fabeebeatz asked:

Hi! Okay I'm a total newb, but I got my septum pierced yesterday and today I have such a big headache and it's still sore and hurts, should be normal right? Does it hurt for a a couple days, should I clean it like these couple days or try not to move it around. Sorry this is random I didn't know who to ask! 😫lol and thanks in advance!! :)

hey! i haven’t had my septum pierced for long, only about a week (and I’m definitely no expert), but it does seem like a little bit of pain would be normal. personally, i don’t ever get headaches, so I’m not sure how normal that would be, but mine was (and still is) a little bit tender to the touch. 

i have been cleaning mine since the day after i got it pierced. i use a cup with some non-iodized salt and warm water and literally just kind of stick my nose in it enough to get the piercing covered, and once any crusty bits have softened i use q-tips to remove them. other than that, don’t touch it or move it around. this has worked well for me and aside from when i bump it accidentally it doesn’t hurt.

because I’m not a piercer, and this is just from personal experience, here is a link to a shop website that gives aftercare advice :)  


I really just love it here.

I’ve been wanting to go home for the longest tine without realizing that this is also my home. Its gonna be strange being gone fore a month because I am going to miss the amazing people I have met here. Breaks never get easier. Just wish I could combine all my friends into one location and call it a day because of all things I’ve done in my life, the thing I’m most proud of are all the friends I’ve made.