but they’re strangely warm when I’m not glaring. I have prominent cheekbones, sharp enough to cut your thighzknfskg

[“What the hell are you doing, Santana?!” – “Seducing.” – “You shouldn’t push San on the floor, Quinn, that wasn’t nice. She was helping.”]

IAmAnon: Sorry, I accidently hit the keyboard too hard. What about you? What do you look like?

BwayBound: I’ll send you a photo. One moment, I have it bookmarked.

[“She has a picture of herself bookmarked? What the hell? Does she send it out to random- wait, where are her pants?” – “Damn, Berry. That ass though, Q.”]

BwayBound: Would you like to cyber?

IAmAnon: No! God, Rachel, are you twelve?!

BwayBound: WHO ARE YOU?

IAmAnon signed off.

[“Smooth.” – “I panicked!”]

“Whenever you’re ready.” Quinn says, making motions with her hands.

Rachel nods at her and smiles. “I guess I’ll just wait. I’m pretty sure he’s not the only one that I… l-love.” she finishes her sentence slowly.

Quinn makes a look at her and laughs lightly.

“Love’s a bitch, even when it’s strong.” she quietly tells her with a jokingly tone. The room got quiet for a while. “Hey, Berry…” Quinn began.

Rachel looked up at her with wide eyes.

“Yes?” she asks.

Quinn sighs and fixes her skirt.

“I don’t think think you’ve noticed our c-c-connection. I mean, we’ve gone through so much. Haven’t you felt close whenever we hung out?” she didn’t mean to come out as self centered with the last part. Not even a little.

Rachel suprisingly nods.

Quinn smiles at her and takes her hand.


◅ Quinn Fabray ✖ Awake

Dr. John Lee: So, tell me how this works.

Quinn: I’m awake and I’m with Rachel. Then I close my eyes, and when I open them, I’m awake and she’s with him.

Dr. Judith Evans: And this has been happening since the accident?

Dr. John Lee: Tell me about your relationship with Rachel.

Quinn: We’ve been together since she confessed her feelings for me at the hospital.

Dr. Judith Evans: And your relationship with Rachel Berry?

Quinn: She went through with the wedding. She’s married to Finn now.

Dr. John Lee: So you can obviously walk here - in reality - and then suddenly, you’re paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair, there, in your dream?

Quinn: It all feels completely real to me.

Dr. John Lee: So you can’t tell whether you’re awake or asleep at this very moment?

Dr. Judith Evans: Well I can assure you, Quinn, this is not a dream.

Quinn: That’s exactly what the other shrink said.

Quinn: So Santana would be..

Mike: Slytherin.

Quinn: That one was easy.

Rachel: What is the poi-

Quinn: Finn?

Mike: ..Gryffindor, but only because he’d ask to be.

Quinn: Me?

Mike: Ravenclaw… but you’d opt for Slytherin because of pureblood family pressure.

Quinn: Nice to see you remember my headcanon.

Rachel: Your head wh-

Quinn: Okay, what about Rachel?

Mike: ….Slytherin?

Quinn: Excuse me?

Rachel: Oh for the love of Ba-

Mike: S-she’s ambitious and will do what she has to to get what she wants.

Quinn: Are you calling my girlfriend ruthless?

Mike: Well..

Quinn: Are we just forgetting all the times she sacrificed things for other people, even if it gets in the way of her own dream?

Mike: But she is pretty shrewd.

Quinn: Oh you did not.

Mike: Should I run?

Quinn: I hope you’ve got a happy memory in mind.

Mike: I should run.

Quinn: Your skeleton will lie in the choir room forever, Mike Chang!

Mike: Running!

Rachel: Either you couldn’t find appropriate gift wrapping paper, or you bought me a comic book?

Quinn: Not just any comic book. Open it.

Rachel: Fame: Barbra Streisand. I- what is this, Quinn?

Quinn: It’s a… biographical comic book? They were introduced in 2010 after the surprising success of Female Force; there aren’t that many in publication - I didn’t think you’d appreciate the Justin Bieber edition - and Barbra Streisand has yet to be featured but I thought you might like a new way to read about her rise to stardom because you’ve read her book so, so many times and - gosh, I’m so stupid. This was a stupid idea; I should have just gotten you tickets to a show or made you a mix CD instead of a lame comic-

Rachel: Wait, you made this?

Quinn: Well yeah, like I said; she’s never been featured and I’m technically breaching the copyright protection by entitling it the same as the series but… yes, I made it.

Rachel: There are over 30 pages here, Quinn.

Quinn: She’s been busy? Anyway, that’s technically only issue #1 - it mostly focuses on her life before she found success. I wanted to include as much as I could, and there was no way it would all fit into that without it being a mess.

Rachel: And the art?

Quinn: I drew it.

