faberge easter egg


1. Fabergé, First Hen Egg or Jeweled Hen Egg, 1885

2. Fabergé, Danish Palaces Egg, 1890

3. Fabergé, Rosebud Egg, 1895

4. Fabergé, Blue Serpent Clock Egg, 1895

6. Fabergé, The Winter Egg, 1913

5. Steel Military Egg, 1916

6. The Pearl Egg, 2015

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Cheer Up Post #3727 - Fabergé Eggs Edition

russian-at-heart would like a post featuring beautiful Fabergé eggs (this post has both the original imperial eggs and a few more modern ones). Here you go!


Art Masterpost

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

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Imperial Red Cross Easter Egg - Henrik Wigström for Fabergé, 1915.

This enameled silver egg was presented to his mother, the Dowager Empress Marie, by Tsar Nicholas II as an Easter present in 1915; the Dowager Empress was head of the Russian branch of the Red Cross. Upon the outbreak of World War I the Imperial palaces were converted to hospitals in which five members of the Tsar’s family served as nurses. The egg holds a gold and mother-of-pearl screen containing their portraits painted on ivory (from left to right, second photo): Nicholas’ sister Olga, his daughter Olga, his wife Alexandra, his daughter Tatiana, and his first cousin Marie.

A Faberge Gold, Enamel and Ruby Egg made in St. Petersburg between 1899 and 1901. The egg is covered with a salmon pink guilloche enamel. The front is centered with a bezel-set round faceted ruby flanked by two overlapping chased green gold garlands, each set with a small ruby. The detachable gold fitting is marked on the suspension ring with 56 zolotnik standard (14K), with initials of St. Petersburg assay master Yakov Liapunov and workmaster’s initials ’ E K ’ for Erik Kollin.