Glee S3!!!

i can not wait for my S3 of gleeeeeee tumblr is slowly making me go insane with the beautiful and awesomeness of Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, Heather Morris, and Naya Rivera.. Lets not forget the FanFics either! i love Faberritanna (did i say it rite?) PezFaBerry, and PezBerry, and FaBerry (its my fave of all) Glee Fanfics are my LIFE… Wish Faberry was Canon especially with all the undertones of Quinn being Gay and Rachel liking her anyway… but that is a rant for another time (because it takes too long to explain EVERYTHING Faberry) who else is ready for S3 tho i know i am! who has the whole series set to record?

Watch on sunshinelollipopsandbrittana.tumblr.com

I just found out that the person who brought us this gem has three other videos, one of which was uploaded only a day ago! I created an account just so I could like all of them :D
Give her some love? This one only has 2 likes, for crying out loud!!!


Curse my lack of drawing skills. I suddenly have an undeniable urge to put Faberritanna in a whole bunch of Disney settings.

Santana as Pocahontas and Quinn as John Smith

Rachel as Ariel and Santana as Eric

Brittany as Hercules and Santana as Megara

Really there are so many possibilities.