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‘Cause nothing can break this tie, connected.
Oh, connected inside…
((Katharine McPhee; “Connected”))

Happy Birthday to lives-in-a-daydream​, the best worst flatmate ever. BITCH DID YOU THINK I FORGOT??? >:D I thought I’d finally draw those ships of yours that you’ve been bugging me to draw for ages. Hehee. <3 <3 <3

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Rachel ordered a glass of red wine and slowly nursed it at the bar.  She wasn’t expecting the atmosphere she had walked into.  Her coworker’s description had made the bar sound cozier.  The diva felt self-conscious drinking wine in a sea of people who clearly preferred vodka. She had only come out tonight because Santana wouldn’t let her stay home tonight.  She claimed she had a friend Rachel just had to meet.  

After ten minutes Santana still hadn’t shown up.  Rachel had finished her wine out of boredom and she was about to ask to close her tab when a finger tapped her shoulder.  

“Hey, Rach, sorry I’m late, New York traffic,” Santana rolled her eyes as she shimmied off her jacket and hung it on a chair beside the brunette, “This is my friend I told you about, Quinn.  Quinn this is Rachel,” the latina gestured between the blonde and the brunette.  

Rachel turned in her seat to face Quinn more fully and smiled politely at the woman.  She had not expected Quinn to be as beautiful as Santana had described.  Most people gave their friends more praise than they deserved but the blonde was gorgeous.  “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Quinn.  I’ve heard so much about you.”

“Likewise,” Quinn smiled down at Rachel but before the woman could continue the bartender interrupted to open their tab, “I’ll have an old-fashioned,” the blonde eyes Rachel’s drink before turning back to the bartender, “And another glass of wine for the lady.  Add her to my tab.”

Rachel smiled at the blonde tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, “Thank you,” the brunette suddenly felt nervous around Quinn.  

“You’re welcome,” the blonde purred sliding into the seat on the other side of Rachel and laying an arm on the back of the diva’s seat, “I always pay on the first date.”

“T-this is a date?” Rachel responded more quickly than she had meant to.

“If you want it to be,” Quinn leaned toward the brunette caressing the diva’s cheek with the pad of her thumb, “Do you want it to be?”

“Yes,” Rachel breathed.

  • We didn't get a Faberry moment: Rachel constantly told Quinn she was better than she thought and she was more than just her looks. They were always there for each other, even when they "hated" one another.
  • We didn't get any Quartie scenes: Artie was one of the people who helped her through her accident and he's one of the reasons she was able to walk again so soon. He always believed in her.
  • We didn't get any Quinncedes scenes: They lived together for a while after Quinn couldn't stand living with Puck anymore. She cared about Quinn "Quinn chose Finn, and you need to accept that and move on ‘cause you have no business messing up that girl’s life any more than you already have" [to Puck]
  • We didn't get any Fabrevans scenes: He was the best boyfriend she had (IMO), he was respectful towards her and the only one who was faithful to her.
  • Even the Fuinn scene was all about Quick
  • So excuse us for being angry that our favourite character came back and all she did was interact with 2 people, and was thrown into this completely out of nowhere relationship whilst totally ignoring everyone who really cared about her.

OKAY so I know it’s been a while since glee ended, but for real, why did they add all of the suggestive Faberry moments? Cutting to Quinn’s face as she hugs Rachel, “the prettiest girl she’s ever met”, longing glances, lingering touches… None of it was used. Faberry had so much potential. Rachel was, most often than not, the only member of the glee club who reached out to Quinn and actually tried to befriend her.

Mercedes was a good friend, yeah, but she never took the chance to dig deeper into Quinn’s personality, and whatever friendship they had in s1 disappeared in s2.

Puck was looking to get into her pants, and although Finn thought he loved her, he ultimately ended up resenting her and they ended up barely on speaking terms.

Quinn, Santana, and Brittany were the Unholy Trinity. They were close knit and badass and they were best friends. Except… Santana and Brittany, again, despite knowing Quinn the longest and most likely knowing the most about her, gave up on Quinn when she quit the glee club.

Rachel, almost every single time, without fail, was there to comfort Quinn and attempt to be her friend, even when Quinn didn’t want the help.

What I want to know is why this was never acted on? This was one of the most popular ships in the fandom, alongside Klaine and Brittana. Perhaps we’ll never know, but I will 5EVER be salty about this smh

[perhaps it’s simply the fact that Ryan Murphy is an asshole sometimes.]

“Do you trust me?” Rachel cooed as she pulled Quinn further into the woods.

“I’m not sure,” the blonde surveyed her surroundings furrowing her brow, “Are we even allowed to be out here, Rach?”

“Do you see any no tresspassing signs?” Rachel purred mocking Quinn by looking around for a sign they should go back. 

“No,” Quinn started, “but-” 

“But-you said if I went to dinner with your parents you would do whatever I wanted,” Rachel reminded her girlfriend. 

“I didn’t think you would go this far, Rachel,” Quinn groaned, “Can’t we just go back to the car?” 

“No.  You said anything I wanted and what I want is for you to take me to the haunted house at the top of that hill,” Rachel demanded.

“Why?  What’s so special about that house?” Quinn whined, “It’s just an old creepy-” 

“We haven’t had sex there yet.” Rachel cut Quinn off again smiling smug and biting her lip as she watched the blonde reconsider her options. 

“All right, let’s go, but we aren’t using any of the furniture,” Quinn compromised leading the way up to the house. 

“That’s fair,” Rachel agreed with a lazy shrug. 

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite faberry moment? Achele? I'm not sure if you like Brittana, but if you do that moment?

How do you pick just one??? Gosh!!

Faberry i think it’s the whole bathroom scene during Junior Prom. Everything about it is perfect. From Rachel following Quinn instead of Jesse or Finn, to the choice of directional cuts between 3 couples klaine, britanna and faberry, to the whirlwind of Quinn’s emotions in that bathroom aka the girl you never know where you stand with according to her bf because she never shows emotion, to Quinn’s blow up and the slap and then the immediate regret, to Rachel’s understanding and forgiving and trying to make Quinn feel better, to Quinn just dropping all her walls and opening up to the tiny Jewish girl, to Rachel not even blinking because she sees the real Quinn behind the Prom Queen facade, and again to Rachel for supporting her and saying things to Quinn no ever told or thought about her before. 

As for Achele it’s the we don’t know we are being filmed and we have a break and i missed you so i’m just gonna hug you and gimme that hand i need to hold it..

I keep having faberry moments.

But then I realise.

Hollstein is Faberry.

Snarky, rude, mysterious one and the bubbly, optimist, who wants to do everything.

And then I have a bechloe moment.

And then I realise that Bechloe is also the same.

Dark, mysterious, sarcastic one and the bubbly, optimistic and kind one.

And then I cry because all my ships are the fucking same.