Rachel: You’ve certainly come a long way since the grotesquely disproportional caricatures of me.

Quinn: I’ll show you my other sketchbook someday; the “serious” one that I tried to counteract with the ones that you’re talking about.

Rachel: I’d like that. You’re extremely talented, Quinn, I don’t really know what to say. It’s beautiful; certainly the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received. It looks so professional - you must have dedicated a lot of your time to it.

Quinn: It was nothing; Mike’s uncle owns a print factory. I just had to give Chang a few of my rarer Japanese Pokémon cards and he called in a favour. The whole process only took about 3 months.

Rachel: Three months?! We’ve only been dating for two weeks!

Quinn: I liked you before you knew that I did?

Rachel: You really are impossibly adorable sometimes, Quinn Fabray. My gift to you seems rather inadequate now, but please, go ahead and open it.

Quinn: I’m sure it’s- Rach, what is this?

Rachel: A harness.

Quinn: We’ve only been on a few dates, Rachel! We haven’t even done stuff like that the regular way yet! I really don’t think we need a-

Rachel: You misunderstand, Quinn.

Quinn: I’m not sure it’s possible to misunderstand this.

Rachel: The harness itself isn’t your Valentine’s gift. It simply enables the gift.

Quinn: Rach, please, you’re confusing me even more right now. You know that I usually find your cryptic way with words endearing, but can you please just explain to me - simply - why I’m currently holding a harness in the middle of your living room?

Rachel: Isn’t it obvious? Where’s your imagination?

Quinn: Somewhere between deathly embarrassment and the gutter.

Rachel: Fine, there’s no need for dramatics. I recently had my own conversation with Mike Chang - I take intelligence gathering very seriously when it comes to obtaining the perfect gift - and it has come to my attention that ever since the release of a certain movie in 2002, you’ve had a… very specific fantasy. I aim to fulfil that fantasy.

Quinn: What movie? What are you-

Rachel: I’m going to kiss you, Quinn Fabray. Spider-Man style.

Quinn: Uh, you mean like, upside down? Are you serious?

Rachel: Completely; the necessary fixtures have already been attached to my ceiling. I even have the costume. Someone was selling pre-owned, slightly damaged suits from Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark – the fledgling Broadway musical - on eBay. It was near perfect besides a few tears and spatters of blood, but those came out after the 18th hand wash.

Quinn: You’re really serious.

Rachel: Why would I lie about something so important to you?

Quinn: You’re incredible. This is the best Valentine’s Day ever.

Rachel: I concur. Now let’s go upstairs so that I can suit up while you go over the script I’ve prepared.

Quinn: Wait, there’s a script?

Rachel: Of course there is! Before you roll up a fraction of the costume, unmasking me just enough to bring about an intense, erotic moment that leads to a passionate embrace, you must accurately portray the role of a young woman facing great danger in order for me to save you!

Quinn: You already saved me, Rach.

This isn’t some random chick on the table, Karev; it’s Rachel Berry. She saved my life. And now you’re going to help me save hers.

I spent so many years trying to break her, and now I’m going to do everything in my power to put her back together.

Quinn laughed.

“Rachel, why are you making that face?” she asked her silly girlfriend, laughing a bit more.

It was a very bright and sunny Sunday morning in Lima, Ohio.

She sat up on her bed, still starting at her.

“Stop that, you’re freaking me out!” Quinn continued, still laughing, but harder.

Rachel finally did.

“I’m sorry! It’s just the brightness from the window caught me eye. No wait, you did.” she was such a charm and a sucker for Quinn.

Q smiled and kissed Rachel on the lips.

Quinn stood in the middle of the hallway, handing out papers announcing the glee club’s soon going on performance in the gym for the Halloween dance.

She was soon distracted by an unfamiliar girl wearing a tight black dress, stunning makeup and beautiful hair.

“Holy sh-” she wanted to. She had to say it, but couldn’t. The girl got closer and closer and stopped in front of her.

“R-Ra-Rachel?” Quinn nervously asked.

She was never this nervous around her, but she looked so hot and it was worth being nervous for.

“Halloween is next week, Rach!” she reminds her, trying to not look stupid.

“Oh don’t act like you don’t like it. I dressed up like this for you.” Rachel says and does a little twirl.

Quinn’s jaw drops very low, and her heart starts beating faster.

“Meet me in the janitor’s closet in five.” Q says and walks away, heading to the bathroom. She was heading to get her locker for her lip gloss, eyeliner, and mini hair straightener then ran for the bathroom.

Quinn’s POV

I kept on wondering why Rachel was dressed up as Juliet from that play about a couple who’s parents didn’t want them together… and they died! I think..

Rachel was just trying to seduce me at least I thought, but she was in a position like she was sleeping with her eyes closed, smiling.

