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Top 5 Fictional Universities

Since I have been debating returning to school for my masters, my mind has been preoccupied with the fun times I had in college, and realizing that if I return to school, it won’t be like it was. My list for today had but one rule: The entire movie/TV show had to be based in and around a college, not just mentioned in one episode, or in one line of the movie.

1. Faber College [Animal House] - Ah, the quintessential college movie. Partying, destruction, stickin’ it to the man…it has it all. I know I never owned a shirt that read ‘College’ or had an Animal House poster in my dorm room, but my senior year the Sound Engineer house that I lived in could run toe to toe with the house of Delta. But, I don’t think any of us could’ve matched Blutarski….

2. Huxley College [Horse Feathers] - For those of you who don’t know me, I am a huge Marx Brothers fan. These were some of the earliest films I saw as a child, thanks to my Dad who is also a fan of them. Huxley College’s rival is Darwin College who they have to play in a football game. Groucho, Chico, Harpo, and Zeppo formulate a plan to kidnap players on Darwin’s team, and as always the plan fails, but with hilarious results.

3. Port Chester University [PCU] - Now a cult classic, PCU brought back the feeling of Animal House, but taking place in the politically correct early '90s. The Pit party still stands as one of the great party scenes in film, even naked guy showed up. Even though Jeremy Piven was almost 30 when he made this film, he played the part beautifully.

4. Minnesota State  [Coach] - Why doesn’t anyone syndicate this show anymore? I would DVR it in an instant. The situations that Coach Fox, Luther and Dauber got themselves into were heartwarming, as well as damn funny. The Screaming Eagles even won a National Title in the Pioneer Bowl, thems some mighty fine coaches.

5. Adams College [Revenge of the Nerds] - One of the lesser prized movie trilogies, the Nerds movies were always funny and triumphant. Lewis Skolnick gives Betty the best sex she has ever had….just like a true Nerd, and Gilbert rallies everyone to make Lambda Lambda Lambda the premiere frat on campus. I think I need to go watch this again, it has been a while.

H.M. - There are many honorable mentions, and most people will probably be mad at me for not having Harrison University [Old School] in my top 5. Well, my reasoning is thus; It was a great movie, very funny, but I always felt like it was too much like Animal House, and I can’t put both of them in my top 5. So now, my Honorable Mentions….

- Harrison University [Old School]
- Grand Lakes University [Back To School]
- South Central Louisiana State University [The Waterboy]
- Texas State University [Necessary Roughness]

- Steve R.