Jazz singer Lucy Fabery was born Luz Ercilia Fabery Zenón on January 25, 1931 in Humacao, Puerto Rico. At the age of 15, Fabery made her professional debut in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Later, she performed at the “Morocco Cabaret” in Santurce, Puerto Rico, for four consecutive years. In 1950, she moved to Cuba, where she performed as a regular on Espectacular de la Noche, a well-known Cuban television musical show.

Fabery toured the Spain and Latin American countries for years before she moved to Mexico, where she stayed for ten years. After her stay in Mexico, she returned Puerto Rico and took a long break from her singing career, only appearing in television shows and dramatic serials. She made a musical comeback and 2006 and still tours Puerto Rico with Humberto Ramirez’s jazz orchestra.