I tried to ignore it, but I couldn’t take it. I rolled off of her body onto the side of my bed.

“Quinn, what are you doing?” she asked me. I rolled my eyes like a got off of her, slowly.

I began to tie my hair back into the small pony tail I had on before we… played a little and sat up, sighing I roll my eyes once again.

“Rachel, you’re weird. Admit it.” I tell her. She looks at me like I’m joking. “N-No I’m not!” she tries to make me look wrong.

I make a face at her.

She crosses her arms and looks down. “Okay, fine! Maybe I am weird…” she took her hat off.

Quinn laughs and leaned in for the last kiss of the night, unless they wanted to shake things up a bit more.

“We’re friends right?” Rachel asks her ex-girlfriend, Quinn.

Quinn looks at her and laughs.

“Yes.” she begins. “Why would we not be? I mean, we dated. We broke up, doesn’t mean you can hate me and I can hate you.” she finishes.

Rachel sits down on a seat in front of her.

“Oh. Yeah.” Rachel pretends she understands her.

“Why do you sound so… so bummed?” Quinn asks her.

Rach looks into Quinn’s eyes.

“I still wanna be with you.”

She sees her all alone in the library, not knowing what to do.

She sees her looking at the 2010 year book, admiring who she was before.

That girl, was not there.

That girl, was not the same.

That girl, the girl who was the girl, will never be the same.

“Hello?” she quietly asks her, strolling out of the book shelves.

She looks up, frightened at her unexpected appearance.

“What are you doing here?” she asks her with an angry tone of voice.

That girl was now mad, and she could do nothing about it.

She couldn’t shut that girl up, she was that girl. Was.

Quinn bit her lip, not knowing what to say. She stared into the other girls eyes for a moment. “I wanna tell you something.” she told her.

The girl looked up at her and made eye contact. She took the coffee cup away from her lips, stopping from drinking it. She knew this girl was the one.

“W-What is it?” she asked.

Quinn picked her purse up from the space next to her and took out a small black case. She put it on the table.

“Open it. What’s in there is for you, Rachel.” she finally said the girls name after a few moments.

Rachel gently grabbed the box and opened it. She happily looked up at Quinn and smiled big.

She took what was inside of the black box out.

“A necklace with a gold star on it! Is this real gold?” she asked and looked at the star closely. Quinn nodded. Rachel gasped and jumped up, dropping the necklace.

Quinn got up from her seat and picked it up before she could. She then sat in the seat next to Rachel and put her hair up. She put the necklace around her neck and clipped it.

Rachel turned to Quinn and quickly kissed her on her lips.

“You forgot to say thank you.” Quinn laughed.

Rachel arranged her lists of the solos she sang and looked up at Quinn.

She was grinning like an idiot.

“What’s so funny, Q?” she asks her with a giggle at the end.

Quinn grins even bigger, her mouth area taking over her face and shrugs.

“I-I don’t know. you’re just… a neat freak.” she tells her. She did know.

Rachel laughed a bit.

“Well, I take that as a compliment. But, being a neat freak is a good thing… right?” Rach asks, concerned.

Q goes around the piano and makes her way to her.

She sees Rachel’s hand on it, and puts her’s over it.

“Yes!” Quinn begins. “It is a good thing. You’re a good thing, a very good thing.”

Rachel found Quinn behind the bleachers at the field.

“Hey!” she yelled and jogged up to her.

Quinn rolled her eyes, taking a cigar out of her packet and lighting it by herself, now adjusting it in between her lips.

“A-Are you smoking?” Rachel worriedly asks. Quinn coughs a bit.

“What does it look like to you?” she replies.

Rachel sighs and approaches her, putting her hand out.

“You’re not a smoker, Quinn. Smoking doesn’t suit you. Your pink hair doesn’t suit you.” she looks down at her hand and then to hers, “Quinn give me the cigar…” she continues. She snatches it instead. It was silent. “Why did you change?”

Quinn is now angry.

“Who told you to snatch it from me, Rachel?” she furiously asks her.

Rachel could see the angry-ness in her eyes, and hands hands her the cigar back.

“Fine. Smoke all you want. You’re gonna be sick within a few weeks, good luck Quinn Fabray.” she says and storms away.

Quinn stomped her foot.

“Rachel, you are not getting this nose job!” she cried. “I am not going to let you.” she adds. Rach rolls her eyes, putting an ice pack right next to her nose.

“I-It’s not a nose job… it’s some kind of p-procedure!” she began to stutter.

Q sighs.

“Listen to me Rachel, you’re not gonna do this. You’re a beautiful person, the most beautiful human being I’ve ever met. I don’t want what we currently are to break us up because… I love you Rachel.” a big smile and tears came to Quinn’s face.

Rachel looked at her.